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Verizon turns Venus pink

Posted in LG,Mobile Phones,Verizon by Nino Marchetti on December 11th, 2007

Venus by LGVerizon Wireless and LG today added a new color to their Venus mobile phone: pink. This new LG by Venus phone is priced at around $200 after rebate and contract.

The pink Venus by LG is the same as the current model in Verizon’s line up except for the color. It is a slider design which provides you features like a two-megapixel digital camera, microSD expandable memory and support for mobile Web content. It can also play music files from formats like MP3, WMA and AAC.

Chocolate by LG gains new blue color

Posted in LG,Mobile Phones,Verizon by Nino Marchetti on November 30th, 2007

Blue IceVerizon Wireless and LG Mobile Phones are out today with word of a new Chocolate by LG phone color for all you fashion trend setters. This time around the color is dubbed “Blue Ice” and it is priced at around $80 and contract and rebate.

Verizon says this of this phone that “the silky-smooth slim slider design comes coated with a frosty blue finish.” Choke! Silly marketing language aside, what you do have here is a colorful slider phone for those looking for something a little different. This Chocolate phone, like others in the series, has your traditional features like vibration feedback, navigation wheel with red trace motion lighting and microSD memory card expansion.

Verizon releases UM150 EV-DO USB modem

Posted in Modems,Verizon by Darrin Olson on October 20th, 2007

UM150 EV-DO Rev. A USB modem from Verizon WirelessToday Verizon rolled out the UM150 EV-DO Rev. A USB modem which is available now for a $130 purchase or for $80 with a two year deal. This little modem will bring you broadband internet access on the go through Verizon’s 3G network wherever EV-DO is available for both Windows and Mac OS X machines. The UM150 boasts bringing download speeds of as fast as 1.4mbps and uploads up to 800kbp straight to your computer.

The UM150 comes bundled with a retractable antenna that can be turned to help reign in the best reception possible and an extension cable for hard to reach areas. It also houses conveniently houses a microSD slot letting it be kind of a pass-through for flash media since it’s taking up one of your precious USB ports.

Verizon Wireless Juke plays mobile music tunes

Posted in Mobile Phones,Samsung,Verizon by Nino Marchetti on October 17th, 2007

Verizon Wireless Juke swivel mobile phone focused on musicVerizon Wireless and Samsung today introduced a fun, cool-looking music phone available in three colors as one of four new phones coming out this fall. The new Verizon Wireless Juke is priced at around $100 after a mail-in rebate and two-year contract.

The Verizon Juke takes the form of a slim swivel mobile phone designed to be music focused. With its swivel ability it can open 180 degrees to reveal a keypad. A navigation thumb wheel lets you move through on-screen information like your MP3/WMA/AAC music files. Bluetooth support is also offered for hands-free driving and wireless music enjoyment.

Verizon unveils flashy new phones for the holidays

Posted in LG,Mobile Phones,News,Samsung,Verizon by Darrin Olson on October 3rd, 2007

Verizon releases the LG Voyager, LG Venus and Samsung Juke and Blackberry Pearl mobile phones in a new lineup for the holidays to take on Apple’s iPhoneVerizon went ahead and unleashed four new phones all at once targeted at the fall shopping season trying to get a share of AT&T’s iPhone dollars. The new lineup includes the Voyager and Venus from LG along with the narrow Samsung Juke and the Blackberry Pearl sporting EV-DO.

The headliner of this Verizon release party is the LG Voyager looking very similar to the iPhone from the outside with a large touchscreen on the face. Once you get your hands on the Voyager you’ll see that it’s a little bulkier than the iPhone and that touchscreen face actually hinges open to expose another display inside that faces a large QWERTY keyboard, hence the thickness. The Voyager also has V CAST Mobile TV, a microSD slot and a modest 2 megapixel camera.

Rugged hands-on with the Casio G’zOne Type-S

Posted in Casio,Mobile Phones,Outdoors,Review,Verizon,Waterproof by Reuben Drake on September 30th, 2007

Casio G’zOne Type-S is a rugged mobile phone that can take wet, shock and outdoor exposureThis past June we wrote about Casio’s tough G’zOne Type-S mobile phone when it was released and we recently got a chance to get our hands on one to see just how tough this thing really was and what “water resistant” really meant. What we found is that the G’zOne Type-S lives up to its hype on standing against the elements and also had some nice surprises we were not expecting.

MOTORIZR Z6tv coming to Verizon October 5

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola,Verizon by Nino Marchetti on September 28th, 2007

MOTORIZR Z6tvVerizon Wireless and Motorola today announced the debut plans for the new MOTORIZR Z6tv mobile phone. The product is due out October 5th and will cost around $180 after a $50 mail-rebate and new two-year customer agreement.

The MOTORIZR Z6tv is a slider-style phone optimized for Verizon’s V CAST Mobile TV, V CAST Music and Video multimedia services. It sports an integrated MP3 player, two-megapixel digital camera with video capture, landscape or portrait on-screen viewing modes, over 50MB of internal memory and a two-inch display. There also of course is Bluetooth.

Verizon Wireless offers up simple Coupe

Posted in Mobile Phones,Verizon by Nino Marchetti on September 4th, 2007

Verizon Wireless CoupeThere’s definitely a segment of the mobile phone using crowd which prefers its phones to be easy to use and not overly technical. For those people Verizon Wireless today announced the Coupe, priced at around $20 with a two-year service agreement.

The Verizon Wireless Coupe is slim and lightweight, weighing 3.3 ounces. It has dedicated keys for quick access to emergency contacts, a few simple integrated tools like alarm clock, a larger on-screen font size, voice dialing and color coding on body parts like the volume control.

Verizon Speeds Up

Posted in News,Verizon by Chetz on July 2nd, 2007

Verizon announces faster wireless broadband speedsThose of you using Verizon Wireless for your internet needs can make your smile a little wider today. The company has announced that all its CDMA 1x Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) network has been upgraded to Revision (Rev.) A technology. For the rest of us that don’t speak hardcore geek what that means is that Verizon wireless broadband customers should see upload speeds up to nine times faster than before while download speeds will ratchet up to ten times quicker.

Dick Lynch, the Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer for the company decided that this would be the perfect time to rub salt in the open wounds of other national wireless internet providers. “When other carriers still operate networks that don’t allow customers to download music over-the-air or access e-mail at speeds faster than dial-up, Verizon Wireless is meeting the needs of more …

G’zOne Type-S Rugged Phone From Verizon

Posted in Casio,Mobile Phones,Verizon by Chris Weber on June 1st, 2007

G’zOne Type-S Rugged Phone From VerizonToday Verizon has announced the launch of the G’zOne Type-S military-grade mobile phone. Verizon will be the exclusive provider of this rugged handset which is an upgrade from the Type-V they debuted last year.

The G’zOne Type-S is a smaller, more streamlined version of it’s predecessor but offers the same outdoorsy toughness. The mobile phone was built tough enough to pass military standards 810F according with an array of environmental tests:

A water resistant test was done to simulate exposure to rain at a rate of 2 inches per hour combined with a 40 MPH wind.
It passed a humidity test that was done over 10 days in 24 hour cycles with high temps with 95% humidity.
It was dropped 26 times at different angles from just under 5 feet on to a solid wood surface (while powered off).

It passed a dust resistant test with …

Vonage Commercials Safe, For Now

Posted in News,Verizon,Vonage by Darrin Olson on April 26th, 2007

Vonage able to continue to sign new customers despite patent infringement with VerizonIn a follow up to our story about the potential end of Vonage, their VoIP service and most importantly their creative media, it appears that the unlikely has indeed happened.

According to the Patently O blog, the Federal Court having an understanding of the severe implications of not letting Vonage sign new customers while waiting for an appeal, granted an emergency stay of the permanent injuction.

Again, what this basically means is that the court understood that Vonage could probably not stay in business long enough to reach the court date for their appear of the 3 patent infringements with Verizon. Now not only are they going to allow Vonage to stay in business with current customers, but they can also continue to sign up new customers, at least until the appeal date.

Due to …

Verizon Threatens the Future of Vonage and its Commercials

Posted in News,Verizon,Vonage by Darrin Olson on April 17th, 2007

Vonage infringes on patents held by VerizonIn the grand scheme of things in the technology industry that can constitute a bad day, Vonage may take the cake, or at least for this month. Vonage is a company that provides VoIP phone service which uses your broadband internet connection as opposed to a traditional phone line or a mobile phone. They’ve racked up over 2 million subscribers so far and it looked as if that number would continue to climb, until now.

It appears that the company has infringed upon not only one but three patents owned by Verizon that relate to how Vonage provides it’s VoIP service. Due to this Verizon was granted a permanent injunction against Vonage, however the judge in the case did give Vonage a partial stay.

What does this mean? Well, what it comes down to is that Vonage will be allowed …

LG’s VCAST Phone Prices?

Posted in LG,Mobile Phones,Services,Television,Verizon by Chetz on March 10th, 2007

VX9400 VCAST mobile phoneThe rumor du jour is that LG is prepping to release its VX9400 handheld phone/TV on March 23. As we reported this past January, Verizon is soon to launch a service that allows for live television to be beamed and picked up by mobile phones.

Samsung is the other company with plans to release a phone, the u620, that works with the service, but we’ve been waiting to see what LG’s entry looks like in action especially since it has a neat looking pivot screen. According to a tipster that whispered in Engadget’s ear, LG will launch the VX9400 on the 23rd in the VCAST launch cities.

Prices are said to be $350 for the full version, $250 for a one year contract or $200 if you purchase two years at sign up. The same tipster also claims that the Samsung …

Wireless V Cast Mobile TV Announcement Set for Thursday?

Posted in Mobile Phones,Services,Verizon by Chetz on February 27th, 2007

Verizon to launch V Cast Mobile TVIt looks like Verizon is getting ready to launch its Wireless V Cast Mobile TV service later this week. According to a hidden away sign-up sheet located on the Verizon website, the service is scheduled to kick off on March 1.

When queried as to the information Verizon neither confirmed or denied that 3/1 is V-Day for the company, nor does the website list exactly where the service will be provided or how much it will cost. At least Verizon hasn’t removed the option from its sales website which is a good sign that something is indeed coming shortly.

V Cast Mobile TV was announced last month at the Consumer Electronics Show and will give consumers the opportunity to receive live television broadcasts to their mobile phones. Qualcomm is building the network that Verizon subscribers will use, beaming its signal through channel …

Palm Treo 700wx from Verizon, finally

Posted in Palm,Smart Devices,Verizon by Darrin Olson on February 20th, 2007

Palm Treo 700wx now available from Verizon WirelessVerizon and Palm have today announced the availability of the Palm Treo 700wx from Verizon Wireless, which looks to completely brick the Treo 700w.

Sprint has had the Treo 700wx available for some time now and Verizon is finally getting there chance at it. Verizon currently has the older brother 700w, which is basically the same phone minus just the ‘x’ and 32MB of internal RAM. Both its predecessor and the Palm Treo 700wx are available from the Verizon Wireless online store for $399.99 with a two year contract, and with a $100 mail-in rebate the price almost comes close to the $249 that Sprint is offering.

You might begin to think, as did we, that at this rate the new offering from Verizon would have Windows Mobile 6 added into it, but no dice. It does however …