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MySpace gets new mobile website

Posted in MySpace by Shane McGlaun on February 17th, 2009

New MySpace MobileI have never been into social networking, I am far too busy sitting in front of my computer all day working and playing video games to care about the outside world. My wife on the other hand has formed some sort of Vulcan mind meld with MySpace and went into full convulsions when our Internet connection was down.

If you are the type that has to be able to check the status of everyone you know at any given moment on MySpace and you have a mobile phone with Internet connectivity, the social network has announced a new mobile website. MySpace says that it has 20 million users accessing its mobile website each month.

SRS introduces Photogram technology for MySpace and Facebook

Posted in MySpace by Shane McGlaun on August 14th, 2008

SRS PhotogramTo the most popular social networking platforms online right now are Facebook and MySpace. A large number of applications are available to allow users of these websites to add more functionality to their personal pages already. Another new widget has been announced today, this time from SRS Labs.

The new SRS Labs widget is called Photogram. It allows users to add sound effects to photos posted online. SRS Labs says the sound effects are easy to create and utilize its familiar SRS audio processing technology.

MySpace unveils free mobile web service

Posted in MySpace,News,Services by Chris Weber on September 24th, 2007

MySpace mobile web service allows access and editing of MySpace profile while on the goFox Interactive Media (FIM) announced today that the popular MySpace social networking service has rolled out a free mobile version of its site available for use through mobile phone browsers while on the go. The new service is currently in beta with a wider rollout panned for the coming months with plans to show ads on the site to support the free service for consumers.

FIM is working with Millennial Media to sell and serve the mobile ads and have given the mobile version of the site a significantly different look and feel which supports showing the ads and makes navigation easier on the site through a mobile browser. With the newly designed service, users will still have quite a bit of functionality to their online MySpace profiles. MySpace users will be able to send and receive messages and friend requests, add comments, post bulletins, update blogs, find and search for friends and view or change mood status all through the mobile version of the site.

MySpace Finds and Removes 29,0000 Sex Offenders

Posted in MySpace,News by Chris Weber on July 25th, 2007

MySpace finds 29,000 sex offendors on the social networking site and removes themLast May the attorneys general from eight different states requested that MySpace deliver a list of the names of registered sex offenders who are members of the social networking site. MySpace initially refused citing the Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act for fear that any data found would not be allowed in court if obtained improperly. About a week later after the proper channels were used MySpace agreed that it would provide data on the registered sex offenders among its user base.

In May MySpace reported that they found and deleted around 7,000 sex offender accounts from the system, but now just 2 months later they are reporting about six times as many. MySpace reported a staggering 29,000 of its 8 million person users were found as sex offenders when matched up against the partnered Sentinel …

MySpace provides sex offender data

Posted in MySpace,News by Chris Weber on May 23rd, 2007

MySpace agreed to turn over sex offender data to attorneys general.After an initial refusal to turn over data to the at attorneys general representing eight US states, MySpace has now agreed to release the list of names of sex offenders registered on social networking website after the group subpoenaed MySpace for the information.

“Our subpoena compels this information right away – within hours not weeks, without delay – because it is vital to protecting children,” said Connecticut state attorney general Richard Blumenthal.

The group sent a letter to MySpace on the 14th of this month requesting the list of sex offenders along with documented steps that MySpace has taken to identify and remove the individuals accounts from the site. MySpace initially declined the request referencing the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and noted that they frequently have and do intend to cooperate with law officials provided that the proper …

MySpace declines to turn over names of sex-offenders

Posted in MySpace,News by Darrin Olson on May 15th, 2007

MySpace website asked to turn over names of sex offendersIn a May 14th letter to MySpace from the attorneys general of eight states, a request was made that MySpace deliver the names of registered sex offenders who are members of the MySpace social networking site.

The attorneys general representing Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania state in the letter that they are “gravely concerned that sexual predators are using MySpace to lure children into face-to-face encounters and other dangerous activities”. In the letter they express concern that thousands of sex offenders are “lurking” on the web site and the general design of the site and the absence of required parental permission to use the site for young children.

What they have asked for is a list of names of sex offenders registered on MySpace that are also listed in the Sentinel

Cingular and MySpace Mobile Partnership

Posted in Cingular,MySpace,News by Paul Patterson on December 19th, 2006

Cingular MySpace MobileCingular Wireless and MySpace.com have announced a partnership which offers enhanced MySpace functionality exclusively to all Cingular customers via their mobile phones.

The partnership gives customers of the nation’s largest wireless carrier access to the world’s leading lifestyle portal. MySpace Mobile will give consumers the ability to edit MySpace profiles, view and add friends and groups, upload photos, post comments and blog entries, send and receive MySpace messages all from their mobile phone.

This announcement further solidifies the vision of the two organizations to offer mobile users rich and meaningful mobile experiences anywhere. Earlier this year the two companies created the MySpace Mobile Music studio, designed to empower MySpace’s unsigned bands and artists to cut ringtones of their original music for fans for purchase and download.

The cost of MySpace mobile is $2.99 per month plus standard data usage charges.