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iLuv debuts new speakers for iPad, Mac and PC

Posted in iLuv by Shane McGlaun on May 25th, 2010

I have wished on more than one occasion that my iPad had more volume and better sound for its onboard speaker. That’s not possible though and if you want better sound from your iPad too; we will need to look to the aftermarket for speakers that work with the iPad.

iLuv has announced a new line of speakers that with the iPad and Mac or PC computers. The new speakers include the iSP130 Mini Clip speaker, the iSP150 Portable Speaker Bar, and the iSP170 Cube Speakers. The 130 speaker is designed to clip onto the screen of any laptop and get power from the USB port.

iLuv iMM190 App Station iPhone dock ships

Posted in iLuv by Shane McGlaun on March 17th, 2010

Back during CES, iLuv was showing off a cool new speaker dock for the iPhone called the App Station. The cool part about the speaker dock was that it used a free app to turn the iPhone into a digital alarm clock.

The speaker dock can also be used to playback audio from movies or for VoIP sessions. The iMM190 was supposed to have shipped last month at a price of $129.99 but it never debuted.

iLuv introduces bed-shaking iMM178 Vibe Plus

Posted in iLuv by Conner Flynn on March 3rd, 2010

Let’s face it, standard clock technology is not enough to get you out of bed. What we need is bed shaker technology. If sound alone can’t wake you up, maybe you should check out this brand new iPhone/iPod alarm clock that will wake you up with vibrations. iLuv’s iMM178 Vibe Plus.

It’s like being in a seedy hotel, with one of those shaking beds that you have to put quarters in, but you won’t need any quarters thanks to a small device attached to the Vibe Plus that iLuv calls a bed-shaker. Just put that shaker under your pillow, set the alarm to activate up to 10 days in advance or on a weekly schedule, and you are good to go.

iLuv unveils new iMM183 dual dock iPhone alarm clock

Posted in iLuv by Shane McGlaun on October 30th, 2009

iluvimm183Several of the new iPhone docking alarm clocks that I have seen hit the market lately share something in common. Many of them are now sporting dual charge docks. This is a good thing since many homes now have more than one iPod or iPhone vying for that charge dock. The iLuv iMM183 unveiled today is another dual docking alarm clock with some cool features.

Perhaps the most interesting of the features aside from the dual cocks is the integrated weather band radio also with an alert system that puts weather warnings on the front of the clock. The device uses SAME technology to receive local weather info.

iLuv i1166 digital media player

Posted in iLuv by Conner Flynn on September 28th, 2009

iLuv i1166 digital media playerILuv has unveiled its latest digital media player, the i1166, which features an iPod interface and a large 9 inch screen that should be perfect for watching video. It should arrive in mid-October for $269.99. When docked, you will have complete control over an iPod, using an AC adapter.

The i1166 is also compatible with the iPod touch 2G, nano 5G, nano 4G, original touch, and nano 3G, plus the iPod classic and iPod with video. The player is also DivX certified and has a built-in DVD player. Looks like you are really getting your money’s worth.

iLuv Micro USB and Dual USB car chargers

Posted in iLuv by Conner Flynn on August 20th, 2009

iLuv Micro USB and Dual USB car chargersiLuv is showing some gadget charging love with two brand new devices that make charging your gadgets in your car a snap. The iLuv iAD115 Micro USB Car Charger fits inside of the cigarette lighter in your car and sports a blue power LED, DC 12-24V input and a DC 5V, 500mA output. The iLuv iAD115 Micro USB Car Charger will be available in September for only $14.99.

The iAD119 Dual USB Car Charger makes it easy to charge up two gadgets at once and also has a blue power LED, a replaceable fuse and a handy rotating head. That one will also be available in September for $19.99.

iLuv iMM9400 iPod sound system

Posted in iLuv by Conner Flynn on July 23rd, 2009

iLuv iMM9400 iPod sound systemiLuv has announced its new vertical CD/MP3 Hi-Fi audio system dubbed the iMM9400. This one is similar to the i9500 we featured awhile back. Not sure if this is the same model with a new name or just an update.

The design is pretty stylish, with a sleek finish and sexy looks. This system comes packed with a 4-CD/MP3 audio player, two channel speakers, AM/FM radio with PLL digital tuning, SD card slot, a USB port and the required universal dock for your iPhone and iPod.

iLuv iSP100 mini portable stereo speaker

Posted in iLuv by Conner Flynn on April 12th, 2009

iLuv iSP100 mini portable stereo speakerThe iLuv iSP100 Mini Portable Stereo Speaker gives you stereo sound via jAura™ Echo Soundcell Technology. It also boasts 360 degrees X 2 dynamic stereo sound. If it lives up to the hype then there’s a lot of tech crammed into that small package.

You’ll get a carrying pouch and quick start guide included and the device features a 3.5mm jack to connect to your iPod, iPhone 3G, 2G and other MP3 Players. The speakers are capable of delivering 2W each, and are said to deliver a decent sound, even while at max volume.

iLuv i1166 PMP

Posted in iLuv by Conner Flynn on January 22nd, 2009

iLuv i1166 PMPiLuv is known for their various iPod docks and speakers, but now they’re hitting us with the iLuv i1166 PMP that features a 9 inch screen for playback of your DVD’s and movies via your iPod. It has built in stereo speakers and a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery for longer playback.

Some specs include: MPEG-4 Certified to play MPEG-4 Videos, Compact and light-weight portable DVD Player with iPod dock, Play back from DVD or your iPod video through the 9″ widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) TFT LCD, Watch your favorite video on TV through Video output, Built-in powerful stereo speakers, Enhanced user interface with detailed controls and graphics based display, Supports 3-way power sources,AC Power Adapter, and Car Adapter.

iLuv’s iMM183 dual dock iPod alarm clock also does the weather

Posted in iLuv by Conner Flynn on January 5th, 2009

iLuv’s iMM183 dual dock iPod alarm clock also does the weatheriLuv is on a roll. Seems like every time you turn around, they have a new alarm clock of some kind, but they’ve been saving the best for CES. Today they announced the iMM183 Hi-Fi Dual Dock Alarm Clock with Weather Band Radio.

It will charge twin iPods and iPhone 3Gs while giving you NOAA emergency alerts, letting you know if Tornadoes or other natural disasters are on the way, so you can run to safety. After grabbing your charged iPhone of course. It also sports an auxiliary input for non-Apple devices.

iLuv announces i9500 iPod sound system

Posted in iLuv by Conner Flynn on December 17th, 2008

iLuv announces i9500 iPod sound systemiLuv offers plenty of iPod docks these days, but if you’re looking for something a bit more stylish and elaborate than the average desktop model, you’ll be happy to see the new i9500 system. It sports a cool vertical design that can handle four CDs and your iPod.

Wait, there’s more. The system will also handle SD cards and USB storage devices, and you’ll also get all the typical stereo features like AM/FM radio and alarm clock functionality. It should pump out some decent tunes, with 45W of power and a separate, somewhat subwoofer.

iPod & iPhone get some serious iLuv bling

Posted in iLuv by Conner Flynn on February 12th, 2008

iPod & iPhone get some serious iLuv bling
Today, iLuv revealed a bunch of new ipod and iphone accessories that are all about the bling. These are perfect for Paris Hilton types or the super girlly. Valentine’s day is upon us, so if you guys have some serious apologizing to do with your girl, or if you are just looking to score some points, you know what to do. The i80 series of headphones and cases should do the trick. One of the new earphones is the i83 Crystal In-ear Earphones for $39.99 with In-line Volume Control and the $39.99 i84 Crystal Ear Clips.

There’s also two accessory packages that come with matching earphones and case. The golden i80 accessory package comes with Crystal In-ear Earphones with In-line Volume Control and a matching holster Case for the iPhone and is priced at $69.99. Next is an i82/i81 combo that combines Crystal Hands-free Ear Clips with In-line Microphone and Volume Control with a matching Holster Case for your iPhone at the same price. The accessories are available in gold, pink or silver for $69.99.

CES 2008

Sexy iLuv i1255 does iPod, DVD playback

Posted in CES 2008,DVD,iLuv,iPod Accessories by Nino Marchetti on January 5th, 2008

iLuv i1255iLuv, a maker of iPod accessories, revealed a number of interesting products as part of its CES 2008 line up. One of those is the new iLuv i1255, a sleek, desktop iPod/DVD player priced at around $130.

The iLuv i1255 lets you play control music from audio CDs, MP3 CDs and docked iPods via an included remote control. Dock adapters let you fit a variety of iPod models and the iLuv i1255 also lets you view iPod video on-screen. There’s also an on-screen display function for navigation of an iPod’s stored video and music files.

iLuv i199 Home Theater With BluePin

Posted in Bluetooth,Home Theater,iLuv,iPod Accessories by Darrin Olson on June 17th, 2007

iLuv i199 stereo bluetooth player in blackYou’ve probably already guessed with all the i’s prefixing the name of this product that this home multimedia system has some claimed integration with Apple’s iPod player, and it does. In fact the integration the iLuv i199 has with the iPod and other devices is pretty legit and actually useful.

The iLuv provides quality music playback through jAura speakers and can play music from a variety of sources. The top of the device has a universal dock for iPods which will playback songs and charge the device. If you connect the AV out to your television you can even watch videos from your iPod through the iLuv system on your TV.

Probably the most significant feature of the iLuv i199 is the BluePin Bluetooth audio transmitter and receiver. What the BLuePin does is allow you to stream media from other Bluetooth enabled devices …

iLuv i202 Bluetooth Headphones

Posted in Bluetooth,Headphones,iLuv by Quagmire on November 10th, 2006

iLuv i202The iLuv i202 is a versatile set of headphones that allow you to both listen to your music and take or make phone calls wirelessly with Bluetooth technology. The audio-adapter dongle lets you connect the headset to devices without Bluetooth, thus converting most any audio device into a wireless device.

The swivel and ear-clip design secures the perfect comfortable fit around your ear and feels much like a natural extension of them.

The headset features integrated control functions for Play, Pause, Skip, and Volume. The built-in rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy continuous listening time up to 14 hours, continuous talking time up to 13 hours, and standby time up to 200 hours. The communication range is up to 33ft.

iLuv i202