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Yamaha Blu-ray player with Netflix, YouTube streaming

Posted in Yamaha by Conner Flynn on November 1st, 2010

Yamaha has introduced the BD-A1000, a “universal Blu-ray player” with streaming capabilities. This model allows you to play Blu-ray discs, DVDs, SACDs, DVD Audio discs and web-based media like Netflix, YouTube and Blockbuster. What else do you need?

It’s dual USB ports can also be used to attach an external hard drive or thumb drive. Full HD Audio decoding is supported, with four two-channel DACs that split the signal into a 7.1-channel analog output. The BD-A1000 is now available now and will cost you $700.

Yamaha YHT-S400 Home Theater System

Posted in Yamaha by Conner Flynn on January 14th, 2010

The Yamaha YHT-S400 is an attractive home theater package where you get a subwoofer-integrated receiver and an extremely slim front speaker that fits in front of almost any TV.

You’ll get three 1080p-compatible HDMI inputs (one output), Yamaha’s Air Surround Xtreme, UniVolume and Extended Stereo technologies for immersive audio with movies, sports and music. The sound bar is also compatible with a universal iPod dock and a Bluetooth A2DP receiver dongle. It will cost you $599.95.

Yamaha YHT-S400 sound bar

Posted in Yamaha by Conner Flynn on December 22nd, 2009

Yamaha’s YHT-S400 sound bar is an impressive 31″ in length and stands only 2″ high. Looks pretty stylish for being so long. It features an integrated subwoofer inside the receiver making it pretty perfect for your apartment.

It also helps you save some space in your living room. The Yamaha YHT-S400 also includes UniVolume which ensures that your volume level stays consistent even when you change channels. So how much will this one cost? About $599.95.

Yamaha YSP-5100 Digital Sound Projector

Posted in Yamaha by Conner Flynn on December 3rd, 2009

Yamaha YSP-5100 Digital Sound ProjectorYamaha has announced the new YSP-5100, which certainly is huge and ominous. It’s a digital sound projector for your home theater system that measures in at 1,200mm × 90mm × 212mm and weighs 11kg. The device is compatible with 50-inch HDTVs and video projectors.

It also supports 7.1 surround sound and plays nice with dts-HD, dts ES and Dolby TruHD/Digital Plus/Digital/ Digital EX/Pro Logic and Pro Logic?/x. Some other features include a 120W projector, five HDMI interfaces, an iPod port and an additional sub-woofer connection.

Yamaha PDX-60 iPod dock

Posted in Yamaha by Conner Flynn on October 21st, 2009

Yamaha PDX-60 iPod dockYamaha has another iPod dock up their sleeves with the launch of the PDX-60 iPod Dock, which connects to your iPod or iPhone via Yamaha’s yAired wireless technology, using a small wireless transmitter attached to your iPhone or iPod.

It also comes with a cradle for your iPhone or iPod that will charge your device, and a small card type remote. It’s compatible with all models of the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch, iPod Classic and iPod Nano.

Yamaha’s MusicCAST2 Wireless Audio Streamer

Posted in Yamaha by Conner Flynn on June 21st, 2009

Yamaha's MusicCAST2 Wireless Audio StreamerYamaha just released its MusicCAST2 network music system that can wirelessly transmit music to 32 different rooms. At long last, we have something for all of that silence in our mansions. The MusicCAST2 supports various file formats including iTunes AAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC and WAV, and can play back tunes from iPods, Bluetooth devices and other Yamaha accessories with its built-in dock port.

If you prefer, you can even plug in USB flash drives and the MusicCAST2 can also pull audio from sources such as Rhapsody, Internet radio, PC and Macs and NAS devices.

Yamaha’s Keyboard Notepad for musicians

Posted in Yamaha by Conner Flynn on April 30th, 2008

Yamaha’s Keyboard Notepad is a must for musicians
Here’s a first. This is a notepad with an integrated keyboard. This is perfect for musicians and composers. It allows them to try out their tunes right then and there, with or without using the built-in headphone jack. No word yet on availability. I suppose if you don’t have headphones with you, you could really annoy people with this one, in say, a subway car or something. Then after you annoy your fellow man and call attention to your sweet new device, he can steal it and sell it to some other dude. I hope not. I’m, just saying.

Basically somebody at Yamaha had a notepad sitting next to their keyboard and went…”Whoah”. No word on availability yet.

Yamaha bike distracts you with the web

Posted in Automotive,Concepts,Personal Transport,Yamaha by Conner Flynn on October 15th, 2007

Aside from distracting you with the wonders of the web, the bike can be easily turned on and off using specific cell phones.Some things are meant to be. Peanut Butter and Jelly, Ben and Jerry, Brad and Angelina. And now apparently, biking while surfing the web. I’m talking about the Bobby prototype electric bike from Yamaha motors. Pedestrians will never know what hit them, while you read your favorite blog. Aside from distracting you with the wonders of the web, the bike can be easily turned on and off using specific cell phones.

Some other features you can use when you are no longer impressed with having the web on 2 wheels are: a collapsible seat, fold-in rear wheel, handlebars and footrests making the bike a breeze to store.

Yamaha pianos play streaming MIDI radio tunes

Posted in Musical Instruments,Yamaha by Nino Marchetti on October 15th, 2007

Yamaha Disklavier player piano lets you stream music to it and play it livePlayer pianos aren’t the first things you think of when you consider Internet enabled devices. Yamaha is betting you’ll soon consider its Yamaha Disklavier line of pianos though as cutting edge music technology.

The Yamaha Disklavier pianos can now work with a Yamaha service called DisklavierRadio, which lets you stream music directly to the piano for it to play live. This MIDI music is accompanied by specially recorded ensemble parts and lets one choose from a variety of music stations including Broadway, jazz and piano solos. Music can also be downloaded to the piano’s built-in 80GB hard drive for later playback.

Look at the Pretty Lights

Posted in music,Yamaha by Chetz on August 31st, 2007

Yamaha Tenori-On music sequencerThis funky looking device is Yamaha’s Tenori-on, a sci-fi looking musical sequencer that lets you create sounds and songs by merely fooling around with its buttons. Designed by Professor Toshio Iwai at the University of Tokyo (the same guy that came up with the “Electroplankton” game for the Nintendo DS) the Tenori-on is an aluminum frame with 16 x 16 rows of rubber padded LED switches arranged within.

By pressing one you not only create a noise but a burst of light as well, food for both your ears and eyes. The device recognizes how long you depressed the button as well as the angle of you holding it, both of which can effect the sound and light streams that are subsequently created. There are a couple of other buttons and a jog dial which allows you to alter the tempo, beat, effects and so forth.

Yamaha DVD-S1800 supports DVD-Audio, SACD

Posted in Home Theater,Yamaha by Nino Marchetti on August 17th, 2007

Yamaha DVD-S1800Yamaha earlier this week rolled out a new DVD player to go along with the top-of-the-line A/V receiver recently unveiled. The DVD-S1800 is expected this month for around $450.

The Yamaha DVD-S1800 offers among its high end features 1080p HDMI output as well as DVD-Audio and SACD support. There’s also upconverting to 1080p, 216MHz/12-bit video DAC, 5.1 channel output and integrated bass management.

Yamaha RX-Z11

Posted in Home Theater,Yamaha by Nino Marchetti on August 8th, 2007

Yamaha RX-Z11Yamaha is getting ready to drop in the laps of audiophiles just in time for Christmas a hard core A/V receiver with THX Ultra2 Plus certification. The Yamaha RX-Z11 will cost you though, at around $5,500.

The Yamaha RX-Z11 is designed for the HD era, says Yamaha, and it definitely shows with the huge bounty of features on this 11.2-channel monster. It uses something called Cinema DSP HD3 processing to create what Yamaha feels is “3-D surround sound height realism.” There’s also support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, 30/36bit Deep Color, xvYCC, 120 and 24Hz refresh rates and Auto Lip-sync.

Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector

Posted in Home Theater,Yamaha by Quagmire on November 1st, 2006

Yamaha YSP-1

The Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector is the home theater system for those people looking for a device with great sound, a slender footprint, and simple setup and control.

Not all home theater rooms are designed the same and placement of speakers can often be a difficult task. Since the Digital Sound Projector consists of a single component measuring 40-9/16″ W x 7-3/4″ H x 4-5/8″ D and weighing 28.7lbs there are many more placement options. The Sound Projector can be positioned in the front center, the front corners of the room, table mounted or even placed next to, or on top of, your video display.

Although the Sound Projector is a single component, there are actually 42 speaker drivers inside that project precisely focused sound for an optimum surround sound effect. This effect is achieved through multiple small speakers, each with its own digital amplifier, combined …