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Disney Mplayer MP3 player from iRiver

Posted in Disney,iRiver,MP3 by Darrin Olson on June 9th, 2007

Disney Mplayer MP3 player from iRiverThis small Disney Mplayer MP3 player inspired by Mickey Mouse features the shape of Mickey’s head and ears in a spherical design. The ears look to be actually functional controlling the volume with one and moving ahead or back in tracks with the other, possibly by twisting them.

The features here are pretty simple but the design is sure to catch on. There is no screen interface on this little device and by additional photos it appears to be quite small, maybe just 2-3 inches in diameter. There also doesn’t appear to be anyway to start it, stop it or charge it, but maybe plugging in the headphone jack just makes it go since it most likely is targeting kids. The headphone jack is located in the top of “head” between the “ears”.

This Disney Mplayer is expected to be available in parts of …

iRiver U20 Clix 2

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,iRiver by Darrin Olson on February 27th, 2007

iRiver Clix2 U20iRiver has a new version of the Clix player available in Korea which will be also coming to the US in the coming months.

The new iRiver U20, which looks like it will end up as the ‘clix2′ similarly to how the iRiver U10 became the ‘clix’ in the US, is slightly faster with more frames per second and is slightly thinner by about a 10th of an inch. The new media player appears very similar to the original version, although it has a much needed increase in capacity. The flash based player has increased its storage to a 4GB and 8GB version coming to the US in March and April, respectively, which is a nice increase from the former 2GB maximum.

The clix2 has the same 2.2″ viewing screen and about the same overall dimensions, sporting the D-Click interface and supporting Macromedia Flash …

iRiver X20 Media Player

Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,iRiver by Darrin Olson on February 18th, 2007

iRiver X20 Media PlayeriRiver has a new PMP that will be available in Japan in a few weeks called the iRiver X20, which is another nice product from iRiver, but with no features that really that stand out as exceptional from the rest.

The X20 has all the features you would expect in an audio and video playing portable device, including playback of music, MPEG4 and WMV video, and still pictures. The device also has an FM tuner which is almost becoming standard in these types of players, and it has direct recording.

The recording function is always a welcome function for me. It has the ability to record radio through the FM tuner and encode it straight to MP3 files, and it can also record voice with a built in microphone or from a line into the device. Data can be transferred via a USB port, and iRiver …

IRiver S7 – Easy Play and Joy

Posted in Digital Audio,iRiver by Darrin Olson on December 12th, 2006

IRiver S7 Digital Audio PlayerOne of the latest editions to to the IRiver DAP lineup for Korea is the IRiver S7. Some rumors have been floating that it might not be real, but you can find it now on the Korean IRiver site. The S7 comes in colors of brown or brown, and has 1GB of storage with 9 hours of playback time, and supports file types of MP3, ASF, OGG, and WMA.

The most interesting part of this player is the face with the controls. On the top of the face there is something that looks a lot like a goat with some sort of headdress, and a dog lifting it’s back leg on the bottom. On the left and right there are some dudes that look like they might be running away from each other.

Since the Korean site is written in the Korean …

iRiver S10 doesn’t get enough credit

Posted in Digital Audio,iRiver by Chetz on December 12th, 2006

iRiver S10 Digital Audio PlayerWhile iPod’s have been taking most of the limelight lately in the realm of digital audio players, iRiver has continues to move forward with it’s line of devices which probably deserve more attention than they get.

The iRiver S10 is a small player measuring only 2x30x10.8 mm and a weighing only 17.5g. It comes in 1GB or 2GB sizes and gives you continuous playback for up to 8 hours. It also comes with an equalizer with some preset settings with the ability to customize as well.

The iRiver S10 supports MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, WMA, ASF, OGG and MP3 files and has a built in FM tuner, as well. You can also view BMP files on the 1.15 inch OLED display.

This MP3 player has a small and simple design and at is currently being priced at under $200 which is not a bad …


Posted in Digital Audio,Digital Video,iRiver by Darrin Olson on September 21st, 2006

iRiver Clix The iRiver clix is an awesome little multimedia player that has a very easy to use interface and is able to play music, videos, photos and text. You can use it to listen to the radio, as an alarm clock, it’s small enough to hide in your hand and still has a 2.2″ viewing screen.

It has 2G of storage, which lately is a little on the lite side with similar devices, but aside from that and needing to touch the screen a lot with your fingers (comes with a cleaning cloth), the iRiver Clix is a smooth gadget.

The Clix is compatible with the Windows Plays For Sure subscription service and transfers data with USB. The battery lasts up to 25 hours, which could last longer than your media and is quite the opposite compared to many similar media players with more memory than …