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Google phone announcement coming soon

Posted in Google,Google Phone,Mobile Phones by Reuben Drake on October 30th, 2007

Google-PhoneIn what is the most solid information we’ve seen so far amidst a slew of rumors surrounding Google and the potential of a Google Phone, today some reliable sources of Reuters and the WSJ have reported that Google is planning an announcement. Sources say that Google plans to unveil plans for their own mobile phone operation system in mid-November with possible plans to roll it out with an existing mobile phone carrier sometime next year.

For a number of months rumors ran that Google had plans of making its own mobile phone but later the information turned to Google just making mock-ups of mobile phones that would run a Google operating system for an example to carriers and manufacturers. The latest talks is that Google is looking for a carrier who will bring a mobile device to market with the Google OS on it, possibly offering the device or service for free or at a very low cost in turn for users putting up with advertisements on the phone.

Google adds IMAP support to Gmail

Posted in Gmail,Google,News,Services by Darrin Olson on October 24th, 2007

Matthew Glotzbach from Google announces that Gmail will now support IMAPGoogle announced today at Interop New York that Gmail will now support IMAP along with POP3 for synchronizing email across multiple mobile devices and computers. This new addition to the popular free email service allows users to download and organize emails on any one interface including online, through their mobile device or on their computer and instantly see the changes on the other interfaces.

IMAP is not a new technology but is new and a welcomed upgrade to Gmail. The IMAP support was presented by Matthew Glotzbach, product management director for Google Enterprise who announced users could begin using IMAP immediately, however according to the Gmail site Google will be rolling this out to everyone over the next few days, so if you don’t see it right away it’s probably coming to your account soon. Google has a video that describes how to configure your Gmail account to turn enable IMAP and how to configure your iPhone with the service which is available after the jump.

Facebook’s deal with two devils

Posted in Facebook,Google,Microsoft,News by Chetz on October 24th, 2007

Microsoft and Google both working on deals with FacebookSuppose you own a company that both Microsoft and Google want to own a part of. Who do you choose to do a deal with? Do you base your decision on which company you think will be the stronger in the future or just on who’s offering the most cash? This is the present dilemma that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is facing right now. Both Google and Microsoft are neck-and-neck with striking a deal that would see either one of the two online titans getting a 5-to-10 percent ownership with Facebook. The deal is expected to close sometime today or tomorrow.

The potential deal is likely to be huge for whomever gets it. Both Microsoft and Google are set up to capitalize on serving advertising to Facebook’s 34 million members. No one from either of the three companies is offering to comment about the deal but if the “The New York Times” is reporting that it exists, take it to the bank.

Google Health to come next year

Posted in Google,Health,Healthcare,News by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2007

Google Health will be available sometime early next year.The internet giant is never content to sit back and let anyone else take a large piece of the pie. Hey, that’s how they got so rich! That’s why they are following Microsoft’s lead where health and medical records are concerned. They plan to roll out Google Health sometime early next year if they keep to their schedule.

It makes sense since users all begin at the Google page to search for health and medical information anyway. So they will be applying Google’s expertise in indexing, searching, and managing vast amounts of information to the idea. It also doesn’t hurt that they will have the health industry targeted with their Adwords program. If Google’s history has shown us anything, it should be a huge success and give the giant still more dominance in the industry.

Online copyright agreement announced, looking at Google and YouTube

Posted in Google,News,YouTube by Reuben Drake on October 18th, 2007

A gorup of media and tech companies announced an online copyright guildine agreement spurred mostly by Google and YouTube.Only yesterday we saw Google bring their YouTube online anti-piracy tool to beta to help combat the illegal posting of copyrighted videos. Today an announcement by a group of technology and media companies suddenly sheds some light on the significance of Google rolling out the service when they did.

A group consisting of Fox, CBS, NBC Universal, Walt Disney, MySpace, Viacom, and Microsoft (note the absence of Google) has announced a copyright protection agreement for rules that they feel a website should abide by when publishing potential copyrighted content. According to the Wall Street Journal, the principles of the agreement are to prevent the any copyright infringing content to be uploaded before it is accessible by the public.

While the YouTube Video Identification tool that Google announced yesterday …

Google puts YouTube’s antipiracy system in beta

Posted in Google,News,YouTube by Darrin Olson on October 16th, 2007

Google testing out YouTube’s antipiracy system for videos called Video IdentificationToday Google has announced the beta launch of YouTube Video Identification, a new antipiracy tool that we heard about in July during a copyright infringement lawsuit with Viacom. The new system is a result of a number of angry video owners, Viacom being one of the angriest, complaining that YouTube was supporting users uploading and sharing illegally copied video content.

The new system will use a “fingerprinting” type of technology which provides a unique identification to each video. With Video Identification users will still be able to upload any videos they would like and have the instantly appear on the site as before, but once uploaded YouTube will then be comparing the uploaded content to legitimate videos provided by the owners. When matching videos are found the owner’s can choose to automatically have the video removed, promoted or in true Google form they can even take advantage of the uploaded content and monetize the video for copyright holders who chooses to license their videos.

Google GPhone may be cheap and sport a Gbutton

Posted in Google,Google Phone,Mobile Phones by Conner Flynn on October 15th, 2007

They want texters in the habit of going to their vast database to get the answers they seek. The secret to competing with the iPhone may just be a low price/low tech approach. Last week, Google acquired and got all social with the Finnish start-up Jaiku, holder of key Short Message Service patents. And though Google isn’t talking, we know they want advertisers to sponsor Google search results on mobile devices just like on Internet-connected PCs.

Jaiku is of course, key to their strategy. In addition, they also acquired the mobile social network Zingku and expanded “Google SMS,” which is a free service that sends answers to texters with questions.

Google buys Jaiku and gets even more social

Posted in Google,News,Services by Chetz on October 10th, 2007

Google buys Jaiku, a company that makes software for mobile phones to read feedsIn its latest acquisition the internet superpower company Google has purchased a Finnish startup called Jaiku for an undisclosed amount of money. Jaiku is a developer of a mobile phone application that allows users to read web feeds, send messages about where they currently are and even do blogging all on the go. Dubbed “microblogging” by industry analysists, this is the second social networking company that Google has bought out in as many months following the September purchase of Zingku.

In a release Google said this of their latest business decision: “We plan to use the ideas and technology behind Jaiku to make compelling and useful products. Although we don’t have definite plans to announce at this time, we’re excited about helping drive the next round of developments in web and mobile technology.”

Google to take on Windows Mobile, not iPhone

Posted in Google,Mobile Phones,News by Darrin Olson on October 8th, 2007

Eric Schmidt and Google plan to make software to rival Windows Mobile, not a Google PhoneAccording to a report from the NY Times, Google says that despite extensive rumors of a Google Phone the company does not have plans to make any mobile hardware that would compete with Apple’s iPhone or any other mobile device for that matter. Google does confirm however that they have been secretly working on a mobile phone project over the past couple years but targeting advertising and software, not hardware. They also admit to making some mobile phone prototypes, but only for testing and examples to manufacturers.

Google’s goal with their mobile phone project is to further extend their reach of online advertising into the mobile internet through mobile phone software. This software would be a Linux based version that would have multiple mobile applications beyond just maps and search, and would compete directly with mobile operating systems such as Windows Mobile from Microsoft.

More Info on the Google Phone

Posted in Google,Google Phone,Mobile Phones,Rumors by Reuben Drake on September 4th, 2007

More information has come about on the Google PhoneRumors and speculation are getting heavy regarding information on the Google phone, and this time CrunchGear has dug up some reported “facts” about the device and its functionality.

According to the information from GigaOM, the supposed first Google phone might not be quite as cool or fancy as many of the photos floating around the net have depicted, and we’ve seem other rumors that it may be as cheap as $100 once released.

Google selling overflow storage for online apps

Posted in Google,News,Services,Storage by Chris Weber on August 10th, 2007

Google has begun selling overflow storage for services such as Picasa and GmailGoogle has made it known that they will now be offering additional storage for their online applications, for a fee. Currently Google offers up to 1GB for Picasa Web Albums and as much as 2.8GB of storage for Gmail, all for free. When you reach your limit on the amount of storage space you now have the option of purchasing more which will apply across the different applications on your Google account.

The company is offering plans that start at $20/year for 6GB of additional storage and go up to $500 a year for 250GB. Right now the extra online storage will apply to Picasa Web Albums and Gmail, but in the future, according to Ryan Aquino, Google Software QA Engineer Lead, the storage will also be available for other online applications such as …

Google spending big bucks on mobile plans

Posted in Google,Google Phone,News by Chris Weber on August 2nd, 2007

Google is spending a lot of money in the direction of mobile devices like a Google phoneWhile Google might not ever really get into the hardware game directly with their own Google phone, according to the WSJ they are definitely putting a fair amount of time and money in that specific direction. According to the report, Google has put not millions but hundreds of millions of dollars into its cell phone project.

Google has worked on developing mobile phone prototypes and worked out specifications with manufactures like LG to likely come up with a partnership in providing a mobile device that takes advantage of Google applications and of course their advertising. Google already has a likely partner in AT&T for the US market but resources have said that they’ve also had talks with Verizon Wireless who decided not to integrate with Google due to the companies demands …

YouTube AntiPiracy Tool By September

Posted in Google,News,Security,YouTube by Reuben Drake on July 28th, 2007

Google to have Youtube antipiracy tool for videos out by SeptemberGoogle may have an antipiracy tool for the YouTube video sharing site as soon as September according to a statement Friday by an attorney for Google. During a hearing in the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Viacom against Google last March a Google attorney stated that they are currently working on some type of video recognition technology.

The new technology should be able to create a unique identification on each video, similar to the uniqueness of a fingerprint, that owners of the videos can place on their media. In the event that anyone would upload a copyrighted video on to YouTube the site would be able to automatically recognize and remove it within minutes of its upload. According to the attorney’s statement to the judge Google hopes to have this technology in place this fall and could …

Digg signs on Microsoft, signs off Google for ads

Posted in Digg,Google,Microsoft,News by Darrin Olson on July 25th, 2007

Digg makes deal with Microsoft to show ads on Digg websiteThis morning Digg’s Kevin Rose made a pre-announcement on the sites blog about the company making a 3 year deal with Microsoft to start exclusively providing ads on the Digg website, which was Google’s job up until now. “This move gives us an advertising partner with a larger organization and a more scalable technology platform to keep pace with Digg’s growth,” said Rose in the blog entry.

The Digg website sees around 17 million unique visitors a month which equates to a whole lot of page views and a whole lot of revenue and publicity for Microsoft’s ad-service product. Rose went on to express the importance and plans that Digg has to further focus on feature development and improve the user experience. He also mentioned that they will continue to work with their long-time partner Federated Media …

Google Announces Business Search, Ad-Free for a Fee

Posted in Google,News by Darrin Olson on July 17th, 2007

Google launches business search add-on with no adsLast year Google launched something called the Google Custom Search Engine, which is a tool that allows the addition of a custom-looking Google search box to just about any website. It met a lot of needs in providing a comprehensive search tool to the websites of many businesses, but it to the dismay of some it came with ads. The advertisements are how Google can afford to provide these tools without charge, but often the ads would take away from the professional branding of the site and even have the potential of showing advertisements from competitive products or services.

Tuesday Google launched a service that builds on the Custom Search called Custom Search Business Edition (CSBE). CBSE allows businesses to place the search tool on their site and customize the results, without the Google ads. Businesses can implement their own logo …