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Pantech and AT&T unveil cheap handset for the holidays

Posted in AT&T by Shane McGlaun on December 11th, 2008

Pantech C630One of the gifts many people want for the holidays is a new mobile phone. There are certain groups of mobile phone users who don’t want lots of extras like young users and the old. These groups want a phone that is easy to use and cheap.

Pantech and AT&T have announced a new handset called the Pantech C630 that could be perfect for those wanting a simple phone with a good feature set for a low price. The C630 will be available to purchase starting tomorrow for only $39.99 with a 2-year agreement.

AT&T sends out SMS to confirm free iPhone WiFi at Starbucks

Posted in AT&T by Conner Flynn on October 29th, 2008

AT&T sends out SMS to confirm free iPhone WiFi at StarbucksSeveral people are getting SMS messages from AT&T reminding them of the long-awaited “free wireless at Starbucks” plan. It was first announced in February with a target launch spring 2008, the service has been quietly running on and off since April, including two hours of daily access at any Starbucks store or AT&T hotspot.

T-Mobile users with existing hotspot accounts are supposed to have ongoing access to the network in Starbucks stores. The service has been available on a spotty basis, but this is an official “yes it’s working” announcement that has been a while in coming. Hopefully we can put an end to this chapter and the service stays on at long last.

AT&T announces Samsung Propel handset

Posted in AT&T,Samsung by Shane McGlaun on October 24th, 2008

Samsung PropelFor some users a smart phone is overkill. All some people want is the ability to send text messages and make phone calls. For this type of user, a fancy smartphone with word processing and other functions isn’t particularly appealing.

AT&T has announced a new Samsung handset called the Propel that is designed with the text user in mind. The phone has a full QWERTY keyboard in a vertical sliding design. Multiple color options are available and the handset can do email and offers 3G connectivity.

Pantech C610 mobile phone for AT&T announced

Posted in AT&T by Shane McGlaun on October 6th, 2008

Pantech C610 Clamshell PhoneAs the holidays grow nearer, we will see more and more handsets that are new announced in an attempt to grab the holiday dollars of shoppers. Most of the handsets will be exclusive to one provider or another. Pantech and AT&T announced their newest mobile phone today called the C610.

The handset is a flip-phone that offers a multiple multimedia features including GPS and 3G network access. Pantech says that the design of the handset emphasizes fashion and function. It looks rather plain to me, but is decent looking.

AT&T HomeManager tries to make home phones cool

Posted in AT&T by Shane McGlaun on September 22nd, 2008

AT&T HomeManagerIt’s getting to be more and more common for people to forgo the home phone line in favor of wireless only. The reason is that virtually everyone needs a cell phone, and only a few people need a landline. AT&T has announced a new device that makes having a landline in the home cool again.

The device is called AT&T HomeManager and in its initial launch HomeManager is available in nine markets including — Chicago, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, San Francisco, and LA. The system revolves around a 7-inch touch screen frame built by Samsung. The frame connects to a home broadband network and can be used to place and receive phone calls.

AT&T gives broadband subscribers Wi-Fi gift

Posted in AT&T,Wi-Fi by Nino Marchetti on January 23rd, 2008

att-free-wireless.jpgAT&T plans to soon make its nationwide Wi-Fi network free to users…provided you are one of its 10 million plus broadband subscribers. No specific date was given for when this offer would be made valid, though the company’s “higher-speed” broadband customers already get this feature.

AT&T, in its announcement, said those who subscribe to its broadband services with downstream speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps, 3.0 Mbps, or 6.0 Mbps will soon be able to get online for free at any of its over 10,000 wireless hotspots. These include locations in retail stores, restaurants and airports. The service provider says this will deliver “an annual saving of $60 for AT&T broadband customers.”

Big tech names sued over voicemail patents

Posted in AT&T,Cablevision,Comcast,eBay,Legal,News by Nino Marchetti on December 3rd, 2007

Big tech companies sued over voicemail patentsWhat do AT&T, Apple, Comcast, Cablevision and eBay all have in common? They are all being sued today by Klausner Technologies over visual voicemail patents the company says it owns and which it feels these well known, other companies have not yet requested a patent license for.

The suits were filed by the company which “was founded by Judah Klausner, the inventor of the PDA and electronic organizer.” Klausner Technologies says Cablevision’s Optimum Voicemail, Comcast’s Digital Voice Voicemail, eBay’s Skype Voicemail and AT&T/Apple’s iPhone Visual Voicemail services all violate patents it holds which allow “users to selectively retrieve and listen to voice messages via message inbox displays.”

AT&T sends pay phones packing

Posted in AT&T,News,Telephones by Nino Marchetti on December 3rd, 2007

AT&T getting out of the pay phone business by end of 2008The once mighty pay phone is now going the way of the dodo as mobile phones are the way of today. AT&T sees the writing on the wall and is getting off the sinking ship, announcing today it plans to exit the pay phone business by the end of 2008.

AT&T said pay phones in the United States have declined over the last 10 years from around 2.6 million phones to a measly 1 million today. The company sees no reason to remain in this business any longer and “plans to phase out both public pay phones and phones provided under contracts at government correctional facilities through the end of next year.”

LG brightens AT&T line up with Shine

Posted in AT&T,LG,Mobile Phones by Nino Marchetti on November 26th, 2007

AT&T LG ShineAT&T and LG want you to find a little extra something shiny in your stocking this year. The two have teamed to unveiled the exclusive LG Shine. It’s priced at around $150 after a two-year contract and rebate.

The LG Shine is described by AT&T as a mobile multimedia device. To that end it supports a variety of AT&T online services, including video sharing, mobile banking and mobile music. It’s a slider-style mobile which sports a silver exterior as well as a 2.2-inch mirror LCD screen.

Samsung SGH-a737 “entertainment accelerated”

Posted in AT&T,Mobile Phones,Samsung by Nino Marchetti on October 30th, 2007

Samsung SGH-a737Another day, another new sliding mobile phone. This time around AT&T and Samsung are teaming to reveal the Samsung SGH-a737, a slim and multi-color handset which will price at around $50 after your usual contract and rebate.

AT&T describes the SGH-a737 as “ultra-thin” and “entertainment accelerated.” What you’ve basically got here is a lightweight slider-style phone available in four color combos: black/orange, black/blue, black/red and black/lime. It’s got a lot of your typical bells and whistles, including a 1.3-megapixel digital camera, external microSD memory expansion and stereo Bluetooth 2.0 technology.

AT&T gets exclusive on Pantech duo smartphone

Posted in AT&T,Mobile Phones,Pantech by Nino Marchetti on October 29th, 2007

AT&T Pantech duoAT&T revealed today the Pantech duo, a mobile handset device which sports both a full QWERTY and a numeric keypad. It’s priced at around $200 with your typical two-year contract and mail-in rebate.

The AT&T Pantech duo is an exclusive device for AT&T in the United States. It has a dual-sliding, double keyboard design, allowing you to make phone calls or text messaging with a full mini-keyboard. It has as its operating system Windows Mobile 6, which comes with your standard Office Mobile for viewing PowerPoint presentations, as well as viewing and editing Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

AT&T rolls out HSUPA, new laptop 3G card

Posted in AT&T,HSPA by Nino Marchetti on October 18th, 2007

Sierra Wireless AirCard 881AT&T is looking to give a speed boost to users of its 3G wireless network via a new wireless laptop card. The Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 will be free, subject of course to your standard rebates and two-year contract.

The Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 is compatible with new High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) technology being pushed by AT&T onto its existing wireless network. This card will allow average upload speeds between 500 Kbps and 800 Kbps and also support enhanced HSDPA download speeds ranging between 600 to 1,400 Kbps.

AT&T fires up Tilt 3G smart device tomorrow

Posted in AT&T,Mobile Phones by Nino Marchetti on October 4th, 2007

AT&T Tilt 3G smartphone from HTCAT&T is set to make available to wireless subscribers a new 3G smart device packed with features. The new AT&T Tilt, developed for the telephone company by HTC, will be priced at around $300 with a rebate and two-year agreement.

The AT&T Tilt is powered by Windows Mobile 6 and sports an angled screen with slide-out QWERTY keypad design. It has a built-in 3-megapixel digital camera, integrated Bluetooth 2.0, 3G data connectivity support, GPS-enabled turn-by-turn directions and global accessibility. There’s also built-in WiFi.

BlackBerry 8820 with Wi-Fi launched with AT&T

Posted in AT&T,BlackBerry,Smart Devices by Darrin Olson on September 19th, 2007

BlackBerry 8820 featuring Wi-Fi launched with AT&THere it is. AT&T has announced that the BlackBerry 8820 that amazingly (for a BlackBerry) supports EDGE, Wi-Fi and GPS all in the same smartphone. AT&T will have the new 8820 available for purchase starting tomorrow, September 20. In addition to showing off to your coworkers that you have a BlackBerry that can connect via Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g) to your own network, the mobile phone can hook up to Wi-Fi hotspots around the country giving data access without data minutes.

The device also has built-in GPS for navigating your way through unfamiliar lands and has AT&T’s push to talk service. To round out the broad connectivity in this device, the 8820 even has Bluetooth for your wireless headset. Also housed is a microSD card slot and a full QWERTY keyboard, all being priced at $300 (after some rebates and a 2-year plan, of course).

LG, AT&T make tracks with trax phone

Posted in AT&T,LG,Mobile Phones by Nino Marchetti on August 13th, 2007

trax by LGLG got busy with AT&T today by exclusively unveiling a multi-purpose clamshell mobile device which is geared for multimedia users. The trax by LG is available beginning Tuesday for around $130 after rebate and two-year contract.

The trax by LG is around .62 inches thick and weighs around 3.55 ounces. Inside this thin phone you get support for 3G HSDPA data speeds, stereo Bluetooth support and a 1.3-megapixel digital camera. Its support of AT&T’s UMTS/HSDPA network also lets users of this phone access the provider’s online video service as well as share live video from the device during a phone call.

You can also get access to a variety of online music subscription services and support for MP3/WMA/AAC music files. The trax by LG definitely seems to be a phone targeted towards the media focused cell phone owner. The phone doesn’t do much for us style wise …