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LG Unveils Color E-Paper

Posted in Digital Imaging,LG,News by Chetz on May 14th, 2007

LG develops electronic ink e-paperThe day when you will be able to flip pages on your newspaper while watching full motion video articles and ads may be sooner than you think. Yesterday LG Philips announced that it has successfully manufactured the first A4-size color electronic-paper capable of displaying up to 4,096 colors. The e-paper, which is a flexible thin sheet, measured 35.9 cm (14.1 inches) diagonally and is just 0.3 mm thick. LG also said that it had made its e-paper to be power smart and uses energy only when the image needs to change on the “page”.

E-paper works by using the electric charge to move electronic ink across a metal foil. Instead of using backlighting the e-paper reflects the light allowing for a greater field of angles (up to 180 degrees) to read the page from. LG Philips’ new e-paper also utilizes a color filter that …

LG Kompressor Vacuum

Posted in LG,Vacuum by Chetz on March 20th, 2007

LG Kompressor VacuumPerfect for those of us that like to make things from spare parts lying around the house comes LG’s Kompressor vacuum cleaner.

Looking like it’s six degrees of separation from being related to R2-D2, the Kompressor not only sucks up all the crud and dirt found on your floors but, true to its name, it smushes it all down into the shape of a brick. The idea behind this isn’t that you can make an extra guest room out of your dirt but that it gives the user up to four times as much space as a traditional vacuum cleaner for sucking up the garbage before you need to open the unit up and dispose of it. Plus, it looks like a droid from “Star Wars”, which the Roomba still doesn’t look like (even though it really is a droid.)

LG plans on rolling out …


First-ever national text messaging contest

Posted in Contests,LG,Text Messaging by Darrin Olson on March 20th, 2007

First national text messaging contest by LGIf you own an LG enV, are fast with your thumbs and have some time to kill, LG is putting on the first-ever National Texting Championship competition with a chance to win a total of $25k.

You must own and use an LG enV or V phone for the competition, and the contest involves you texting phrases that appear on a screen and sending them to a specified recipient. The first to send the correct message with no errors wins.

There will be basically two chances to let your apposing digit help you make your way through the apposing competition to the big cash prize with this text messaging contest. A west coast competition will take place March 31st in Hollywood, CA, and then and east coast and national champion competition will take place in New York, NY on April 21st.

The contest …

LG’s VCAST Phone Prices?

Posted in LG,Mobile Phones,Services,Television,Verizon by Chetz on March 10th, 2007

VX9400 VCAST mobile phoneThe rumor du jour is that LG is prepping to release its VX9400 handheld phone/TV on March 23. As we reported this past January, Verizon is soon to launch a service that allows for live television to be beamed and picked up by mobile phones.

Samsung is the other company with plans to release a phone, the u620, that works with the service, but we’ve been waiting to see what LG’s entry looks like in action especially since it has a neat looking pivot screen. According to a tipster that whispered in Engadget’s ear, LG will launch the VX9400 on the 23rd in the VCAST launch cities.

Prices are said to be $350 for the full version, $250 for a one year contract or $200 if you purchase two years at sign up. The same tipster also claims that the Samsung …

You Need a Bigger Desk For The Zenview Powerscape

Posted in Displays,LCD,LG by Chetz on March 6th, 2007

Zenview Powerscape Ultra HD monitor arrayFor those of you that absolutely, positively need to see just how far you can scroll your mouse across your screen, the Zenview Powerscape Ultra HD monitor system is for you.

Consisting of a central 30-inch primary LCD screen (2560×1600, contrast ratio 700:1) surrounded by two 20.1-inch LCD screens (1200×1600, contrast ratio 800:1) on either side (all manufactured by LG Philips), this is the best way we found to be browsing SlipperyBrick, doing your banking, answering email, checking your stocks and playing WoW all at the same time. You will need to grow an extra arm or two but that shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

Also included is support for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, Zenview manager multimonitor utilities and under the company’s three-year parts/labor/backlight warranty. Each panel has digital DVI and analog D-sub connections and is in black with silver trim. Zenview …

LG HDTV’s With Built In Hard Drive

Posted in HDTV,Home Theater,LG,Television by Darrin Olson on February 6th, 2007

LG HDTV with built in hard driveLG has some new HDTV’s coming your way with a nice built in feature. The new XCanvas high def televisions almost negate the need for a DVR by housing a built in hard drive.

We’ve seen LCD and plasma televisions with built in DVD players, but we seem to like this even better. Using an internal 160GB hard drive, high definition television and movies can be recorded and played back at a later date, even in a dual picture mode similar to having two tuners.

Your might soon start to wonder just how much high def TV the 160 HDD can hold, but have no fear. The new LG XCanvas televisions come with a USB port to transfer the media in or out, although we’re not sure of the format at this point.

These new hard drive toting TV’s also come with the …

iPhone Rival Launched by LG, PRADA

Posted in LG,Mobile Phones,News by Darrin Olson on January 18th, 2007

LG and Prada Launch Touch Screen Mobile Phone - KE850LG and PRADA have announced the release of a new designer mobile phone with a complete touch screen interface which could make some trouble for the new Apple iPhone which was unveiled earlier this month boasting a similar touch screen as a key feature.

The PRADA phone by LG (KE850) was built with the same attention to detail and quality that would be seen in other products from PRADA, and the price is in line as well. The PRADA phone will be available to customers in UK, France, Germany and Italy in late February, but of course luxury (and touch screens) don’t come cheap. The phone will retail for around 600 Euros (about $775 USD), which is almost $200 over the expected cost of the high-end iPhone.

LG boasts the “world’s first advanced touch interface” which …

LG Blu-ray/HD DVD Player Not a true HD DVD Player

Posted in Blu-ray,HD DVD,LG,News by Chris Weber on January 15th, 2007

lg hybrid dual format player is not a true hd dvd playerSlipperyBrick originally brought you the story of the dual format DVD player that was the symbol of unity, happiness and sunny flower filled meadows in A/V land. Unfortunately, real life is not always so rosy.

It appears that the LB HB100 hybrid may be in trouble because it will not receive certification from the DVD Forum. That’s because the BH100 doesn’t really support HD DVD. Sure it will play the movie straight through if you put an HD DVD in the player, but you won’t be able to access the menu system.

The HD DVD menu system is called iHD. For those uber-geeks out there, iHD was developed by Microsoft and Toshiba for HD DVD. iHD is built on open standards like ECMAScript (JavaScript) and XML. …

LG Announces First Dual-Format High-Def Player

Posted in Blu-ray,HD DVD,LG,News by Chetz on January 4th, 2007

LG Announces First Blu-ray HD DVD PlayerToday LG Electronics announced that it is going to provide the worlds first DVD player to support playing both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. Details are going to be announced next week at the 2007 CES in Las Vegas.

This offering is a much anticipated solution for both producers of DVD’s as well as consumers, and hopefully will end the confusion and decisions necessary on which high definition format to produce and which type of player to buy.

The Blu-ray format created by Sony is supported by Samsung, Hitachi, and JVC, while the HD DVD format that was created by Toshiba is supported by Microsoft, Intel adn NEC. Both formats provide increased data storage on the same disc dimensions to allow higher definition multimedia. Both formats are promising, and consumers and producers were left with the decision of which format to …

LG KE850 Touch Screen Mobile Phone

Posted in LG,Mobile Phones by Chetz on December 15th, 2006

LG-KE850 Mobile Phone With Touch ScreenThis new mobile phone design has reportedly recently won an award with the International Forum Design in Germany and some photos had surfaced, but no real specs, release date or price, yet.

The mobile phone in question called the KE850 sports a new design from LG that we really like. Instead of having a keypad that has to be slid out or opened, it has the keypad right on the display as a touch screen. Touch screens like this have had in the past, and will probably continue to have, their share of trash talk from those who really don’t like finger prints or smudges on their screens, along with others that have “fat fingers” and have trouble narrowing down to one item on the screen to press. Overall this looks to us like a promising design.

Everyone likes having additional screen …

LG UP3Flat MP3 Player

Posted in Digital Audio,LG,MP3 by Chetz on December 14th, 2006

LG UP3FlatIf you are not interested in blindly following the iPod crowd, the LG UP3Flat will certainly set you apart. Yes it’s a small MP3 player, about the size of a lighter according to CNET. It also doesn’t have a display interface, but that certainly doesn’t rule it out of the cool category.

To avoid the need of a cable or docking station to transfer data from the MP3 player to your PC, a USB connection extends directly out of the player itself so the only cord you really need to have with you is the one for your headphones. Personally I like that feature since it avoids having one more cord hanging out of my computer, but of course if you don’t have easy access to a USB port this could be a significant inconvenience. The UP3Flat also has the ability to record voice directly …

The enV by LG from Verizon

Posted in LG,Mobile Phones,Verizon by Paul Patterson on November 27th, 2006

LG-enVVerizon Wireless and LG Electronics have announced the exclusive availability of the LG enV mobile phone. The enV is the successor to The V by LG and offers loads of multimedia functionality including V CAST, V CAST Music, and VZ Navigator.

The enV comes with a 2.2 inch internal color LCD and features an integrated slide-out QWERTY keyboard for easy access to messaging applications. The enV features Wireless Sync, the proprietary e-mail solution from Verizon Wireless. With Wireless Sync, customers can synchronize their enV with a home or office PC for easy access to new emails, calendar, contact, and task information.

The enV is the perfect device for V CAST and V CAST Music fans. The V CAST music store offers over 1.4 million songs that customers can download and play whenever they like. Bluetooth capabilities allow customers to enjoy their music by pairing the device …