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Hands Free With the Sony MEX-BT2500

Posted in Automotive,Bluetooth,Sony by Chetz on March 1st, 2007

Sony Bluetooth Stereo for the Car allows for hands free operationSony is reporting that its second audio-streaming AM/FM CD receiver equipped with Bluetooth technology will go on sale later this month. The MEX-BT2500 allows up to five different mobile phones to be linked to the unit, meaning that the whole family can talk hands-free when it’s their turn to drive (filling up the gas tank is not included.)

Additionally, if you own a phone equipped with A2DP you can stream direct from the handset to the receiver. The MEX also supports both wired and wireless playback for Bluetooth-enabled digital music players, and for non-Bluetooth devices you can connect direct into the unit via an audio cable jack that’s available separately. New noise cancellation and echo reduction technology makes your hands-free calls clearer on both ends. The faceplate portion is also detachable.

Stylistically, the unit has a sexy blue illumination …

Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth Headset

Posted in Accessories,Bluetooth,Headsets,Plantronics by Paul Patterson on January 27th, 2007

Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth Headset The days of seeking out a quiet location to make a call on your mobile may be over thanks to the Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth Headset. This new headset is a significant improvement in headset design thanks to something called AudioIQ.

AudioIQ is a technology that claims to reduce background noise up to 50 percent. For incoming calls, AudioIQ adapts to background noise levels and improves the receive quality, clarity, and volume level. For outgoing calls, AudioIQ reduces background noise for listeners up to 7-8 decibels, or by approximately 50 percent.

This Discovery 665 also features DSP (digital signal processing) sound technology to automatically optimize audio levels on both sides the call. This feature will significantly increase clarity for mobile phone callers, as well as for the listener on the other end of conversations.

The Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth Headset will …

Quiksilver and Plantronics Announce Bluetooth-Enabled Outerwear

Posted in Accessories,Apparel,Bluetooth,Plantronics by Paul Patterson on January 23rd, 2007

Quiksilver Double Daffy Snow JacketQuiksilver, a leader in outdoor sporting apparel and Plantronics of Bluetooth technology fame have announced a partnership that aims to outfit outdoor enthusiasts with Bluetooth-enabled sports gear. The new line of products is designed to give outdoor enthusiasts a seamless experience to go from one environment to the next while staying continuously connected to their mobile devices.

The new line of apparel and accessories will integrate Quiksilver’s outdoor sports lineup with Bluetooth equipped mobile phones, iPods and MP3 players. Plantronics’ technology will be embedded within the Quiksilver apparel and accessories and allow stereo sound to stream wirelessly from compatible products so that users can play and control music as well as answer incoming calls.

The clothing will be designed for both men and women and will be found under the Quiksilver and Roxy brands. The inaugural collection of apparel and accessories …

Nokia Digital Pen SU-1B – Save 100 Pages of Text in a Pen

Posted in Bluetooth,Nokia,Pens by Chris Weber on January 14th, 2007

Have you tried tablet PC’s but found that writing on one isn’t so enjoyable? Do you like writing notes but wish there was a nice way to transfer them to a digital format? Well your problems are solved.

Nokia’s Digital Pen SU-1B (couldn’t their marketing come up with something better?) is an an ink pen that remembers what it writes. In fact its memory is so good it can remember up to 100 A5 sized pages. A5 is the typical size of American notebook paper used in schools.

The pen is compatible with both phones, via Bluetooth and PC’s, via USB. To use the pen with a phone it must be “paired” to that phone. Once this is done you can send text to your phone.

The pen comes with B7 and A5 sized digital paper. The paper is included with the package but when you run out you must get more at …

Tiniest USB Bluetooth Adapter

Posted in Bluetooth,Newton Peripherals by Chetz on January 14th, 2007

Mogo USB Bluetooth AdapterNewton Peripherals has had some pretty interesting peripherals devices in the past, including the MoGo Mouse, and while MoGo again doesn’t come up with innovative functionality, it certainly does make some innovative designs.

The MoGo Dapter is a Bluetooth adapter for those that can plug into a USB port on notebooks that do not have embedded Bluetooth functionality. What makes this adapter so special is simply it’s size. One plugged into a USB port the profile on this tiny MoGo Dapter makes it almost unnoticeable, sticking out only .4 inches from the USB port, and only .73 inches wide.

The Mogo Dapter works with PC’s and Mac’s, has a range of up to 30 feet and supports up to 7 slave devices.

Product Page [Newton Peripherals]

ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Conference Phone

Posted in Bluetooth,USB,VoIP by Chris Weber on January 4th, 2007

clear sky bluetooth voip conference phoneFor those mobile entrepreneurs who still need the dreaded conference call, the conference room just got a little more mobile. No need to schedule out a conference room weeks in advance just to make sure you have access to the good speaker phone. Find a quiet room anyplace with an internet connection and you’re good to go. You just plug the Bluetooth adapter into a USB port on your laptop and an instant conference center is at your disposal.

The phone has its own batteries so you don’t even need A/C power if you have a laptop. The battery on the unit can be recharged from your laptops USB port.

This kit includes full support for Skype with built in Skype features like SkypeOUt and SkypeIn.

A headset may also be used with this device. The unit has built …

Wii-mote Control with DarwiinRemote

Posted in Bluetooth,Nintendo,Software,Wii by Paul Patterson on January 3rd, 2007

Darwiin Remote for WiiDarwiinRemote is an open source software application and framework that allows you to use the Wiimote to control the applications on your Mac by using it as a mouse or mapping the Wiimote buttons. The Wiimote is one of the revolutionary controllers for the new Nintendo Wii game console.

DarwiinRemote works by syncing with the Wiimote using the Bluetooth connection on your Mac. DarwiinRemote reads data to and from Wiimote and captures the various events raised by the controller. With the DarwiinRemote Framework you can monitor acceleration, buttons, sensor bar, LEDs, and the Rumble feature.

The DarwiinRemote interface displays a graph of all three acceleration forces acting on the Wiimote. When you move the Wiimote, the graph shows the intensity of force. In addition, a log records the history of the commands sent out by the Wiimote.

DarwiinRemote was first released on December 6th, …

Cell Phone Manufacturers Sued by Washington Research Firm

Posted in Bluetooth,Legal,Mobile Phones,News,Nokia,Panasonic,Samsung by Chris Weber on January 3rd, 2007

US Research Firm Sues Phone Makers Over BluetoothWashington Research Firm, located in Seattle, Washington, is claiming that one of its scientists was awarded a patent for some of the technology used in Bluetooth back in 1999. The firm is claiming damages for infringement on the use of “simplified high frequency broadband tuner and tuning method.”

The firm is suing Nokia, Samsung and Panasonic claiming that these cell phone makers “have manufactured, used, imported into the United States, sold and offered for sale devices which, or the use of which, infringes at least the ’963′ patent.” This essential means the manufacturers are using Bluetooth technology in their phones without paying royalties.

It appears the suit is aimed at products manufactured by CSR, a British chip manufacturer. Broadcom, CSR’s US based competitor has a license for the patented technology.

Many suits have been filed over Bluetooth …

i-Blue757 Solar Powered GPS Receiver

Posted in Bluetooth,GPS,Solar Powered by Darrin Olson on December 29th, 2006

i-Blue757 Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS ReceiverTransystems have come out with another small GPS receiver to take with on your travels, but this one can gather it’s power from the sun. The iBlue757 GPS receiver has a built-in rechargeable battery that supplies up to 26 hours of up time on a 3 hour charge, but it also has an added solar panel to add countless hours of operation to this device.

It transfers data wirelessly via Bluetooth, so you will need a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or PDA with your mapping software to send this information to. The site also says it’s compatible with TomTom Mobile Navigation software.

The whole GPS receiver with battery and solar panel included only weighs 105 grams, and allows you to have a nice compact receiver that won’t run out of juice. Now you just have to make sure that your device running your …

Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit

Posted in Automotive,Bluetooth,Motorola by Chetz on December 3rd, 2006

Motorola IHF1000 Bluetooth Car KitMore vehicles are being produced with Bluetooth integration built into the car, so you can speak and listen through your vehicle audio system when you have your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone with you. For the many other cars that currently do not have this integration built in, Motorola has a pretty nice solution.

The Motorola IHF1000 Bluetooth Car Kit is a package of components, most of which are hidden away, that allow you to have wireless and hands-free mobile phone use and conversations in your car. There is a small device pictured here that you mount within reach of the driver which allows you to do basic functions on your Bluetooth enabled phone with voice commands or simple touches to the buttons. In fact, the device will allow you to integrate with up to four different phones that have Bluetooth capabilities.

The Motorola …

Iqua CPW-603 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Posted in Bluetooth,Headsets,Iqua by Paul Patterson on November 26th, 2006

Iqua CPW-603This is the CPW-603 Bluetooth Wireless Headset by Finnish company, Iqua. The headset was designed by Finnish design studio Salovaara & Salonen and combines a clean design with solid functionality.

The functions of the headset include: answering or ending a call, redial, voice dial, and the ability to switch between phone and headset using a single button. The CPW-603 gives you an operating range of up to 10 meters and the battery supplies up to nine hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby.

The headset is available in pearl white, charcoal or pink – to match the colors of LG KG800 Chocolate phone. The CPW-603 is exclusively available through the Carphone Warehouse, either as a stand-alone product or bundled with the iconic LG KG800.

Saitek iFreedom Speakers – Wireless From Your Music Player

Posted in Bluetooth,Home Theater,Speakers by Chetz on November 17th, 2006

Saitek iFreedom Bluetooth SpeakersMP3 players are great because they allow you to easily and conveniently have music wherever you go, but what if you want to share your music? Your options are usually to either split your headphones to share with someone, or you can dock your player to play the music through a bigger system with speakers.

iFreedom from Saitek let’s you share your music wirelessly from your MP3 player through this portable, battery powered set of speakers. It has a little transmitter that hooks up to your player via USB or 3.5mm cable connection. The transmitter will transmit your music to the portable speakers from up to 10 meters away via Bluetooth technology. The MP3 player (namely targeting an iPod I’m guessing from the name of the gadget) can then control the song you are playing (obviously) and the volume of the speakers. The …

Motorola O ROKR Bluetooth Sunglasses

Posted in Apparel,Bluetooth,Headphones,Motorola by Darrin Olson on November 11th, 2006

Motorola O ROKR

Oakley and Motorola teamed up to make these O ROKR sunglasses / headset. The sunglasses are made from light weight “O Matter” weighing about 54 grams so that they can be comfortable for extended periods of time. The lenses are interchangeable (comes with one set) and they are made from Plutonite to filter 100% of all UV rays.

What makes this a cool gadget is the fact that the O ROKR glasses double as a Bluetooth wireless headset. You can use the dual ear pieces attached to the sunglasses to listen to a Bluetooth enabled phone or a music player with Bluetooth or a Bluetooth adapter. You can also take calls from your phone on the O ROKR glasses like you would with a normal Bluetooth headset.

The glasses have functionality built into them to remotely operate the playing devices. You can control volume, answer …

iLuv i202 Bluetooth Headphones

Posted in Bluetooth,Headphones,iLuv by Quagmire on November 10th, 2006

iLuv i202The iLuv i202 is a versatile set of headphones that allow you to both listen to your music and take or make phone calls wirelessly with Bluetooth technology. The audio-adapter dongle lets you connect the headset to devices without Bluetooth, thus converting most any audio device into a wireless device.

The swivel and ear-clip design secures the perfect comfortable fit around your ear and feels much like a natural extension of them.

The headset features integrated control functions for Play, Pause, Skip, and Volume. The built-in rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy continuous listening time up to 14 hours, continuous talking time up to 13 hours, and standby time up to 200 hours. The communication range is up to 33ft.

iLuv i202

Helio Drift Features GPS-Enabled Google Maps Mobile

Posted in Bluetooth,Helio,Mobile Phones by Paul Patterson on November 9th, 2006

Helio DriftHelio has announced the launch of the newest mobile phone in its family of mobile devices targeted towards young, connected consumers. The Drift is a slender slider phone produced by Samsung and made exclusively for Helio members.

The Drift supports Helio GPS services that feature Google Maps for mobile. This service allows you to use a GPS-enabled version of Google Maps for Mobile to find your current location or a nearby restaurant or coffeehouse. Helio members also get real-time traffic reports, detailed step-by-step directions displayed on the map, and integrated search results.

Another handy GPS feature is the Buddy Beacon which allows Helio members to broadcast their location to the friends they add to their Buddy List. Once the Buddy Beacon is activated, their Buddy List friends can see their location on a map along with a nearby address.

The Drift features a 2.12 inch …