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Facebook unveils new messaging service, says email is ‘too formal’

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on November 15th, 2010

Facebook has just announced an updated messaging service that promises to take social networking activity to a new level. You get to decide on how you want to ‘converse’, through SMS, chat, email or Messages. They will receive your message in a real-time conversation, with no need to worry about which recipient prefers chatting over email etc.

Users will also be able to own an @facebook.com email address. There will not be a subject line though and you can’t mass forward mails among others, keeping things limited to just conversation. Messages and email addresses will be launched over the next few months.

New Facebook app for Android

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on November 3rd, 2010

During their mobile event today, Facebook admitted that the app for Android devices has been behind other clients and so they are trying to correct things with a new version, 1.4, which is now available on the Android Market.

It’s pretty much the same, but it now supports check-ins with Places, Groups and there are some improvements to notifications as well. No chat, but hey, that’s what your phone is for. Right?

Update: Facebook denies creating a Facebook Phone

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on September 19th, 2010

If you had your hopes up for a new Facebook phone, well, you can forget it. Facebook spokesperson Jaime Schopflin has come out and denied that the social networking giant is creating a “Facebook phone.” It just isn’t happening.

“Facebook is not building a phone [...] building phones is just not what we do,” he said. Oh well, I guess Facebook addicts will just have to dream on and somehow get by.

Is Facebook building a phone?

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on September 19th, 2010

According to TechCrunch’s sources, Facebook is creating its very own cellphone. Apparently, they’re building the OS and have tasked a hardware manufacturer to build everything else around it. When Google’s Nexus One was announced back in January, Facebook supposedly began planning this mystery phone.

They wanted something that would integrate Facebook contacts more deeply than anything Android or any other platforms had done before. Two Facebook employees, Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos are leading the team involving the OS, using their previous experience as Firefox browser creator and Chrome OS builder to launch a Facebook worthy phone.

Delta to begin booking flights on Facebook

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on August 13th, 2010

Check this out Facebook fans. Delta has just announced that it’s going to allow the booking of flights on Facebook, and it’s launched a “Ticket Window” to allow users to do it. Looks like this is the first of many Ticket Windows. The company also plans on installing them in banner ads, making it the first airline to do so.

The goal is to streamline the booking process for the customer. Delta is the largest commercial airline in the world and it is facing more and more competition from smaller, more web-friendly airlines like Virgin and Jet Blue.

Facebook trys easy delete option

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on July 27th, 2010

For years Facebook users have wanted tighter security and recent reports that Facebook users in the US are more satisfied with IRS services than that of Facebook isn’t good news for the company. Well, now they are finally making it easier for us to leave Facebook.

Facebook is trying a new feature for unhappy users to delete their accounts more easily. Current delete procedures take 14 days to confirm, during which time you are bombarded with images of “friends” who will “miss you” and have been trying to contact you.

Ping lets you wear Facebook

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on April 18th, 2010

Sure, that’s a nice picture. Now look down. Are you with me yet? Okay. Jennifer Darmour is a designer from Seattle who has incorporated gesture technology into clothing. Called Ping, this clothing can hook up to your Facebook account and with simple gestures you can do all kinds of Facebook things.

For instance, if you tie the waist bow, you can accept friend requests. Or receive vibrations on your shoulders when a new notification hits your account. It’s certainly a unique way to stay connected. Users can even customize gestures to certain groups of friends.

Facebook 1.2 for Windows Mobile released

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on February 22nd, 2010

Seems like everyone is addicted to Facebook now. If you are one of those millions, then you might want to check out what Microsoft has in store for you if you are a Windows Mobile user.

Specifically Facebook app version 1.2. Some of the main feature updates include the ability to “like” a comment, or to add to current comments. Why not go ahead and download Microsoft’s latest app from the marketplace and get more out of Facebook on your phone?

Feisbuk is Facebook without the computer and Internet

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on January 31st, 2010

Feisbuk is just like popular social networking site “Facebook” except it’s all analog, with no need to connect to the internet using your computer. If you want to write on someones wall, just grab a pen, find their profile page and write.

It’s perfect for the addict who can’t access Facebook. Maybe you’re in jail or you are in some third world country with no internet access. Or maybe you just want to go off the grid, but will miss Facebook. It’s in Spanish, but hey you know your way around.

Groom updates Facebook Relationship status at the altar

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on December 2nd, 2009

Human beings have never been so connected with one another and obsessed with info. Then again, maybe we are all just stupid monkeys tweeting our every move, trying desperately to leave our mark on this world before the Grim Reaper comes tweeting @you.. I iz in yer reality takin ur soul.

Whatever the case, this couple is really into the facebook that all the kids are using. It was a normal wedding ceremony until the groom pulled out his phone and changed his relationship status on Facebook to ‘married’ right there at the altar. The bride followed suit, and the crowd gets a good laugh. Then the preacher says “If it’s official on Facebook, it’s official in my book,” he says.

Facebook gets more Twittery with Lite and tags

Posted in Facebook by Darrin Olson on September 11th, 2009

Facebook Lite launched along with status taggingWe all know Facebook is continuously evolving, and just recently the social networking behemoth made some announcements that will likely make its popularity even larger, partly by making things smaller. On Thursday Facebook launched Facebook Lite, which is basically a scaled down version of the current Facebook site. Existing users can log onto Facebook Lite and it even uses the same cookies to recognize you if you are already logged in. All you friends are there and you can post messages, but it’s just got a little fewer “pieces of flare” about it.

The idea for Facebook Lite is to make a slimmer version of Facebook, not too unlike Twitter, that more people could use in places that have limited access to bandwidth, so the pages are not so “heavy” to load. So far the site is ironically only available in the U.S. and India, but I suppose they have to test it out somewhere. Chances are it will be rolling into some more obscure areas of the world soon.

App connects YouTube and Facebook

Posted in Facebook by Shane McGlaun on August 14th, 2009

facebook-logoI am not that big on social networking. I have a Facebook account but I have never posted images, don’t post the minute details of my life and I only log on when someone I know asks to be my Facebook friend.

If you are a heavy user of social media like Facebook and YouTube a new app from a company, called yourBusinessChannel may make keeping everyone updated on your life easier. The app connects to Facebook and YouTube allowing the user to post comments to YouTube videos that are also posted to Facebook at the same time.

Facebook launches app for Blackberries

Posted in BlackBerry,Facebook,RIM by Conner Flynn on October 24th, 2007

The new Facebook application from RIMThe new Facebook application from RIM will send out a ping with new notifications and messages and also allow you to scroll through them just like you do in regular email. Plus, the photo upload tool is integrated into the camera and photo software.

You can pretty much do almost anything you can on Facebook, thanks to the onscreen icons. With a touch of your finger, you will be able to invite people to join Facebook and accept new friend requests. Just like that it’s done. No adding them later after you’ve gotten home and forgotten everything. Of course you can also poke someone and write on a Wall.

Facebook’s deal with two devils

Posted in Facebook,Google,Microsoft,News by Chetz on October 24th, 2007

Microsoft and Google both working on deals with FacebookSuppose you own a company that both Microsoft and Google want to own a part of. Who do you choose to do a deal with? Do you base your decision on which company you think will be the stronger in the future or just on who’s offering the most cash? This is the present dilemma that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is facing right now. Both Google and Microsoft are neck-and-neck with striking a deal that would see either one of the two online titans getting a 5-to-10 percent ownership with Facebook. The deal is expected to close sometime today or tomorrow.

The potential deal is likely to be huge for whomever gets it. Both Microsoft and Google are set up to capitalize on serving advertising to Facebook’s 34 million members. No one from either of the three companies is offering to comment about the deal but if the “The New York Times” is reporting that it exists, take it to the bank.

Facebook Opens Site to Third Party Apps

Posted in Facebook by Darrin Olson on May 26th, 2007

Facebook opens up it’s web platform for app development from third parties.The 24-million-user social networking site Facebook has announced that they are opening up their site to third party internet businesses and developers to build applications targeting the sites users and taking advantage of the social networking information that it holds. Facebook, a social networking site similar to and in direct competition with MySpace, has drastically grown in popularity over the past few years mostly with the younger high school and college crowds.

The official announcement launches with new web application features built on the open platform and offered by 65 online companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Photobucket, Slide and various news organizations. The developers are able to make applications that show advertisements to users or they can build tools onto the site for transactions and interactions between users. The real kicker with this open platform is …

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