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Cingular and Samsung Unveil BlackJack SmartPhone

Posted in Mobile Phones,News,Samsung,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on November 13th, 2006

Samsung SGH-i607 BlackJack SmartphoneCingular and Samsung have finally released the SGH-i607 BlackJack Smartphone in time for the holiday season and to have it in the race along side the Motorola Q and the Dash. The Blackjack fills a void for mobile phone users in the US with a Smartphone that has supports GSM along with EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA. The phone also supports Bluetooth, but unfortunately is without any built in WiFi support.

This phone comes with a slightly awkward looking QWERTY keyboard, a 320×240 screen resolution and a built in 1.3-megapixal camera. The Blackjack weighs in at only 3.5 ounces and is about a half an inch thick. The included battery gives it 5.5 hours of talk time and up to 11 days of standby, which is a nice jab to it’s main competitor the Q, which has some shorter battery life …

Samsung SGH-X830 Mini MP3 Phone

Posted in Digital Audio,Mobile Phones,Samsung by Darrin Olson on November 10th, 2006

Samsung Samsung SGH-X830I really like seeing unique and innovative designs with new mobile devices, and Samsung has come up with a unique design with the SGH-X830 “Mini MP3 Phone”.

The X830 has a swing-open style that allows the device to work as a compact MP3 player when closed and as mobile phone when swung open. The design comes in 6 different colors – black, candy pink (both pictured here), pure white, oasis blue, orange and lemon green to blend into many different tastes, while the dimensions of the Mini MP3 Phone are a mere 84x30x19.9 mm and weighs only 75 grams.

The menu and different functions are navigated through a click wheel on the front of the phone which lets you scroll through options and up to 250 songs on the 1GB of internal memory.

This is one of many mobile multimedia phones to come from Samsung, according …

Samsung Releases SPH-P9000 Voice and WiMAX

Posted in Mobile Phones,News,PDAs,Samsung,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on November 7th, 2006

Samsung SPH-P9000 Deluxe MITsSamsung has released a new device into the market which is one of the few new, and soon to be growing in numbers, devices that converge technologies for internet and voice communications. Samsung has done it in this case using WiMax and CDMA EV-DO connectivity to make this hand-held multi-functional device.

The SPH-P9000 is not the smallest mobile device you will find, but it exchanges it’s portly exterior for some increased usability. The device folds out from it’s 143 x 92 x 29.7 mm dimension to have a full qwerty keyboard and viewable upright 5″ WVGA screen for some un-cramped typing and viewing of documents and movies on the Windows XP based OS.

The device has an MP3 player and 1.3 megapixel camera along with a 30 GB hard drive and altogether weighs 560 grams. The Samsung SPH-P9000 is expected to be launched in …

Samsung K5 MP3 Player

Posted in Digital Audio,Samsung by Chetz on November 6th, 2006

Samsung K5 MP3 PlayerThere are a lot of MP3 players on the market today, and Samsung has done a good job in differentiating the K5 player from the rest by offering features that are not commonly found on your average portable music gadget.

To get some of the specifications out of the way, this device comes in either a 1GB or 4GB capacity and has a battery that allows up to 30 hours of playback time, and 6 hours with the speakers. Yes speakers, but we’ll come back to that. This device also has a nice 128×160 color screen to view the menu and view jpeg images. Also, the gadget is under 4 inches wide to give you some perspective before we get into all the key features, and when folded is under an inch thick.

For starters the Samsung K5 has a built in FM tuner …

Bang & Olufsen – Serene Mobile Phone

Posted in Bang & Olufsen,Mobile Phones,Samsung by Darrin Olson on October 29th, 2006

Bang and Olufsen Mobile Phone with Samsung Bang & Olufsen, together with Samsung have been working for the past two years on a minimalistic and more intuitive approach to a mobile phone. What their collaboration has come up with is the Serene.

The Serene is a different shaped phone that appears to be upside down compared to most mobile phones today. When being used, the circular keypad is in the top half of the clam shell design, and the display and microphone are in the bottom half, which gives the already different looking phone an even more different looking angle when being used.

The keyboard portion of the Serene mobile phone also contains a loud speaker and a thumb wheal used for navigating menu options and functionalities on the phone.

The phone comes with a stylish docking station for charging, and while charging the orientation of the display …

Helix – Satellite Radio And MP3 In One Gadget

Posted in MP3,Samsung,Satellite Radio by Chetz on October 27th, 2006

Samsung Helix Satellite RadioThe Helix satellite radio player offers XM satellite radio and MP3 music on the same mobile gadget. Now I think that is cool.

It has a nice color screen for navigation and viewing of stock quotes and sport scores, and you can also put your MP3′s on the device. When you are tired of them, turn on the XM radio. If you hear a song you like, even if you are half way through it you can record it to the Helix from the start. Samsung and XM have gone in together on a deal to make an improved music listening experience, along with an interface to make finding what you want easy and enjoyable.

You can also record shows onto the Helix player, so if there is something coming up on XM satellite radio that you are going to miss, you …

Samsung EW-700 WiFiFone

Posted in Mobile Phones,Samsung,VoIP by Darrin Olson on October 23rd, 2006

Samsung EW-700 WiFiFoneThe new Samsung EX-700 WiFiFONE is the product of a joint effort between Samsung and Eidicom. While it could possibly be a little “easier on the eyes” the EX-700 looks like an impressive product to further enhance and improve the usability of VoIP phones.

Keep in mind that despite its looks this is still a VoIP phone which requires Wi-Fi, so it gets access the same way you would with a PC by using your own wireless network or finding a public “hotspot”. They have also added a lot of cool features not usually found in a VoIP phone to date which makes it somewhat of a hybrid VoIP smartphone.

Some of the features on the Samsung EW-700 on what looks like a custom OS includes a web browser, IM client, multimedia player, a 2 megapixel camera, the ability for video and …

Samsung K5 MP3 player is Mini Boombox

Posted in Digital Audio,Samsung by Paul Patterson on October 20th, 2006

Samsung K5 MP3 PlayerAre you looking for an MP3 player that allows you to listen to your tunes with or without headphones? The Samsung K5 MP3 Player features slide-out stereo speakers that turn this player into a mini boombox, giving you the freedom to listen to your library free of your headphones when the need arises.

This player is great for people who travel frequently as it also serves as a travel alarm clock, waking you up the next morning with your favorite song. The built-in Li-Poly rechargeable battery gives you 30+ hours of playback without recharging and the 1.71″ OLED screen displays your favorite photos making you feel right at home.

The K5 is available in 2GB and 4GB model and is available now for $259 (USD).

Tiny Samsung CLP-300 Desktop Color Laser Printer now Available

Posted in Printers,Samsung by Paul Patterson on October 13th, 2006

Samsung CLP-300If you are looking for a compact color laser printer, the Samsung CLP-300 series may be the rig for you. The CLP-300 is ideal for those people who want the benefits of color printing but do not have the real estate for the typical color laser printers. The CLP-300 features a trim footprint of 15.4″ w x 13.5″ d x 10.4″ h and weighs a wispy 30lbs.

The CLP-300 printers are positioned for a wide variety of customers including home users, small businesses and even students who may currently use an ink jet printer for their everyday printing. Some of the features of the CLP series include:

Easy to install toner bottles, instead of larger, cumbersome cartridges.
Print speeds of up to 17-ppm in black and white, and 4-ppm in color.
600 x 600 dpi optical resolution which can be enhanced up to 2400 x 600 …

Samsung Releases 10MP Camera with Phone Built In

Posted in Digital Cameras,Mobile Phones,Samsung by Darrin Olson on October 10th, 2006

Samsung SCH-B600

Samsung has been at the forefront of providing large picture quality with their camera phones, and the SCH-B6000 is not an exception.

Samsung is doing another first with releasing a 10 megapixel camera phone. With this new phone they have made it slight lighter and slightly thinner than their previously released 7 megapixel phone, but still managed to add more megapixels with camera features that rival other 10 megapixel cameras.

There is also a TV out jack on this camera phone to show still or motion pictures on a television, as well as a Digital Multimedia Broadcasting function built in to connect. The SCH-B6000 utilizes Bluetooth technology and supports the AnyCall band for providers.

SCH-B6000 Press Release [Samsung]

Samsung Card Phone II

Posted in Mobile Phones,Samsung,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on October 6th, 2006

Samsung SGH-P310 Card Phone II

Slim like a credit card. Samsung has done a great job of improving their previous Card Phone with the new Card Phone II, which is officially called the Samsung SGH-P310. The distinguishing feature of this mobile phone is obviously it’s thickness, or the lack of thickness, actually. At only 8mm thick, this is a seriously thin phone, and with the new design of a shiny black case it is perfect for travelers who want to have the smooth sharp look with their mobile device.

Aside from the sleek look, the included case that comes with the Samsung SGH-P310 actually adds battery life, and if you really don’t loose too much in the way of features. I would not label this phone as a mobile office, nor would I call it a multimedia phone, but it falls somewhere in between. It has a …

70 Inch Samsung LCD Screen is Worlds Biggest

Posted in LCD,Samsung,Television by Paul Patterson on September 14th, 2006

Samsung 70 Inch LCD
At 70 inches, this high-definition LCD display from Samsung is setting the record for largest LCD. The screen has a resolution of 1,920×1,080, which is powerful enough to qualify as a high-definition TV, but is not necessarily high for a screen of this size.

The Samsung screen is positioned towards the consumer HD-TV market. Samsung Vice President Kim Sang-Soo said, “Our new 70-inch LCD is not only significantly larger, but also sets a new benchmark of excellence in terms of video image reproduction, viewing angle and image quality. We’ve designed it to dramatically enhance the large screen LCD TV user’s viewing experience. ”

With the introduction of the 70″ LCD TV, Samsung will be in a position to compete head-to-head with PDP (plasma display panel) and projection TV makers.

Production of the new 70-inch LCD is scheduled to begin …