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Motorola wants to keep the Aura Phone off eBay

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on November 3rd, 2008

Motorola wants to keep the Aura Phone off eBayIf you’re looking for a way to get around the £2,000 price tag associated with Motorola’s latest luxury phone, the Aura, get ready to be disappointed. The telecommunications company will be introducing a legal contract for new owners that prevents them from selling the Aura on eBay.

The only party they are legally allowed to sell the handset back to is…Motorola. I wonder just how legal that move actually is in itself. Apparently they are aiming to keep the Aura extremely exclusive. First off, the tactic won’t work. Secondly, that sort of contractual threatening will turn many buyers off. All we can say is, Good luck with your fancy phone sales.

T-Mobile gets Motorola ZN5 mobile phone

Posted in Motorola by Shane McGlaun on November 3rd, 2008

Motorola ZN5Motorola used to be one of the biggest companies in the mobile phone market thanks to its Razr handset. When the popularity of the Razr waned so did Motorola’s market share. Today Motorola is one of the firms fighting for the dollars of mobile phone shoppers everywhere.

Motorola and T-Mobile have announced a new handset called the Motozine ZN5. The ZN5 is most notable for its camera featuring Kodak technology. The camera is a 5MP unit with auto-focus and is optimized for low light conditions. It also features a built-in Xenon flash. Several capture and edit modes are offered including panorama, grayscale, sepia, negative and more.

Motorola Aura: A watch trapped in a phone’s body

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on October 21st, 2008

Motorola Aura: A watch trapped in a phone’s bodyWhat is this new pretty thing? Surely that’s too nice to be a phone. It’s Motorola’s latest, the premium Aura handset, and it’s all about design. It was inspired by high end swiss watches. The phone’s switch blade design all by itself is driven by over 200 parts and 130 of them are ball bearings used to open the handset up to an estimated 100,000 times before failure. It doesn’t end there.

The display is the work of fine engineering too. Just 1.55-inches in diameter, it’s the “world’s first” circular cellphone screen and features 16 million colors and 300 dpi clarity. I guess it doesn’t hurt that it’s coated with 62-carat sapphire crystal too, in order to prevent scratching. The phone is quad band with GPRS and EDGE featuring 7.3 hours of talk time, 2GB, AGPS, stereo Bluetooth, microUSB port, and 2MP camera. It will be available starting December 4th for $2,000. Fine watch quality, fine watch price.

Motorola V70 handset spotted, looks retro

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on August 15th, 2008

Motorola V70 handset spotted, looks retro
Apparently Motorola is upgrading the design on it’s V70 handset, with this new V70 Retro model. It’s been shy up until now, but is just making its first appearance thanks to CTI-Miami.com.

There aren’t many details aside from the fact that it has a 5-megapixel camera, and looks like a sort of flattened retro capsule when closed. It’s a different design which is refreshing. The model name is subject to change too. Hit the link for a few more pics.

Motorola ZN200 officially announced

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on July 2nd, 2008

Motorola ZN200 officially announced
Motorola officially announced the ZN200 slider in Brazil. It’s not a bad looking phone. The handset features a 2.0-megapixel camera, microSD card slot, media player and built-in FM radio.

It’s also got a camera key on the side so you can take pictures in landscape mode if you need to. Comes with 30MB of built-in memory and a 1GB memory card might be included in the package. The ZN200 should be hitting stores no later then September in Brazil for about $311 and it comes in white with pink or black with chrome.

Verizon Wireless gets exclusive MOTO W755 phone

Posted in Motorola,Verizon by Shane McGlaun on May 28th, 2008

Moto W755Motorola hasn’t really had a hit when it comes to cell phones since the Razr was so hot several years back. Since then Motorola has been losing market share and popularity at a rate its shareholders are sure to not like.

Verizon Wireless announced today that is has a new exclusive handset from Motorola called the MOTO W755. The device looks similar to the popular Razr phone and is available in slate black or purple colors. The phone has a built-in music player and supports AAC, AMR NB, MIDI, MP3, and WMA V9 file formats.

New Motorola concept phone

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on March 14th, 2008

New Motorola concept phone
This Motorola concept phone has an interesting and cool look from both sides. It’s designed by Lysandre Follet from Paris and has a dual camera, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

It looks very much like the Motorola Q phone without the QWERTY keypad. Some other features include e-mail support and dedicated hard keys for the multimedia player. It certainly looks like it’s easy to use for those who appreciate simplicity.

CES 2008

Motorola bringing next-gen DVR, MPEG-4 set-tops

Posted in CES 2008,DVR,Home Theater,Motorola by Reuben Drake on January 3rd, 2008

Motorola DCX series MPEG-4 set top boxesIf you’re getting frustrated with the limited feature set of your current set-top box from your cable company, Motorola is showcasing the next generation of set top boxes for the cable industry this year at the CES 2008, bringing their first MPEG-4 box for interactive in-home television programming. The new DCX series set-top boxes support high-def video content, surround sound and can act as a hub to share media between it and other compatible devices in the home.

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard about DVRs from cable providers is the inability to easily share recorded content to anywhere else other than the DVR itself. The new DCX series boxes allow users to not only share the content with other devices so you can watch it in another room, but it also lets the owners add their own media to the device and share it as well.

CES 2008

New Motorola PMP lets you view, record live TV

Posted in CES 2008,Motorola,Portable Meda Players by Nino Marchetti on January 3rd, 2008

Motorola Mobile TV DH01Motorola is bringing to CES its usual portfolio of intriguing devices. One of the most intriguing is its new Motorola Mobile TV DH01, a portable media player style device which acts like a DVR for letting you view and record live television on the go.

The Motorola Mobile TV DH01 is a lightweight, pocket sized PMP, according to Motorola. It works off of a non-proprietary system and supports the DVBH broadcasting standard. Sporting a 4.3-inch display, the DH01 lets you view live television where signal reception is possible. DVR functionality allows you to record television to an inserted SD/MMC memory card. Motorola says you can fit 90 minutes of television video on a 256MB card.

A Bluetooth headset for the lifestyles of the rich and famous

Posted in Bluetooth,Headsets,Motorola by Chetz on December 13th, 2007

Motopure H12 headset with gold and diamondsIf you are looking for that extra-special Christmas present for yourself and feel that your ear needs to have more attention from passersby, might we suggest treating yourself to one of only 100 special Motopure H12 Bluetooth headsets being manufactured by Motorola and luxury custom mobile phone maker Alexander Amosu? This sheik fashion-meets-technology statement is made from 18 karat gold (in your choice of yellow or white) and incorporates over 180 cut diamonds amassing a total of 3.47 carats. You can even choose to mix up your diamonds in the standard brilliant clear white, pink or even black color choices just to express your individuality.

Naturally something like this doesn’t come cheap. Before you jet over to Selfridges or Harvey Nicholls in London to place your order you should know that the base model, the bottom of the line, the cheapest one they’ve got will cost you $8,175 while the tricked out big blinged one that will transform your earlobe into a member of 50 Cent’s entourage runs $12,775 plus tax. All we have to say is that for that kind of price tag you not only better remember where you set your headset down but we suggest that you alarm it as well.

MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth headset from Motorola

Posted in Bluetooth,Headsets,Motorola by Darrin Olson on November 6th, 2007

Motorola MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth headsetMotorola has launched the latest in its “MOTO” line of products, this one being the MOTOPURE h12 Bluetooth headset. This little silver square headset features Motorola’s dual-microphone CrystalTalk technology for filtering out background noise, a diamond-cut high-gloss finish and a rated talk time of 5.5 hours and standby of about 8 days.

Aside from its “businessy” good looks and high sound quality, what’s really cool about this headset the charging accessories. The H12 not only comes with a desktop charging base but also has a hard case that you can place the H12 headset in to protect it when you’re not using it. The case itself also doubles as a charger with the headset inside. The MOTOPURE also comes packaged with three different sized ear cushions as part of the “TrueComfort” design, an ear hook to help hold it in place and a shirt clip.

Motorola preps Bluetooth speaker phone accessory

Posted in Bluetooth,Mobile Accessories,Motorola by Nino Marchetti on October 29th, 2007

Motorola MOTOROKR T505Motorola announced today what it is calling its first portable in-car speaker phone and music system accessory. The new Motorola MOTOROKR T505 is slated to be available sometime early next year.

The Motorola MOTOROKR T505 makes use of Bluetooth wireless technology, connecting to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile. This connection allows the T505 to stream from the phone telephone calls and stereo music. This audio comes to the T505 and is rebroadcast on your car stereo via FM. A built-in feature helps you determine the best FM station for clear audio.

Transforming cellphone mod is work of art

Posted in Hacks,Motorola,Robots,ROKR by Conner Flynn on October 23rd, 2007

Motorola MOTOROKR E6 case modThe recent buzz from the Transformers movie may have died down, but all of the various products, hacks and mods that it inspired will be with us for a long time to come. In fact, future archaeologists will dig some of this stuff up a thousand years from now and swear up and down that we worshiped Optimus Prime. One example of coolness inspired by this craze is this case mod of the Motorola MOTOROKR E6. Now, this is what cellphones should aspire to.

The down side is that it renders the phone completely unusable. Then again, when you have something this cool, you won’t care. Pay attention cellphone manufacturers. This is what we want. Robots in our ears. You can market them as “The Transformer Phone: More Then Meets The Ear…”

New Alltel MOTOROKR Z6m offers XM support

Posted in Alltel,Mobile Phones,Motorola by Nino Marchetti on October 18th, 2007

Motorola MOTOROKR Z6m with support for XM radioAlltel Wireless and Motorola today announced the beginning of sales of a new music phone with an exclusive feature. The Motorola MOTOROKR Z6m is priced at around $130 after a new contract and rebate.

The Motorola MOTOROKR Z6m, making use of Alltel “Celltop” technology to access and organize information available on the phone, is loaded with an exclusive XM Radio Mobile cell. It delivers 20 channels of XM and costs around $8 a month. The Z6m is designed as well to be a music playing mobile, allowing up to 2GB of optional removable memory and support for audio formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+ and WMA.

Motorola MOTO U9 surfaces for all to glorify

Posted in Mobile Phones,Motorola by Nino Marchetti on October 15th, 2007

Motorola MOTO U9 mobile media phoneMotorola recently unveiled a stylish new music focused mobile phone which offers upwards of 4GB of optional microSD memory card support. The new Motorola MOTO U9 should be available in select markets by the end of the year.

The Motorola MOTO U9 offers up functionality as a digital music playing device with external touch sensitive music controls and one touch access to the stored music library. Support is offered for WMA (including DRM), MP3 and AAC music formats. The phone works with Windows Media Player 11 and lets one load music onto it through a USB 2.0 connection.