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Toshiba sells 90,000 HD DVD players last weekend

Posted in HD DVD,News,Toshiba by Darrin Olson on November 8th, 2007

Toshiba says it sold 90,000 of its HD-A2 HD DVD players last weekendWow; last week we reported the latest strike by HD DVD in the high-def war against Blu-ray with Wal-Mart offering the Toshiba HD-A2 for under $100 starting last Friday. Well, apparently this was big news to a few more people than we thought it would be. Best Buy also jumped on with the price cut and reportedly so did a number of other smaller, more local retailers to total around a whopping 90,000 of the HD-A2 HD DVD units sold just last weekend. According to Toshiba most retailers sold out quickly. The price reduction was likely due to clear stock for the upcoming Toshiba HD-A3 model, which would replace the HD-A2.

Toshiba HD DVD player under $100 Friday

Posted in HD-DVD Player,News,Toshiba by Darrin Olson on November 1st, 2007

Wal-Mart to sell HD DVD player for $99If you’ve considered getting your hands on an HD DVD player before the holidays you may want to consider hanging out at your local Wal-Mart tomorrow morning. According to their totally legit Secret In-Store Specials page, many stores will be offering the Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player starting Friday at 8am through the weekend for a mere $98.87. The player was previously priced at just under $200 and is still listed at around $200 at Amazon and almost $300 at most other places.

The Toshiba HD-A2 is a 2nd generation player that supports the HD DVD disc format, rivaled by none other than the high-definition Blu-ray disc format in an ongoing high-def war, which currently seem like it will have no end. The player outputs in 720p/1080i formats and has SD up-conversion to 480p/720p/1080i. And as you might expect, as soon as you buy this one its expected to be followed up soon by its upgrade, the Toshiba HD-A3, which Sears is planning on selling for $169 with two HD DVD movies bundled with it.

Toshiba pops out 250GB portable hard drive

Posted in Hard Drives,Toshiba by Nino Marchetti on October 30th, 2007

Toshiba 250GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard DriveToshiba apparently has some designs on offering the largest capacity, small form factor external hard drives on the market. It has just announced the new Toshiba 250GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive, priced at around $190.

The Toshiba 250GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive is, yes, 250GB is size. That’s enough to hold, says Toshiba, up to either 71,000 digital photos, 65,000 MP3 music files, 110 hours of DVD videos or 29 hours of high-definition videos. The company also claims this specific drive is the largest capacity of its form factor available at the moment.

Toshiba develops circular LCD screen

Posted in LCD,Toshiba by Chetz on October 19th, 2007

Toshiba develops circle-shaped LCD monitorHaving square LCD monitors in the back of your vehicle’s headrests may soon be a thing of the past because Toshiba has figured out how to make a circular LCD screen. The electronics giant will unveil its no corner LCD screens next week in Yokohama at the FPD International 2007 convention. The screens use Toshiba’s proprietary low temperature poly silicon technology and allow for panel instrumentation to be circular too. Imagine having a built-in rear and side door views available on your car’s dashboard or an odometer whose background color you can change.

Toshiba can currently get these LCD screens down to 2.4-inches in diameter with a contrast ratio of 600:1 , 240 x 240 resolution and 250K of colors. We’re probably still a good couple of years away from seeing this technology trickle down to the everyday marketplace but we can start imagining now the fun it will be to watch widescreen movies on circular screens.

Toshiba Gigabeat V41; heavy with 1seg

Posted in 1seg,Gigabeat,Portable Meda Players,Toshiba by Matt on September 27th, 2007

Toshiba Gigabeat V41Available Oct 19th, the new addition to the Gigabeat line is based on the Windows Mobile operating system and comes in three color styles: navy, gold and black. Toshiba is treading water with the functionality included in this 11.5×75×14.2mm / 168g package though.

The V41 boasts 4GB of internal memory and is expandable with SD or SDHC cards (up to 8GB) for storing up to 99 shows or 20 hours of streaming 1Seg TV. Based on Windows Mobile, the unit’s video playback is limited to WMV and JPEG images but plays MP3, WAV, and WMA/WMA-9 audio formats.

New Toshiba gigabeat player offers enhanced audio

Posted in Portable Meda Players,Toshiba by Nino Marchetti on September 25th, 2007

Toshiba gigabeat T400 media player with enhanced audioToshiba is expanding its line of gigabeat MP3 players, the company announced today. It is introducing the new gigabeat T400, a flash-based player priced at around $120.

The Toshiba gigabeat T400, said the company, is its first flash player “high-end audio H2C audio enhancement technology and support for WMA Lossless audio files.” It has 4GB of memory, enough to hold up to 1,000 songs, and its rechargeable battery delivers up to 16 hours of playback. The T400 is also capable of playing video on its 2.4-inch LCD color display.

New Toshiba projector does short projecting

Posted in Projectors,Toshiba by Nino Marchetti on September 11th, 2007

Toshiba TDP-EX20UToshiba unveiled today what it’s calling a compact projector with “extreme short projection” and wireless functionality. The Toshiba TDP-EX20U is priced at around $1,600.

The Toshiba TDP-EX20U is a mobile projector with DLP technology, 3,200 ANSI Lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. The “extreme short projection” feature means the projector can put up a 60-inch image from just three feet away. It also comes with Windows Vista networking capabilities and built-in 802.11g wireless if you want to connect it to a network or notebooks from anywhere in the room and deliver sequential presentations without the need for cables.

Ergonomic gaming for your fingers

Posted in Games,Keyboards,Toshiba by Chetz on September 7th, 2007

Toshiba circular ergonomic gaming keyboardSighted at the IFA trade show currently taking place in Berlin is this funky red ergonomic keyboard. Sure, we’ve all seen/used keyboards in the past that have promised to save wear and tear on our fingers but this nifty little circular keyboard was designed in mind for the serious gamer.

Toshiba made it and owns the patent on it. There are 55 keys circled around the pad; notice how this keyboard is a QWERGT design and the O, B and K keys are separate buttons? Toshiba says that their keyboard has extra large control buttons to make playing games easier for your digits.

Toshiba drives it up to 160GB

Posted in Hard Drives,Storage,Toshiba by Chetz on September 6th, 2007

Toshiba 1.8" 160GB hard driveHot on the heels of yesterday’s Apple news concerning the 80GB and 160GB iPods, Toshiba has just released its own news about two similar sized storage media units of its own. Sometime before the end of the year the ‘shiba will release the MK model 80GB and 160GB 1.8-inch hard drives which, coincidentally, also happen to be the same memory size as the just-announced iPod Classic models. Except that there is no coincidence when it comes to technology, is there?

The 160GB drive will be Toshiba’s first that uses a CE-ATA interface while the 80GB unit employs PATA technology. Both drives have a storage density of 228 Gb per square inch. Speed wise the 80GB drive gets the edge (66 MB per second transfer rate) with the 160GB second (at 52 MB/s) but it uses less power for its functions.

Toshiba WX-2200U offers cheap 3LCD projection

Posted in Projectors,Toshiba by Nino Marchetti on September 4th, 2007

Toshiba TLP-WX2200UToshiba announced today what it is calling an “affordable” widescreen 3LCD mobile projector. The Toshiba TLP-WX2200U is priced at around $1,000 and is available for your home theatre or board room needs now.

The Toshiba TLP-WX2200U uses 3LCD technology to provide what is described as better quality color reproduction. It sports 2,200 ANSI lumens, widescreen WXGA 1200×800 native resolution, a 600:1 contrast ratio and a removable palm-sized control panel with a password for theft protection.

A moving family portrait

Posted in Digital Imaging,Toshiba by Chetz on September 4th, 2007

Toshiba DPF7XSE digital photo frameLook around and you will see digital photo frames everywhere. Just as digital cameras seem to have replaced the older style film ones, are we seeing the end of traditional paper photos in frames? Could be if the price for these marvels keep dropping.

In favor of that direction we present to you Toshiba’s latest digital photo frame, a creation so new that all it has right now is a model number, the sexy sounding DPF7XSE. The 7-inch center display is raised from the base of the unit and displays 800 x 480 resolution. But here’s where it gets interesting: the DPF also has two dual-one watt speakers, 256 MB of memory (as well as allows for SD/MMC/CF/memory sticks via its 2.0 USB port) and can play MP3, WMA, MPEG4 and even DivX files (that sure beats having to press the next button fast to mimic full motion video, doesn’t it?) Color us interested but the company hasn’t revealed how much this little gem will cost us just yet, only that it will be on sale sometime this fall (infrared remote included.)

Toshiba UWB Wireless Docking Station

Posted in Dock,Toshiba,UWB by Darrin Olson on July 28th, 2007

Toshiba Ultra Wide Band (UWB) wireless docking stationToshiba announced last week the release of a wireless docking station that utilizes ultra wide band (UWB) technology, marking one of the first consumer-based uses employing the wireless connectivity. The UWB connection between the docking station and the notebook allows peripherals including an external monitor to have faster connection speeds than traditionally available through Bluetooh or WiFi.

Unfortunately the distance does not increase with the speed, though. The UWB docking station has a 3 foot maximum range but really, how far are you going to need to be from your peripherals and monitor anyway? Another potential caveat for some is that the UWB connection uses a radio frequency that’s not yet allowed in all countries.

The Toshiba UWB docking station has 4 USB ports, an audio connection, an Ethernet port and of course a monitor port. It will run you about …

Toshiba U103 Gigabeat Now in 24 Colors

Posted in Gigabeat,Toshiba by Reuben Drake on July 24th, 2007

Toshiba Gigabeat U103 in 24 different colorsThe Toshiba U103 Gigabeat has launched in Japan coming in an almost unheard-of 24 different color options. There really isn’t much else different from the previous U102 version of the Gigabeat other than the additional colors. Offering changeable face plates to give some individuality might not have been a bad idea either but often seems to make the player seem a little cheaper, so we have to say it’s nice to see a player come in this broad of an array of colors. It would be nice if more DAP’s would catch on to this.

Other than the 24 color choices the U103 has the same 1.1″ screen, still supports MP3, WAV, and WMA files, has the same FM tuner and is still housing a modest 1GB of memory. Each color of the Toshiba U103 Gigabeat will retail for around $115.

via …

Toshiba Recalling Sony Batteries

Posted in Batteries,News,Sony,Toshiba by Chris Weber on July 19th, 2007

Toshiba recalling 5100 Sony notebook batteriesA spokesman from Toshiba announced today that the company is recalling a batch of Sony-made batteries for some of its notebooks. Fortunately the count in this recall is only about 5,100 which is significantly less than the 8 million that Sony recalled last September.

The batteries in the recall list are installed in 10 different models of Toshiba computers that were made in December of 2005 and placed in the notebooks between Jan and Apr of 2006. They were put on a recall list due to a few reports of the batteries becoming too warm, but there were no injuries involved.

Toshiba is planning to post a utility on their website that notebook owners can download to identify if their battery is part of the recall, or users can use a list to identify the batteries serial number manually.

Source: WashingtonPost

HD Goes Interactive

Posted in HD DVD,Toshiba by Chetz on July 3rd, 2007

Toshiba HD-DVD can now load web content to the playerThe HD-DVD/Blu-ray war continues on with no signs of either side giving ground. The latest offensive assault comes from the HD side with an announcement from Toshiba proclaiming they are releasing a firmware update that will let its HD-DVD players access the Web to download exclusive content. All that Toshiba owners need do is connect their player to the internet via the device’s Ethernet ports and the unit will take care of it automatically.

Whether this will turn out to be a new leg up against the Blu-ray competition remains to be seen, but Toshiba is promising that its consumers will be able to take part in interactive content exclusive to their format of next gen DVD. Toshiba cites an example with Warner Bros. HD-DVD for “Blood Diamond” which lets the viewer participate in interactive polls and see …