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Freeloader Solar Charger

Posted in Chargers,Solar Powered by Reuben Drake on May 20th, 2007

Freeloader Solar ChargerThe Freeloader Solar Charger has an internal, replaceable battery that charges up from either the devices built-in solar panels or through a USB cable connected to a computer. With five hours of solar charging or 3 hours of USB charging the Freeloader has enough juice to power an iPod for 18 hours, a mobile phone for almost 2 days or a Sony PSP for two and a half hours.

The device is only just under 5 inches long, weighs about 6.5 ounces and looks like it would be a handy tool if your spending any extended amount of time in the outdoors and away from power outlets in order to keep your gadgets charged. Just leave the solar panels in the sun to charge up it’s battery during the day and charge up your devices at night. This portable charger comes with the USB cable for …

Chargepod Charges 6 Gadgets at Once

Posted in Chargers by Darrin Olson on May 16th, 2007

ChargepodCallpod has a new device called the Chargepod which is a 6-way charging contraption that is able to connect to and charge many of your electronic gadgets at once without having multiple cords running from your power strip for each item.

The Chargepod has many interchangeable power adapters for different devices that are manufacturer-specific complete with “voltage regulator technology” to make sure the device is getting the right amount of juice. The design is pretty sharp, and each connection has a cool blue indicator light showing that power is heading to the device and it is indeed being charged.

Once you get all six of your devices connected in practical use we can’t imagine it’s going to look as clean and organized as the photo implies, but it will certainly be better than needing a power outlet and cord for each item. Just be sure to unplug the

Nokia Goes Green With Phone Chargers

Posted in Chargers,News,Nokia by Darrin Olson on May 12th, 2007

Nokia Energy Saving Phones alert to unplug chargerNokia has come up with a plan to help out the environment by saving some energy when your not charging your mobile phone.

According to Kirsi Sormunen, Vice-President of Environmental Affairs at Nokia, “Around two-thirds of the energy used by a mobile phone is lost when it is unplugged after charging but the charger itself is left in a live socket. We want to reduce this waste and are working on reducing to an absolute minimum the amount of energy our chargers use. The new alerts also play an important role, encouraging people to help us in this goal by unplugging their chargers.”

This seems like a good idea, and most people have no idea that electricity is still being used by chargers that are plugged into a socket but not plugged into any device. I would imagine that electricity might …