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Dell busts out “the beast” uber-powerful laptop

Posted in Dell,Notebooks by Nino Marchetti on September 27th, 2007

Dell XPS M1730Dell today formally brought one “beast” of a laptop to the gaming community. The new Dell XPS M1730 has a starting price of around $3,000.

The Dell XPS M1730 is, according to Dell, the world’s first notebook to incorporate AGEIA PhysX Mobile Technology and Logitech’s GamePanel LCD. The PhysX processor reportedly delivers “realistic movement and environmental interaction at incredible speeds without degrading overall performance” and the Logitech LCD lets gamers ” view game stats, create new macros and track important system information without leaving the game.”

Dell fires up powerful Precision M6300 laptop

Posted in Dell,Notebooks by Nino Marchetti on September 4th, 2007

Dell Precision M6300Dell is bringing some new power to its lineup of Precision mobile workstation computers today. The computer manufacturer announced the Precision M6300, available now for a base configuration price of $2,070.

The Dell Precision M6300 borders on being a desktop replacement model, sporting a 17-inch wide aspect WXGA+ display. It’s powered by 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo and Extreme Edition processors up to the X7900 and combined with NVIDIA Quadro FX1600M OpenGL discrete graphics. You also get up to 4GB of RAM and your choice of hard drives, including solid state and encrypted.

Dell Set to Announce New Inspirons and Vostro Line

Posted in Dell,Notebooks by Darrin Olson on June 7th, 2007

Dell to introduct new line of Inspiron notebooks along with the new Vostro.According to the Notebook Italia website Dell is about to unveil a new series of Inspiron and a new model laptop called a Vostro. The Vostro selection will appear initially as two models, the 1500 (with a 15.4-inch display) and the 1700 (17-inch screen) with the latter unit coming out in July.

The Vostro models will only use Intel processors while the Inspirons use either the Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion 64 X2 chips. Among the new Inspirons forthcoming are the 1520, 1521, 1720 and 1721 and you can select from 15.4-inch or 17-inch displays.

Dell is reportedly set to officially announce the new laptops on June 26 with their complete specs and pricing.

via Engadget

Dell Customers Want Linux and Open Office

Posted in Dell,Linux,PCs by Paul Patterson on February 26th, 2007

Dell Customers Want Linux and Open OfficeA Dell PC loaded with the Linux operating system may be a viable option in the near future, according to a statement posted Friday on the company’s Web site.

Dell’s decision to go with a Linux option is undoubtedly due to the overwhelming popularity of a suggestion on Dell’s new IdeaStorm website. Ideastorm is a community website where Dell customers can submit feedback and offer suggestions on how to improve the overall Dell experience including products, services, and operations.

The popular suggestion was to “Offer the 3 top free Linux versions for free pre-installation on all Dell PCs.” As of Monday the suggestion had over 75,000 “promotions” which are marks of approval from visitors to the IdeaStorm web site.

Dell’s response on the matter sums it up succinctly, “We are listening, and as a result, we are working with …

Dell IdeaStorm Invites Customers to Share Ideas

Posted in Dell,News by Paul Patterson on February 16th, 2007

Dell IdeaStorm Invites Customers to Share IdeasDell has launched a new website that allows customers to share ideas on how to improve Dell’s products and services. The site, Dell IdeaStorm, allows Dell faithfuls to share ideas and experiences directly with their peers and the company.

Dell IdeaStorm is an online community where customers can post their thoughts and ideas regarding Dell products, services, and operations. The community “promotes” the best ideas in a Digg-like manner. Dell will then share the most popular ideas throughout its organization to trigger new thoughts and hopefully improve something. Here are some of the recent ideas I encountered upon a quick visit:

Internet Laptop Design Contest
Have Michael Dell in the Dell Commercials
Pay once and get computers for Life
Add User-Generated Content to your StudioDell site

The last idea was interesting because Dell also announced today a new video upload feature on StudioDell in a section …

New Dell 27″ LCD Display Image Leaked

Posted in Dell,Displays,LCD,News by Chris Weber on January 1st, 2007

Dell W2707WFP Leaked first lookIn what was apparently a mistake the image for the Dell 20″ monitor was mistakingly replaced with an image for a 27″ monitor.

In a posting on a Dell Forum an employee of Dell indicated that the image was from a training manual for the “not yet released W2707C.”

So it appears that there is a Dell 27″ display on the horizon. This monitor is rumored to be an enthusiasts model. If the fabled 27″ display uses this Samsung screen then it is possible to infer some data about the upcoming model.

It appears to have a 1920 by 1200 native resolution. This is the same as the existing Dell 24″ models. The image from Dell’s site reveals the inputs to W2707 to be very similar to the 2407 that SlipperyBrick has in-house. …

Dell Offers New Notebooks With AMD Processor

Posted in AMD,Dell,News,Processors by Darrin Olson on November 1st, 2006

Dell Notebook with AMD ProcessorDell has recently released notebooks with AMD processors in them instead of the Intel chips which ends the exclusive long-standing relationship Dell had with Intel. This exclusivity ended recently when AMD Processors were added to Dell servers, providing these computers with AMD processors.

Dells website currently features an Inspiron 1501 notebook which comes with a range of AMD processors, including the AMD Sempron, AMD Turion 64 and the AMD Turion 64 X2 series. At a price tag of not much over $500, this makes for a more affordable notebook for gift buyers in the coming holiday season.

This was somewhat of a quiet release for Dell, as we just noticed the AMD ad on the web site, with no big press release, parade or anything.

Check it out [Dell]

New Dell PowerEdge’s Have AMD Inside

Posted in AMD,Dell,News,Processors by Darrin Olson on October 24th, 2006

Dell With AMD Processor

Dell unveiled two PowerEdge servers at a press conference at Oracle Open World yesterday which both feature AMD Opteron processors. These processors are “SE” variations, which were previously only available in servers from Sun Microsystems. This is after a near 7-year hold that Intel had on the giant computer maker.

The first server that was introduced was the Dell PowerEdge 6950, which is a four-socket server designed for database software, server consolidation, along with similar uses. Dell states that the performance is is still at industry leading speeds while it can use up to 20 percent less power than similar previous-generation servers from Dell. The 6950 features quad Opterons running from 2.0 GHz to 2.8 GHz.

The second server introduced with the AMD Opteron was the Dell PowerEdge SC1435, which is a two-socket server optimized for high-performance compute clusters, distributed Web serving and …

Dell Optimizes with Opteron-Powered Servers

Posted in Dell,Processors by Paul Patterson on October 24th, 2006

Dell OpteronDell has announced that two new models in its family of PowerEdge servers would feature AMD Opteron processors. The new processors will be found in the PowerEdge 6950 and PowerEdge SC1435 servers and are designed to lower power consumption and reduce complexity in server environments.

The Dell PowerEdge 6950 is a four-socket server designed for enterprise applications such as databases, server consolidation, and virtualization. The PowerEdge SC1435 is a two-socket server designed for high-performance clusters, distributed Web serving and small- to medium-sized businesses.

The AMD Opteron was the first of AMD’s eighth-generation x86 processors based on the K8 core, and the first processor to implement the AMD64 (x86-64) instruction set architecture. The Opteron family was released on April 22, 2003 and was intended to compete in the same server market segment as the Intel Xeon processor.

The PowerEdge 6950 and PowerEdge SC1435 with dual-core, next-generation …