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Bone Calculator

Posted in Calculators,Pets by Reuben Drake on August 10th, 2007

Bone CalculatorNo, this isn’t some kind of cool device to calculate skeletal bone density, the number of the bones in your body or anything like that. It’s simply a calculator shaped like a bone which must be targeting dog lovers (or dogs themselves) with each of the little keys shaped as paws.

The Bone Calculator has a clamshell design that flips open to show the number pad on the bottom and a single-line LED display on the top part, and would compliment the desk at any pet shop, veterinary clinic or dog lover in general. The calculator measures 4.5 inches wide and sells for $19.95 at TheSpoonSisters.


HP Launches Retro HP 35s Handheld Calculator

Posted in Calculators,HP by Darrin Olson on July 12th, 2007

HP 35s Handheld calculator for 35th anniversaryToday HP launched a retro-styled calculator in commemoration of the companies 35th anniversaryo of selling handheld calculators. The new HP 35s has an old-school design that looks similar to the original HP 35 handheld calculator but functionality is actually the companies most advanced scientific programmable calculator. The original HP 35 was launched in 1972 and was the first consumer product launched from HP, basically putting the slide rule to rest for good.

The new HP 35s handheld calculator is actually full of functionality with over 800 storage registers, multiple built-in functions, large display and buttons among other features, and comes with a zipper pouch. Then nostalgic and new 35th anniversary calculator from HP will be available for purchase late this summer, retailing for $59.99.

You can find videos, wallpaper and more information about the about the last 35 exciting years of HP …

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