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CES 2008

Runco VX-22i 1080p projector with integrated controller

Posted in CES 2008,DLP,Planar,Projectors by Darrin Olson on January 10th, 2008

Runco Video Xtreme VX-22i 1080p projector with option CineWide technologyRunco has a new addition to their lineup of Xtreme DLP projectors with the VX-22i which they are introducing at the Consumer Electronics Show this year in Las Vegas. The VX-22i is based on their popular VX-22d model but this time they’ve integrated the DHD controller into the same chasis as the projector making a one piece high-def projector to provide a theater-like experience of your own.

All of the Xtreme projectors from Runco, the VX-22i included, run a three-chip DLP implementation with a chip dedicated to each color of red, green and blue for better color with high calibration standards and THX Display certification. This model also can be optionally equipped with what Runco calls the “CineWide” and “CineWide with AutoScope”. This add-on brings another $15k to the price of the projector but gives more of a real movie theater-like display. It can show 2.35:1 CinemaScope movies and gets rid of that unattractive black bar above and below the picture that you often get when trying to view widescreen pictures, even with switching between CinemaScope wide and 16:9.

The future is now

Posted in Displays,Planar by Chetz on September 24th, 2007

Planar making EL transparent displaysIf you caught a movie last year called “Children of Men” you may remember that cool electroluminescent (EL) display that appeared on the windshields of cars. Instead of looking at the dash to find out how fast you’re going or in which direction the information is displayed around the windshield. The movie was set over 20 years from now but it looks like technology will give us these kinds of EL displays sooner than we thought.

Planar Systems has announced that it has begun making EL displays that are transparent. These displays can also be cut to any curve or shape allowing for a variety of uses in design, manufacturing and usage. They can be manufactured to be touch sensitive and boast a response time of under 1 millisecond in temperatures between -100 degrees Celsius to 100º, And with a viewing angle of 179-degrees they can be seen accurately by the operator or those standing beside them.

Planar announces new widescreen LCD displays

Posted in Displays,Planar by Nino Marchetti on August 21st, 2007

Planar PX LCD MonitorsPlanar Systems unveiled today three new widescreen LCD monitors which reportedly offer up to 82 percent more workspace than a standard 19-inch monitor. These new models are branded as the PX2611W, PX2411W and PX2210MW.

These new Planar PX LCD desktop monitors come in 26-, 24- and 22-inch screen sizes respectively and are geared for specialty markets like graphic design and video editing. A lot of features are available on these units, depending upon the model, and include WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolution, DVI-D inputs, a four-port USB hub, built-in speakers and a stand which offers height adjustment.