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NEC introduces e-mail/fax phone combo

Posted in FAX,NEC by Conner Flynn on November 7th, 2007

NEC introduces e-mail/fax phone combo

Those of you still using Fax machines will love this. NEC introduced a new emailing/Fax/Phone combination unit. The new SP-NA640 model can take any document and send it straight to a computer or cellphone via email as a regular image file (send handwritten text from your home phone to a mobile phone). You can also print emails to your heart’s content. Of course it can still operate as a plain old fax machine if you have not yet joined us in the modern age.

It’s a nice looking unit. Cool upgrade to the old fax. The price is unknown at the moment, but they will be available in Japan later this month. So, if you happen to be in Japan, rush right out and get one to replace that aging Fax machine.

Be your own detective with NEC’s DNA analyzer

Posted in Healthcare,NEC by Conner Flynn on October 16th, 2007

NEC DNA analyzer in a briefcase

The portability aspect of this half meter wide briefcase is debatable, but what’s inside is what makes it cool, in a CSI kind of way. NEC is calling it the first portable DNA analyser. That’s right, now it’s official. Anybody who has watched even one hour of crime-time television can be their own detective and solve murders.

The briefcase can be used for all 5 stages that make up the DNA analysis process. It is also a real time saver if you only plan on being a part time crime solver, since it can fully analyze DNA within only 25 minutes.

It’s heading for full production in 2008. Ok, so this is mainly marketed to law enforcement, but we all know that in the future regular folks like us will have them too. For now, this could really help law enforcement by providing quick …

NEC upgrades professional plasma displays

Posted in NEC,Plasma by Nino Marchetti on October 9th, 2007

NEC PlasmaSync Professional SeriesNEC today debuted a new line of professional level plasma displays for “corporate installations, including government agencies and digital signage applications.” (we imagine you could use them at home as well) The new PlasmaSync Professional Series is available in 42 to 60-inch models and priced between $2,500 and $6,000 approximately.

The NEC PlasmaSync Professional Series offer resolution up to 1366 x 768 and have an input panel with DVI with HDCP inputs as well as RS-232 input and output control. They also offer VESA standard hole patterns for easier mounting and can convert non-native resolution to the resolution of the display.

NEC unveils new AccuSync gaming displays

Posted in Displays,LCD,NEC by Nino Marchetti on September 11th, 2007

nec-accusync.jpgNEC announced some new consumer display monitors today for gamers and multimedia lovers. The 19-inch AccuSync LCD19WMGX (around $280), 22-inch AccuSync LCD22WMGX (around $380) and 24-inch AccuSync LCD24WMCX (around $550)should all be available by month’s end.

The NEC AccuSync GX and CX monitors are widescreen in nature, with the high end LCD24WMCX supporting a native resolution of 1920 x 1220. The displays are include integrated speakers, 5-millisecond response times and and 2000:1 contrast ratio for the two larger monitors. Also prevalent on the two larger displays are component and HDMI connectivity along with HDCP support for viewing of copy-protected HD content.

New NEC laptops issue you a Face Pass

Posted in NEC,Notebooks,Security by Chetz on September 4th, 2007

NEC laptop has face pass recognition securityImproved security for your computer is all the rage these days and NEC is out to impress you (and attain your patronage) by going the facial recognition route. The company has just announced plans to bring out two new laptop lines for the Japanese market that integrate NEC’s “Face Pass” technology to keep strangers out of your files.

The LaVie C and LaVie L series use the laptop’s 2.0 megapixel camera and its NeoFace software to recognize your mug when you try and log on to the machine. NeoFace can ascertain the physical differences between your face and someone else’s by measuring the distance from your eyes to specific features on your face.

New Brighter NEC MultiSync LCD’s

Posted in LCD,NEC,Television by Nino Marchetti on June 15th, 2007

NEC MultiSunc LCD4010 AV LCD televisionNEC is out today with some new and thin large screen LCD displays for commercial applications (though we imagine you could use them at home as well). Meet the NEC MultiSync LCD4020 and LCD4620, both available this month.

The MultiSync LCD4020 and LCD4620 sport 40-inch and 46-inch screens respectively. NEC is saying one big upgrade in this series is its new CV12 pixel technology. It makes use of chevron-shaped pixels to reportedly deliver twice the contrast of comparable panel displays while also increasing brightness and viewing angles. Exciting (maybe).

Beyond this CV12 tech you get some other interesting features out of these two monitors. These include 1366 x 768 resolution with a 1200:1 contrast ratio, 10-millisecond response time, an expansion slot for an optional HDTV tuner or future technology components and support for a variety of digital and analog inputs.

NEC MultiSync LCD4020 and …