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Moto Q Line Expands with gsm and q9

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola,Smart Devices by Chetz on February 14th, 2007

Motorola MOTO Q gsmMotorola has unveiled two new additions to its Q platform of smart phones with the arrival of the fully customizable Moto Q q9 and the Moto Q gsm.

The gsm model adds a few new features to the original Moto Q model while retaining the original’s lightweight, attractive design elements. An electro-luminescent QWERTY keypad, full-color screen and side thumb wheel make it convenient to answer your email or flip through your messages. The gsm runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6, Motorola’s Good Messaging Technology, has over 300 tweaked Motorola apps and includes quad-band GPRS and EDGE connectivity. It hits store shelves in the second half of 2007 with pricing specs to be unveiled at that time.

With added design features the Moto Q q9 comes across as the better dressed older brother. Motorola MOTO Q q9Featuring a more stylized design, rounded corners, a couple …

MOTORIZR Z8 Has New Angle on Slide Out Design

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on February 13th, 2007

MOTORIZR Z8 from MotorolaMotorola has announced the new MOTORIZR Z8 from Motorola featuring a sleek design that’s becoming commonplace with Motorola phones, but this one has a slight twist, or more of an angle really.

The Z8 has a “kick slider” design, which slides out to expose the keypad while creating a slight angle to match the contour of the face. The intention here is to make the use of the mobile phone more a little more comfortable, and we’re always happy to see new designs for cell phones, even if it is just a slight change.

The MOTORIZR Z8 packs some decent multimedia capabilities with a 2 megapixel camera that can shoot photos as well as video with audio straight to an MPEG4 format. The handset also houses a 16 million color QVGA display and supports video playback at up to 30 frames per second.

Multimedia can be …

Sprint Announces MOTO Q Offering

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola,News,Solar Powered,Sprint by Darrin Olson on January 4th, 2007

Sprint Announces Release of Moto QToday Sprint announced plans to offer the MOTO Q by Motorola for release later this month to Sprint business customers and online. Sprint will be offering the MOTO Q in all sales channels and in Sprint stores in February.

“Life today goes beyond the home or office. The Motorola Q operating on the Sprint Power Vision Network gives our customers the power of information that moves with them in a sleek, ultra-thin form factor,” said Danny Bowman, vice president of customer equipment for Sprint. “And with a Sprint Power Vision Access pack, available for as low as $15 per month, Sprint customers have the power do more for less each month.”

The MOTO Q is a broadband smart device that runs on the Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone platform. Although the hardware is basically the same, Sprint has some unique offerings with …

Motorola MOTOROKR E6 Entertainment PDA

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola by Quagmire on December 7th, 2006

Motorola MOTOROKR E6The MOTOROKR E6, Motorola’s new “flagship PDA” is now available throughout China. The E6 is targeted towards consumers looking for a handset that offers the full complement of entertainment, multimedia, and productivity features.

Touted by Motorola as the “thinnest, slickest entertainment PDA ever”, the MOTOROKR E6 measures a mere 14.5mm thick. The 2.4″ TFT touch screen give users access to the complete array of the E6′s functions.

Multimedia features include a high-resolution 2 mega-pixel camera, CIF video recording, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, dedicated music keys, built-in FM radio, support for Bluetooth headphones, and a removable SD card memory slot. The E6 can even be transformed into a Webcam for your PC or laptop via USB.

Fear not support for audio and video formats. The E6 supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, RA, WAV, MIDI, AMR-NB and AMR-WB; the Realplayer supports MPEG-4, H.263, and RV.

Business users will appreciate …

Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit

Posted in Automotive,Bluetooth,Motorola by Chetz on December 3rd, 2006

Motorola IHF1000 Bluetooth Car KitMore vehicles are being produced with Bluetooth integration built into the car, so you can speak and listen through your vehicle audio system when you have your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone with you. For the many other cars that currently do not have this integration built in, Motorola has a pretty nice solution.

The Motorola IHF1000 Bluetooth Car Kit is a package of components, most of which are hidden away, that allow you to have wireless and hands-free mobile phone use and conversations in your car. There is a small device pictured here that you mount within reach of the driver which allows you to do basic functions on your Bluetooth enabled phone with voice commands or simple touches to the buttons. In fact, the device will allow you to integrate with up to four different phones that have Bluetooth capabilities.

The Motorola …

Motorola Krzr K1m From Sprint

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola by Darrin Olson on December 1st, 2006

Motorola KRZR K1m This version of the Sprint MOTOKRZR K1m from Motorola has a shiny sleek design not found on the gray colored version from Verizon, but has the same basic functionality.

The K1m has a thin clam shell design with a 1.3 mega pixel camera and some really cool touch sensitive buttons on the front to run your music playback without having to open up the phone. Buttons like this on the outside of phone are really nice and convenient, but they usually involve some protrusion that looks clunky. This one definitely does not, and gives some common and convenient functionality while keeping a clean look.

A somewhat uncommon and nice feature in this phone is a slot for a memory card to move music and image files easily between devices or your PC, as well as adding extra storage. A memory card slot is pretty …

Less Is More With The Motorola W220

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola by Darrin Olson on November 17th, 2006

Motorola W220Not everyone needs all the flash and bling of the features and fancy cases in new mobile phones. A nice looking, practical phone is found in the Motorola W220 which was launched earlier this year. This is the kind of phone that you would be comfortable with letting your daughter date.

The W220 has a clean a slim design similar to the Motorola RAZR, but without all the extra flash and price. There is no MP3 player, no camera and no flashy videos or pictures on an external display.

The mobile phone does however have FM radio. Nice, safe FM radio. It also has three indicators on the front of the phone that are not visible until they are needed. When you have a missed call, a message or your battery is low these three lights will simply and clearly let you know at a glance, …

Motorola i880 2.0 Megapixel Camera Phone Launches on Nextel

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola by Paul Patterson on November 12th, 2006

Motorola i880Motorola and Sprint announced the availability of the Motorola i880 2.0 megapixel camera phone on Nextel. This is the latest in a series of higher-megapixel mobile phones offering better picture quality. The 2.0 megapixel picture resolution allows you to take quality 5×7 prints.

The i880 comes with a 64MB microSD memory card and features a video recorder, integrated music player with front dual-ported speakers. Other features include: GPS capabilities, Internet microbrowser, custom ring tone ID and picture caller ID, a 262K internal color screen, voice dialing, voice recorder, speakerphone, datebook and 600-entry contacts list.

“The i880 represents Motorola’s philosophy of intelligent handset design while delivering an amazing music experience,” said Peter Aloumanis, vice president, U.S. Markets Division, Motorola’s iDEN Mobile Devices. “This device combines first class Nextel Walkie-Talkie communications solutions with ultimate multimedia features such as a 2.0 megapixel camera.”

The …

Motorola O ROKR Bluetooth Sunglasses

Posted in Apparel,Bluetooth,Headphones,Motorola by Darrin Olson on November 11th, 2006

Motorola O ROKR

Oakley and Motorola teamed up to make these O ROKR sunglasses / headset. The sunglasses are made from light weight “O Matter” weighing about 54 grams so that they can be comfortable for extended periods of time. The lenses are interchangeable (comes with one set) and they are made from Plutonite to filter 100% of all UV rays.

What makes this a cool gadget is the fact that the O ROKR glasses double as a Bluetooth wireless headset. You can use the dual ear pieces attached to the sunglasses to listen to a Bluetooth enabled phone or a music player with Bluetooth or a Bluetooth adapter. You can also take calls from your phone on the O ROKR glasses like you would with a normal Bluetooth headset.

The glasses have functionality built into them to remotely operate the playing devices. You can control volume, answer …

MOTOMING A1200 From Motorola

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motoming-A1200,Motorola by Darrin Olson on November 5th, 2006

MOTOMING A1200The MOTOMING from Motorola is a sleek looking mobile phone full of functionality and a little different looking style.

The MOTOMING has a clamshell design with a transparent, tinted front so that you can see whatever wallpaper is active when the phone is closed. It comes in two different colors, a dark gray and a red, which both look very sharp.

The MOTOMING A1200 also has some impressive and handy functionality that come along with this unique design, so the phone is not all flash. With the built-in 2 megapixel camera, not only can you take digital photos but you can also scan business cards which will identify the text and store the information in the phone book.

The MOTOMING lends itself to business travelers on the go with a smart device file viewer that allow you to view business documents on the large color screen, such …

Pink MOTOSLVR from Motorola

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on November 4th, 2006

Motorola SLVR Pink The main attention to the Motorola MOTOSLVR L6 is mostly due to the fact that is just so thin, just as the name implies, and now you can get the MOTOSLVR in pink, too. The key features of the pink MOTOSLVR are not any different from that of the other colors, but we have a rundown of what you can find on both the standard and pink version

The ability to synchronize your phone with iTunes is one of the coolest application features built into this phone. You can sync up the mobile phone to your iTunes music library, download the songs you want and play them as well as manage your play lists right on the phone. The media can then be stored on a removable flash memory card.

Bluetooth connectivity is available on the MOTOSLVR which will support wireless headphones to listen …

Motorola V360 – Function Over Flash

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola by Darrin Olson on November 3rd, 2006

Motorola V360Motorola seems to have taken a slightly different approach with the V360 compared to the slim RAZR’s, KRZR’s etc. The photo here may not look too flashy, but I assure you it is not the photo. The Motorola V360 is a nice and small clam shell style phone, just slightly smaller than it’s predecessor the V330, but not much.

What the V360 lacked for looks it makes up for with some pretty decent functionality. It has digital camera with decent image and 4x digital zoom, and the ability to download ringtones, games, wallpapers and screensavers if you would like to attempt to dress it up a little.

For calling you can take advantage of a speaker phone and enhanced phonebook that allows photos of the contacts, and you can put people on mute if you would like. It also supports SMS, MMS and EMS along with …

Motorola T605 Automotive Bluetooth Music System

Posted in Bluetooth,Motorola,News by Quagmire on November 1st, 2006

MotorolaMotorola has introduced a new hands-free system for automobiles that is designed to offer easy access to digital music and phone calls directly through the sound system in your car.

The Motorola Automotive Music & Hands-free System T605 allows users to use their Bluetooth-enabled Motorola phones or digital music players to stream audio wirelessly through the car’s speakers and take phone calls without moving your hands from the wheel. The T605 will pause your tunes when it detects that a call is coming in and resume the music when the call ends. The digital signal processing technology also detects increases in background noise and increases the volume as background noise increases. The T605 also features a jack for MP3 players that aren’t equipped with Bluetooth.

The new hands-free system is sure to make it easier for everyone who needs to apply cosmetics, scold kids, smoke cigarettes, …

Dolce & Gabbana MOTORAZR From Motorola

Posted in Mobile Phones,MOTORAZR,Motorola by Darrin Olson on November 1st, 2006

MOTORAZR V3i DGThe MOTORAZR V3i DG from Motorola has all the features of a normal MOTORAZR with some added classy bling from DG.

The stylish gold frame is not the only flash, as you can accesorize with a gold DG Bluetooth headset, matching gold Motorola DG headphones, a nice light brown leather case with the DG insignia, and a fashionable gold DG lanyard, pictured here. These Motorola DG accessories do a great job in complimenting the stylish gold RAZR.

Of course this DG MOTORAZR comes with all the standard cool features of the standard thin mobile phone. Some key features include a 1.23 megapixel camera for still shots and video, many downloadable ringtones, wallpapers, themes and screensavers, and a polyphonic speaker.

The call management features allow you to manage groups, time stamp your calls, keep up to 1000 entries in your phone book (more with a SIM card), …

Get in the Game with Motorola Gaming Headset X205

Posted in Headphones,Motorola by Quagmire on October 25th, 2006

Motorola Gaming HeadsetInspired by the NFL Coaches Headset, The Motorola Gaming Headset X205, blends enhanced capabilities such as voice command technology and genuine NFL design to re-define the football video gaming experience and hopefully inspire you to coaching greatness. Based on the actual headset worn by NFL coaches, this version has been modified for the ultimate online gaming experience with high-quality microphone and materials to give the user clear voice communication and gaming voice commands.

The Gaming Headset X205 lets gamers call the shots with voice recognition technology that allows you to pause or call plays; just state a command and receive real time results as if you were coaching from the sideline. Other features include inline mute and volume controls for seamless sound management.

“We are thrilled to step into the gaming space with this unique experience for football video game enthusiasts,” said