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Canon 300mm f/4 L lens turned into a mug

Posted in Canon by Conner Flynn on January 25th, 2011

Remember those lens mugs from awhile back that look like real camera lenses? Those were pretty realistic, but if you want something even more authentic, then how about a mug that was created from a real $1,300 Canon 300mm f/4 L lens?

Obviously the lens isn’t in working condition anymore, but it holds your favorite beverage. The proceeds from this sale will go to Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal of Australia to help victims of the Australia flood. The lens/mug is going for $609 right now and could go higher.

Canon introduces PRea AT-100 Windows Mobile HandyTerminal

Posted in Canon by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2010

Aimed at professionals and available in two different versions with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional (AT-100P) and Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 (AT-100), the PREa is Canon’s new HandyTerminal.

Both models have the same basic hardware with an OMAP3505 CPU @ 600MHz, 256MB of DDR-SDRAM and 256MB of Flash Disk, a microSD slot, a 3.5” QVGA screen, IrDA 1.2 SIR, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Wi-Fi ABG and a rugged body that can handle a 1.5m fall on hard concrete and it’s IP54 compliant, (Which means that it is protected against dust and against water sprayed from all directions).

Canon outs awesome 35x zoom SX30 IS

Posted in Cameras,Canon by Shane McGlaun on September 14th, 2010

Canon has announced a new point and shoot digital camera that has an awesome zoom range called the SX30 IS. The zoom range on the camera is 35x and it is the world’s first point and shoot with a 35x optical zoom lens with wide angle as well.

Naturally, with a zoom level that high the camera has optical image stabilization built-in. The camera is able to record 720p HD video and use that ensure zoom range to do it. That means you can get really close to the action from far away.

Canon outs world’s largest CMOS sensor

Posted in Canon by Shane McGlaun on August 31st, 2010

Canon has a bunch of cameras on the market that run the gamut from entry-level units up to high-end professional cameras. The company also designs and builds its own hardware like sensors and lenses for use on its cameras as well.

Today Canon has announced the world’s largest CMOs sensor with a size of 202 x 205mm. A sensor that large will surely be expensive considering that only one can be made from the typical 300mm silicon wafer. Canon says the sensor is 40 times larger than its next largest commercial CMOS sensor.

Canon unveils 60D DSLR camera

Posted in Canon by Shane McGlaun on August 26th, 2010

Canon has unveiled its latest DSLR camera called the EOS 60D. The new camera will replace the 50D in the Canon line and offers new features. The only change that isn’t so good is that the 60D uses a plastic body rather than the magnesium body of the 50D.

The EOS 60D has a 3-inch Live View LCD that articulates into several different angles for easy shooting. The camera also has integrated RAW processing and creative filters. The image sensor for the camera has 18MP resolution and uses a DIGIC 4 image processor.

Canon outs 7000 lumen bright projector for installations

Posted in Canon by Shane McGlaun on August 25th, 2010

There are so many uses for projectors in different settings that it is staggering. Many churches use projectors, businesses use them, schools use them, and folks use them at home too. Canon has unveiled a new projector that is big in brightness and price.

The projector is the LV-7590 and it is designed to be installed in a setting where a bright projector is needed. The 7590 has 7000 lumens of light and can project images in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. The projector also has a number of optional lenses to customize it to the setting.

Canon whips out new CMOS sensor with 120MP resolution

Posted in Canon by Shane McGlaun on August 24th, 2010

When it comes to digital cameras, most of them have the same basic features and the biggest difference between models is often the resolution alone. When it comes to resolution the main thing higher resolution gets you is images that can be printed larger and still look good.

Canon has announced a new CMOS sensor for digital cameras that is the world’s highest resolution APS-H-size image sensor with 120MP. The new sensor measures in at a small 29.2 x 20.2mm. The typical image sensor of this size has only 16.1MP resolution.

Canon G12 digital camera leaks

Posted in Canon by Shane McGlaun on August 20th, 2010

Canon has been making its G series of digital cameras for a while now. These cameras are some of the more expensive point and shoot units you can buy and offer a lot of manual features. They are intended to sit in the gap between a normal digital camera and a DSLR.

A new camera from Canon called the G12 has leaked that should be getting official later this month according to rumors. What we know about it so far is that he camera has a 10MP CCD and a 5x optical zoon lens.

Canon launches SELPHY CP800 Compact Photo Printer

Posted in Canon by Conner Flynn on August 19th, 2010

Canon isn’t all about cameras, they’ve also just released their latest compact photo printer, the SELPHY CP800. This one is the successor to the CP780. One interesting feature of the new printer is a shuffle function that randomly selects photos from the memory card and combines them into a single 4×6-inch image. You feeling lucky?

The CP800 features a new 2.5-inch tilting LCD display, an optional battery pack, and also a Bluetooth adapter to print wirelessly. The SELPHY CP800 plays nice with both Windows and Mac and will cost you $100 in black or white.

Canon PIXMA MG8120 and MG6120 Wireless Printers

Posted in Canon by Conner Flynn on August 17th, 2010

Canon, well known for their cameras and printers has unsurprisingly introduced two new printers to the world. The new PIXMA MG8120 and PIXMA MG6120 Wireless Photo All-In-One printers feature the company’s new Intelligent Touch System with backlit touch-sensitive buttons and a new light guidance system that eliminates buttons when not in use.

They also boast capacitive touch technology to make navigation easier. The Full HD Movie Print feature lets users select and print individual frames from a video taken with some of Canon’s digital cameras.

Canon EOS 7D firmware update fixes problem with AF and movie mode

Posted in Canon by Shane McGlaun on July 27th, 2010

Anytime we buy gear that turns out to have problems with how it operates it can be very frustrating. The best geeks can hope for is that the manufacturer will quickly offer up a fix for the issues.

If you own a Canon EOS 7D a new firmware update is available that takes the camera to version 1.2.2. The new firmware update fixes an annoying issue where the aperture moves when shooting movies in manual exposure mode using some lenses.

Canon DSLRs get ugly 3D lens from Loreo

Posted in Canon by Shane McGlaun on July 8th, 2010

When it comes time to shop for a new gadget, I’m not one to buy based on looks alone. If you show me an ugly device and a cool device with the same performance, I will go for the attractive gadget for sure. If the ugly device is the only option then ugly it is.

Such is the case with this new 3D lens from Loreo for Canon DSLR cameras. The lens is not pretty in a silver looking color attached to a camera that is black. The fact that the massive lens is wider than the camera in the picture makes it look even stranger.

Canon adds fingerprint scanners to Photocopiers

Posted in Canon by Conner Flynn on July 5th, 2010

Guys like me are lucky. We get to work from home and bring you all of the latest gadget news. But there are some things that you miss about the office. Like abusing photocopiers. Whether just scanning some copies of your butt, or full on getting mad and giving it a good kick when it misbehaves, abusing these machines may be a thing of the past thanks to Canon.

In Japan, Canon has teamed up with Hitachi on a new fingerprint scanning system for their multi-function boxes which photocopy, print, scan and fax, so only those allowed to use the machine can use it. We also figure it will link butt-scans to the fingerprints they belong too.

CanoScan 9000F High-End Scanner now available in Japan

Posted in Canon by Conner Flynn on June 17th, 2010

Canon has now released the CanoScan 9000F in Japan. The 9000F is a high-end scanner that delivers a maximum color resolution of 9600dpi with a color depth of 48 bits and offers improved scanning times. It can even scan up to four 35mm slides or twelve 35mm filmstrips at one time.

The CanoScan 9000F uses the Canon’s Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement Level 3 technology to remove dust and scratches. The Canon CanoScan 9000F high-end scanner retails for 25,980 Yen (or $284). Not a bad price for the features.

Canon stops SED TV development for home theater

Posted in Canon by Shane McGlaun on May 25th, 2010

Canon has been working with partners and alone for years to build the tech needed for SED screens to be constructed and integrated into home theater gear like HDTVs. Early on, it had help form Toshiba, but Toshiba pulled out years ago while Canon chugged on.

Canon has now announced that it is stopping the development of SED screens for TVs and home use. Canon isn’t killing off the project altogether and will continue to develop SED tech for other segments of the market.