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YouTube Comments Section Upgrade

Posted in Google,YouTube by Tam Yue on September 24th, 2013

YouTube Comment Section UpgradeYouTube recently teamed up with Google + to come up with a way for YouTube users to control the comments that are posted on their videos.  It was rolled out to a select few users today, and will be available for all users by the end of the year.  “We are moving from comments to conversations.” said YouTube product manager Nundu Janakiram,

What is going to change? Currently, you see the last person to comment on the video; with the change you will see the most relevant conversations or comments first. Those comments that are relevant are determined so by the owner of the video.  Owners of the video will have the option to “blacklist” certain words that they do not want to see and also will be able to flag people as …

YouTube to add 3,000 streaming movies to rent

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on May 9th, 2011

Good news movie lovers. YouTube has confirmed that starting today it will add rughly 3,000 new movie titles for rental in the US, as well as reviews and behind the scenes extras. NBC Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. are the new studios that YouTube is partnering with to add these new and catalog releases. It will double the amount previously available.

Pricing is $2.99 and $3.99 for movies viewed via your PC or Google TV. There was no mention of other devices supported. And though YouTube supports resolutions up to 4K, “most” of the new additions are in SD, which is kinda sad. Still, at least you have more choice than you did before.

YouTube to offer ‘premium’ channels

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on April 6th, 2011

Looks like YouTube will be turning to original content to make content for Google TV and to lure viewers in. The Google video site will launch about 20 “premium” channels with about five to ten hours of unique content every week. According to the WSJ, YouTube is willing to spend as much as $100 million to get this content.

It’s a safe bet that some channels may be curations of plain old Youtube content, but most will be professional content with top actors. It will be interesting to see how they do this and what kind of content they can get.

Google to bring more live sports coverage to YouTube

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on February 23rd, 2011

After some successful trials, streaming live cricket matches and special events, Google is now looking to expand its live coverage of sports events on YouTube. The company is currently in talks with the NBA and NHL to stream games live. Basketball and Hockey fans would be very pleased to see that.

Throughout its live streaming trials Google data showed that during the Indian Premier League live cricket coverage, users spent on average around 40 minutes watching each game. Compare that with an average of 15 minutes per user viewing videos on YouTube at other times. You can see why they are interested.

Google investing into Celebrity YouTube Channels

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on February 21st, 2011

Hollywood may be using Youtube a bit more soon if Google’s plans to invest in Celebrity YouTube Channels pays off. Google wants to expand its celebrity channels by offering already established stars $5 million dollars to create their own YouTube channel. Google wants to invest $100 million dollars in the project, backing 20 celebrities. The $5 million investment by Google would would cover salaries, production values, and give the celebrity full ownership of the YouTube show.

The company will need to proceed carefully, to make sure that they don’t alienate the existing community of users. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Bluedot’s YouTube XL BTC-10 YouTube Box

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on February 17th, 2011

Bluedot has introduced its first YouTube Box onto the Japanese market. It’s called the YouTube XL BTC-10 and the box provides direct access to YouTube content without connecting to a PC to your TV. The Bluedot YouTube XL BTC-10 YouTube Box does of course require an internet connection to operate.

The Bluedot YouTube XL BTC-10 connects to your TV via an HDMI port. So when can we expect it to arrive? The company will release the YouTube XL BTC-10 in March for 13,000 Yen (or about $155).

HTC releases YouTube app for Windows Phone 7, supports HD playback

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on December 16th, 2010

Once again HTC is going the extra mile to ensure that the user experience on its mobile phones is everything it should be. The company has now released the first full YouTube client for Windows Phone 7. The most interesting feature is that it supports full HD playback over Wi-Fi.

The program works well and pretty fast and you get the typical features like Most Viewed, Most Discussed, Top Rated, Categories, and History. You can download the app right now from the Zune Marketplace.

YouTube Remote app released

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on November 9th, 2010

Google TV’s YouTube Leanback may have just gotten better now that the YouTube Remote app has been released to the Android Market. Just sign into YouTube Leanback on the TV or PC and the app on the phone with the same account, then select a video on the phone and send it to the bigger screen. Pretty cool.

The application lets you control the entire YouTube LeanBack experience from your phone, without having to deal with whatever the physical remote came with your Google TV.

YouTube testing live video streaming

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on September 13th, 2010

YouTube has now made its live streaming plans official and said that it would start trials. It works through a user’s existing YouTube channel and works the same as services like Justin.tv, Qik or Ustream. Users just need a FireWire or USB video camera and have access to live comments for any ongoing show. It’s implied that finished shows will be archived as regular YouTube clips, though they don’t say it outright.

The testing started at 11AM Eastern today with a live broadcast of Rocketboom and will run through late Tuesday. YouTube hasn’t said when this will be a regular feature.

YouTube to offer pay-per-view movie service by end of 2010

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on August 29th, 2010

You can find all kinds of stupid pet tricks and stupid human tricks on YouTube, but no pay-per-view content like Apple, Amazon, and others. Well, the Financial Times is reporting that parent company Google has been in talks with “Hollywood’s leading movie studios” for several months regarding the launch of an international pay-per-view service by the end of this year.

Looks like it would cost about $5 for new titles (streaming, not download) that would be available the same time as the DVD releases. The site has been doing rentals on a trial basis since early this year, with a handful of indie titles.

YouTube’s hidden Snake game

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on July 25th, 2010

First it was Google’s playable Pac Man logo. Now YouTube has their own game to help you kill some time while you should be working, with their hidden game of Snake. Just go to a video in the gaming category, click inside the video, and hold the left arrow key.

That’s when a trail of white dots will appear. You steer your snake through a single blinking white dot that you need to steer your snake across.

YouTube will allow ad skipping

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on June 30th, 2010

We’ve all been there. You get forced to watch a 30-second ad in order to watch some 30-second clip of something that isn’t very funny in the first place. It sucks. Google/YouTube want to curb this phenomenon and so will introduce an ad-skip button this year. I love you Google.

It works like this: If an advertiser’s commercial isn’t captivating enough to watch, it will be skipped by viewers. If viewers don’t watch the ad, Google doesn’t charge the advertiser. This will lead to better ads all around. We consumers hate ads, but if they are funny or clever enough we really don’t mind.

YouTube adds Movie and TV show rentals from 99 Cents

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on April 23rd, 2010

After experimenting with movie rentals in January, YouTube has added a bunch of movies and TV episodes that you may actually want to see. However there’s still nothing very mainstream in the YouTube store. It’s mostly indie films, Bollywood and documentaries, which are viewable for 48 hours after renting.

They cost between 99 cents and $4, with payments made via Google Check-Out. YouTube will need to strike some deals with movie studios to get some decent stuff on the site. Stuff with explosions should do the trick.

YouTube will now help you keep an eye on your speed

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on February 12th, 2010

Ever wonder how your Internet connection stacks up to people in your area? YouTube’s new Video Speed Dashboard will let you know just that, comparing your stats on an ISP, city, state, country-wide and global level, even giving you a 30-day profile of what your connection looks like.

You can also see the average results of users near you on other ISPs. This kind of thing isn’t new, but it gives everyone access to the info, which they really should have.

YouTube tests movie rentals

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on January 20th, 2010

YouTube has announced that it will offer video rentals through its site. They will be offering the rentals in sync with the Sundance Film Festival and they plan to rent movies from the 2009 and 2010 Sundance festivals as well as “other U.S. partners.”

The festival films will be available through January 31st, while other movies and videos should be available soon after. The expansion into rentals is part of a strategy to get away from ad-only revenue and is said to give content providers much more control over how video content is shown. Providers signed up to the YouTube system will have the option of setting the price, rental period and where it can be found.