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LG FB44 iPod dock

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on September 20th, 2009

LG FB44 iPod dockThe new LG FB44 iPod docking station was unveiled during IFA 2009 and it’s a sexy little unit. The iPod dock provides a total output of 40-watts. That should be plenty for listening to all of your music in an average sized room.

The device also supports DVD playback with 1080p upscaling and they’ve thrown in a HDMI port, so you can connect the LG FB44 to your HDTV. The LG FB44 also has a USB port for direct playback from USB Flash drives. We don’t have any info on pricing or availability just yet.


LG intros XPION X30 nettop with NVIDIA ION graphics

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on September 18th, 2009

LG intros XPION X30 nettop with NVIDIA ION graphicsLG just unveiled its first small desktop computer dubbed the XPION X30. It’s powered by the NVIDIA ION graphics chipset which can easily handle HD video playback as well as graphically demanding applications, even running on an Intel Atom 230 1.6GHz processor.

Along for the ride are 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. It’s powered by Windows Vista, but will likely come with Windows 7 very shortly. No word on price just yet.

LG unveils WIDEBOOK notebooks

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on September 17th, 2009

LG unveils WIDEBOOK notebooksLG has just unveiled its latest notebook series called WIDEBOOK, which offers a cinematic 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. There will be five new models in all; the R580/R560, R480/R460 and R380. All are LED backlit and powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

The R580 and R560 feature a 15.6” display while the R480 and R460 units include a 14” screen and the smaller R380 sports a 13.3” panel. The R580 and R480 are the premium models, boasting stylish designs, while the R560 and R460 are for reliable everyday computing.

LG XD3 Slim portable hard drive

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on September 11th, 2009

LG XD3 Slim portable hard driveLooks like LG is jumping on the portable hard drive bandwagon with their new line of XD3 Slims. These trim hard drives measure just 13mm thin and sport rubber-padded sides for impact protection. They connect by your USB 2.0 port, but the XD3 Slim can also connect using SATA II.

Storage capacity maxes out at 500GB. The 320GB model should arrive in Europe and North America for about $90 later this year. They look pretty good. We really like the brushed aluminum finish.

LG unveils two wireless HDTVs

Posted in LG by Shane McGlaun on September 10th, 2009

lgwirelsshdtvThe worst thing about home theater gear and HDTVs is that there are lots of wires. Wires don’t look good and if your wife is a wire hater like mine, you end up catching lots of grief. LG has announced a couple new HDTVs that are wireless.

The two new sets include the LG 55LHX and the LH85. The TVs use a media box to transmit uncompressed full 1080p signals with “virtually” no interference directly to the TV. The TV can pick up the wireless signals from up to 30 feet away.

LG goes all L-Wii with Magic Motion Remote Control

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on September 7th, 2009

LG goes all L-Wii with Magic Motion Remote Control Who knew that LG was crushing so hard on Nintendo’s Wii? They have it bad for Nintendo’s console. So bad that it is using the Wiimote concept for its new series of TVs called the Magic Motion Remote Control. It features both the typical channel and volume buttons and can be pointed at the TV to control on-screen menus and games. Probably nothing as cool as Mario Kart.

It also has the ability to place a cursor on-screen which can then be manipulated by movements like a flicking of your wrist. The remote goes on sale next year but LG is undecided as to whether it will offer it as an optional extra, or bundle it with its high-end TVs.

LG LU7000 with built-in DVD player

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on September 3rd, 2009

LG LU7000 with built-in DVD playerNow here’s an attractive design from a company that knows how to do sexy when it wants to. LG’s LU7000 TV is perfect for those with limited space. Hell, it’s just plain nice to look at. The LU7000 series comes in sizes from 19″ to 22″, and features an integrated DVD player. That means you’ll be saving some space on your shelf, not to mention you’ll have less wires.

It also sports built-in speakers, a few HDMI ports, one USB 2.0 port and Freeview inside. The TV is compatible with most file formats, so you can view JPEGs and listen to music using the USB 2.0 port. We don’t have any pricing, but we can tell you that it will be arriving in the UK this month.

LG’s Color Pop monitors

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on September 3rd, 2009

LG's Color Pop monitorsLGs New color pop monitors hurt our eyes just looking at them. This pink setup above is sure to attract a hello kitty sticker. The 37-mm slim monitors come in Oreo Black, Jelly Pink,(Looks more like Pepto-Bismol to me) Blueberry Purple, Applemint Green, and Hawaiian Blue.

They ship with a glossy, two-tone frame to rock out the colors even further. They come in medium (18.5-inch, 1366×768 pixels) and large (21.5-inch, 1920×1080) sizes and should ship in the US by September and worldwide after that.

Orange UK releasing LG GD910 watch-phone on August 27th for £500

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on August 20th, 2009

Orange UK releasing LG GD910 watch-phone on August 27th for £500Orange UK has announced pricing for the LG GD910 touchscreen watch phone we told you about back in July. The handset for your wrist went on sale in France earlier this month. It will be priced at £500 ($826) and only available for a limited time, sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

The GD910 will be launched at Orange’s flagship London store at first, the Bond Street Station branch, at 9am on August 27th. After that, in September, a limited number of devices will be sold on the carrier’s website. So if you want one you better not mess around.

LG cellphone transforms from handset to headphones

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on August 2nd, 2009

LG cellphone transforms from handset to headphonesLG has announced its Design the Future competition winners, one of which was this Hi-Fi cellphone that also doubles as headphones. Supposedly when it’s folded up, it can fit into a slot in a laptop or your pocket. Unfold it and you have a fancy pair of stereo headphones.

Pretty nice. If this design concept ever finds its way to the real world, it could be a winner. LG could do itself a huge favor by thinking outside of the box and actually offering up some items like this one.

LG BL40 unveiled

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on July 30th, 2009

LG BL40 unveiledLG’s latest Chocolate handset, the BL40 has been unveiled. It packs a 4″ widescreen high definition LCD display at 800 x 354 resolution, which is a first for cellphones. That gives you an aspect ratio of 21:9, which comes in handy for a Dual Screen UI.

It’s a beauty alright. The new LG Chocolate’s screen is overlaid with curved tempered glass seamlessly encased in a glossy black finish with red highlights. No word on pricing, but the new LG Chocolate should be available in 54 countries in Q3.

VUDU integrates into LG’s LH50 NetCast HDTVs

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on July 29th, 2009

LG LH55 series shipsVudu has announced that its service will be integrated in a number of LG televisions. Previously, Vudu had it’s own set top box to deliver the videos. It’s a smart move as this will make things cheaper for users being integrated in the TV and Vudu has to make less hardware.

The new VUDU also brings instant fast forward and rewind and instant start for all movie qualities, and there’s no monthly fee associated with the service. The following LG TVs will feature the new Vudu VOD service: 60PS80, 50PS80, 47LH50, 42LH50 (60, 50, 47 an 42 inches).

LG releases the Whistle 2G clamshell

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on July 27th, 2009

LG releases the Whistle 2G clamshellLG has released the LG-LV7500 2G clamshell phone in the Korean market. This one is also known as the ‘Whistle’ phone. It features 115 LED lights on the front panel so that users can create their own emoticon designs. It must be aimed at tweens.

The ‘Whistle’ comes in your choice of four colors and sports a car diary function and automatic international roaming service in 18 countries. This one will cost you $322 and is only for the Korean market currently.

Levi’s Jeans and LG team up in Korea

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on July 21st, 2009

Levi’s Jeans and LG team up in KoreaThis is the New X120 Mini from LG. It’s a pretty average Netbook powered by your run of the mill Atom CPU, with 1GB of RAM, 160GB of HDD and a 10.1” WSVGA LED Backlight LCD. Nothing unusual there.

Oh…It’s all in the jeans. The new X120 is a Levi’s Jeans branded Notebook with a Jeans design and even a dedicated Levi’s pouch. They sure took the Jeans theme and ran with it. But the question is, how will they market this? Throwing in some free Levi’s would be sweet.

FCC approves the LG GW600

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on July 16th, 2009

FCC approves the LG GW600The folks at the FCC have just approved the latest Windows Mobile 6.1-powered smartphone from LG, the LG GW600. The new phone will come with Video Share, a half-QWERTY keyboard, a touchscreen display for easy navigation and a stylus.

You’ll also be able to surf with Wi-Fi, use GPS navigation, snap photos with a 3-megapixel camera, a microSD memory card slot and Bluetooth support. It’s too early to talk price or availability of course. This one is too fresh.