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Nintendo Wii outselling PS3 by 5 to 1 in Japan

Posted in Nintendo,Wii by Chris Weber on June 6th, 2007

Nintendo Wii outselling the Sony PS3 game console in Japan by a ratio of 5 to 1Not only has the Nintendo Wii been consistently leading sales for the current generation game consoles in the U.S., Reuters is reporting that the Wii outsold its rival Sony PS3 in console units by a whopping ratio of 5 to 1 in Japan last month.

In May Nintendo reportedly sold 251,794 Wii game consoles compared to 45,321 PS3′s from Sony. The trend appears to be a growing one as well, as the ratio was 4 to 1 in favor of the Wii the previous month.

The Wii game console has led sales of the current generation game consoles in the US for four months in a row including April, and is expected to have led sales again in May. For the first three of the four-month run, Sony actually …

Wii hard drive rumors continue

Posted in Nintendo,Wii by Reuben Drake on June 4th, 2007

Rumors of Nintendo Wii getting a hard drive to support larger games continue, despite Nintendo’s denialRumors continue about the possibility of the Nintendo Wii getting a hard drive, despite Nintendo denying any such claims.

The latest crop of speculation was roused by talks of new Neo Geo game titles coming to the Wii game console which require as much as 330MB of space on the mere 512MB of space available with the console. ComputerandVideoGames.com is also talking of rumors that Nintendo may make an announcement of said hardware to increase the Wii storage capacity at the next E3 show.

The Xbox 360 and Sony PS3, Wii’s competition in the current generation game consoles, both utilize hard drives for storing games and other multimedia files, and speculation of the Wii getting one has been around since shortly after its launch. We’ll keep watching for some type of solid indication, but …

Nintendo Wii Leads Sales For Fourth Month in a Row

Posted in News,Nintendo,Wii by Darrin Olson on May 19th, 2007

Nintendo Wii led game console sales for AprilThe Nintendo Wii game console has again come out on top in U.S. sales for the month of April compared to other same-generation game consoles, according to a report by the NPD group. In April Nintendo sold 360,000 of the Wii consoles compared to 174,000 with the Xbox 360 and 82,000 Playstation 3′s.

The gap between Nintendo and it’s competitors seems to be widening as the Wii sales went up by a little over 100,000 units from the 259,000 that were sold in March. The second place Xbox 360 unit sales where actually down 13% from the previous month, and Sony’s PS3 unit sales dropped 37% from March.

This month the Nintendo Wii console sales even overtook the other horse Sony has in the race – the PlayStation 2. In March the PS2 beat out unit sales in all of …

Nintendo Wii Still On Top In Console Sales

Posted in News,Nintendo,Wii by Darrin Olson on April 21st, 2007

Nintendo Wii tops current generation console sales for MarchAccording to a report Thursday by NPD, the Nintendo Wii led the sales of current generation game consoles by once again beating out the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3. Nintendo sold 259,000 of the Wii game consoles with their new fangled controller last month, followed up by the Xbox 360 with 199,000 units sold and the PS3 selling 130,000 units. The Nintendo Wii has led unit sales in January and February, as well.

This certainly doesn’t mean that Sony and Microsoft aren’t trying, however. Microsoft has been flaunting a new Xbox Elite with a larger 120GB internal hard drive to entice more customers by holding more media, and Sony has abandoned their 20GB PS3 in the US and may be coming out with larger capacity console as well with rumors of an 80GB

Wii Launches Full Version Of Opera Web Browser

Posted in Browsers,News,Nintendo,Opera Software,Wii by Darrin Olson on April 13th, 2007

Wii launches final version of Opera browser, free for a limited time.Opera Software and Nintendo have finally launched the full version of the Opera web browser for the Internet Channel of the Wii game console. The download is free, but not for long.

This web browser allows Wii owners to browse the internet through the console on their television, provided the console is connected to the internet, of course. Some new features of the full version of the Opera browser revolve around usability with zoom and scrolling functions that were not present in the trial version that was launched in December.

The application allows you to choose from Google or Yahoo for a default search engine, but like any browser you can navigate to any web page and search engine. Navigation is handled through the Wii remote (please be careful), and two remotes can be …

Wii Continues to Outsell PS3 in Japan

Posted in News,Nintendo,PS3,Wii by Darrin Olson on April 6th, 2007

Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 in JapanAccording to a Bloomberg report, sales of the Nintendo Wii Japan continue to dominate over its Playstation rival.

Back in January SlipperyBrick reported that Wii sales were already significantly ahead in Japan after its launch on December 2nd, even though the PS3 launched about 3 weeks earlier on November 11th.

As of March 25th, Nintendo has reportedly sold 1.95 million Wii game console units in Japan, which is more than twice as many compared to 812,000 PS3 consoles sold by Sony in Japan since each of their respective launch dates.

The PS3 is a little more pricey game console, however. Actually sales yen makes the difference not quite as great with the PS3 having 47.6 billion yen in sales versus Nintendo’s 48.7 billion yen during the same period.

[Image via BBC news]

The GameCube Lives!

Posted in Games,News,Nintendo by Chetz on March 1st, 2007

Perrin Kaplan announcement of Gamecube end may have been innacuratePoor Perrin Kaplan. It was just a week ago that the Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Nintendo America went on the record and said that the days of Mario’s masters making the GameCube were over. “Are we producing any more GameCubes? No,” Kaplan told GameDaily, and the news made the rounds faster than Wiis flying on the shelf at Wal-Mart.

No so fast, Perrin: the Japanese parent division is telling us that there is still life in the Cube. “We are continuing to manufacture and sell Nintendo GameCube, which is an ideal entry-level value system and has a strong library of games,” said a Nintendo spokesperson to Engadget, and similar reversals were issued by Nintendo’s European divisions. “The continuing appetite for new games is best demonstrated by strong sales of the GameCube version of ‘The …

Is it the end for GameCube?

Posted in Games,News,Nintendo by Darrin Olson on February 23rd, 2007

Nintendo ends production of the GamecubeIn an GameDaily interview earlier this week with Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of American VP of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, she stated with some rhetoric that the end for the GameCube productions had come: “Are we producing any more GameCubes? No. But do we have the inventory there for people to still purchase? Yes.”

That made sense to many since other game consoles from that generation had been put to rest, except for the Playstation 2 of course, who’s sales have surpassed game consoles beyond its own generation. Still for many this was unwelcome news and gained some publicity, but considering the source it was fact nonetheless.

Today from across the pond we here quite the opposite, that the sorrow spent for the lost purple game console was all for not since production of the GameCube is still alive and well. “I can …

Wii sales on top for January

Posted in News,Nintendo,Wii by Darrin Olson on February 21st, 2007

Nintendo Wii Sales reported on top for January 2007According to market research done by NPD, the Nintendo Wii outsold competitors for the month of January in the game console wars, rounding out the month with 436,000 game consoles sold.

The game console battle continues to be a heated one between the Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii all attempting to sway gamers to their newly released consoles with additional features and incentives. While the Wii console came out ahead in sales last month, Playstation 2 sales were actually the runner up for the best selling game console of January, and incidentally was also the best selling console of 2006. In January the Playstation 2 sold 299,000 units with the Xbox 360 close behind at 294,000 and then the PS3 with 244,000 units sold.

Sales were down a little bit for all three console makers from …

Wii Phone

Posted in Nintendo,Wii by Darrin Olson on February 7th, 2007

Wii Phone A Wii Phone from Nintendo? C’mon; this seems a little far fetched, or is it? Recently we’ve seen the iPhone, rumors of a Zune Phone and now this.

According to T3 there is a distinct possibility that Nintendo may be coming out with some type of phone combined with the console remote. There had been some rumors last year about adding a microphone to the controller, and Nintendo has been taking advantage of internet based services with the Wii console, lately. This combination could possibly lend itself nicely to some type of VoIP service.

T3 found this information via the patent office showing plans of a Wii remote looking device with gaming keys and what looks like a dialing keypad. I wonder what kind of damage someone could do with this? We’ll keep watching…

Image Source: T3

Southwest Most Frequent Fliers Get Free Nintendo DS

Posted in News,Nintendo by Darrin Olson on February 5th, 2007

Southwest Airlines gives Nintendo DS to its most frequent travelersSouthwest Airlines finds a number of ways to cut costs and provide discount airfare to its customers, and they know how to reward their most frequent customers. The airline has partnered with Nintendo to give some Rapid Rewards members a free Nintendo DS Lite game system along with a copy of Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day.

“We are helping our Members welcome the New Year with low fares, frequent flights and, of course, exercise … exercise for their mind while they travel,” said Blair McGrain, Director of Marketing Planning and Customer Loyalty in a press release. “We are thrilled to partner with Nintendo to give our Members some FUN in the New Year.”

Southwest has already mailed the free Nintendo DS and Brain Age game to 50 of the most long term and high mile …

Nintendo adds News Channel to Wii

Posted in News,Nintendo,Wii by Darrin Olson on January 26th, 2007

Nintendo is adding a News Channel to the Wii game consoleNintendo is adding a new News Channel to their game console that will show up for users in the Wii Menu Saturday.

The Associated Press has contracted with Nintendo for two years to provide news and photos for the News Channel on the Wii, which will be accessed through a map-based graphical interface. Users can navigate the map to locations around the globe and zoom in on areas of the world to get more regional news, zooming out will get news pertaining to a broader geographical area. Subcategories will be available for the regions, such as Business, Sports, Art, and Technology.

“What Wii has done for video gaming, we hope it will also accomplish for news,” says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “Just by pointing at your TV screen, you become your own interactive editor, instantly …

Nintendo to Release New Wii Games in Q1 2007

Posted in Games,News,Nintendo,Wii by Paul Patterson on January 24th, 2007

Nintendo to Release Wii Games in First Quarter 2007Nintendo has announced the release of over a dozen of new and classic games for the Wii. These games will be available in the first quarter of 2007 and help maintain Wii’s promise to make gaming accessible to all gamers – young and old, veteran and new alike.

The first three months of the year will see the release of much-anticipated games like Wii Play, SSX Blur, The Godfather Blackhand Edition, and a new Prince of Persia Rival Swords. Beyond the current library of 34 new Wii titles, the schedule for upcoming Wii releases includes:

Feb. 14 – Wii Play with Wii Remote
March 27 – Disney’s Meet the Robinsons
March – Bust-A-Move Bash!
March – Prince of Persia Rival Swords
March – TMNT
March – Bionicle Heroes
March – Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII
Q1 – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Q1 – SSX Blur
Q1 …

Where are Wii?

Posted in Nintendo,Wii by Darrin Olson on January 18th, 2007

The Nintendo Wii with the Wii RemoteI’ve been getting a little tired of walking into my local Fry’s store lately and seeing a stack of PS3′s, and then looking across the isle and finding lots of Wii accessories and paraphernalia but no Wii consoles. At first I thought I was just not cool enough to know where they are but this last trip I went against my internal instincts and asked an employee. It appears there were no Wii’s in stock. At first I thought it may be just the Portland metro area, but after a very small investigation I found I’m not alone in my search for the Wii game console.

This is frustrating for those of us who would rather avoid the lines and wait until things settle down so we can just stroll into a store and pick up a game console …

Top 10 Console Video Games of 2006

Posted in Games,Microsoft,News,Nintendo,PS3,PSP,Sony,Wii,Xbox 360 by Chris Weber on January 14th, 2007

madden 07 top selling game of 2006The PlayStation 2 and the Xbox 360 had a pretty good year with game sales. This news comes on the heals of PlayStation 2′s surprising sales showing.

Of course Madden topped the charts as usual. Of some surprise is the number of Super Mario Bros. games sold for the Nintendo DS. The Super Mario franchise continues to shine and Mario apparently ages very well. Another interesting sales figure is for the Brain Age title. Not a game so much as a series of brain teasers and mental exercises developed by Japanese neuro-scientist Ryuta Kawashima, the title’s strong showing gives us evidence that video games do make you smarter!