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ARGARD M10 Bluetooth Headset

Posted in ARGARD,Bluetooth,Headsets by Darrin Olson on June 29th, 2007

ARGARD M10 Bluetooth headsetArgard has launched a stylin’ new Bluetooth headset to coincide with today’s iPhone launch called the ARGARD M10. This headset breaks the mold of the common headset with an over-ear piece and a protruding microphone.

ARGARD M10 Bluetooth headset is smaller than a quarter and fits in your earThe M10 has a small, solid, stainless steel-looking frame with a diameter no larger than a quarter. It’s designed with three different sized silicone ear pieces to fit different sized ears and will fit and stay inside your ear. A large button on the end (probably the only place you can push anyway with it in your ear) will answer and end calls. Volume controls are also around the outside of the device and it supports the ability to adjust the volume from your mobile device through the Bluetooth connection. The cradle also contributes …

Plantronics Voyager 520 All-Day Bluetooth Headset

Posted in Bluetooth,Headsets,Plantronics by Darrin Olson on June 28th, 2007

Plantronics Voyager 520 Bluetooth headsetPlantronics has a wireless Bluetooth headset coming soon called the Voyager 520, which is designed for ease of use and all-day wear for those that spend a lot of their day on the phone and on the go. It has a sharp looking black and silver design and Plantronics claims that the earpiece is comfortable enough to last you all day, or until it reaches the 8 hours of talk time or 180 hours of standby time.

It also has a special screen to reduce wind noise and a filter for the microphone to cancel out background noises. A nice feature called QuickPair makes it quick and easy to match up to a Bluetooth mobile phone and it also can switch between two mobile devices as needed. Also to keep things simple, the Voyager 520 has a single button that answers calls and …

AIRcable Host XR Long-Range Bluetooth

Posted in AIRcable,Bluetooth by Chris Weber on June 27th, 2007

AIRcable Host XR long-range Bluetooth transmitter up to 30kmWireless Bluetooth is a great technology but unfortunately it usually keeps you tethered at a distance of less than 10 meters. This works great when the signal need only go from your pocket to your ear but what if you wanted to roam a little further with wireless headphones or a VoIP phone?

AIRcable has launched the Host XR long-range Bluetooth transmitter specifically for this issue, to extend your Bluetooth range to distances as far as 30km. Included in the standard $129 package is a small antenna with a range of 1km in any direction, and an optional 9 dBi omni-directional antenna will double that range. An 18 dBi directional antenna can bring your range up to 10km but only in one specific direction, and the industrial version of the Host XR can bring this to as much as 30km. …

iLuv i199 Home Theater With BluePin

Posted in Bluetooth,Home Theater,iLuv,iPod Accessories by Darrin Olson on June 17th, 2007

iLuv i199 stereo bluetooth player in blackYou’ve probably already guessed with all the i’s prefixing the name of this product that this home multimedia system has some claimed integration with Apple’s iPod player, and it does. In fact the integration the iLuv i199 has with the iPod and other devices is pretty legit and actually useful.

The iLuv provides quality music playback through jAura speakers and can play music from a variety of sources. The top of the device has a universal dock for iPods which will playback songs and charge the device. If you connect the AV out to your television you can even watch videos from your iPod through the iLuv system on your TV.

Probably the most significant feature of the iLuv i199 is the BluePin Bluetooth audio transmitter and receiver. What the BLuePin does is allow you to stream media from other Bluetooth enabled devices …

FCC OK’s Apple Bluetooth Headset

Posted in Apple,Bluetooth,Headsets,Kids by Darrin Olson on June 16th, 2007

Apple Bluetooth headset approved for sale along with iPhoneMany may not remember or had even noticed the tiny Bluetooth headset that Apple announced in January along with the iPhone, but AppleInsider did notice that the headset was recently approved by the FCC to go on sale potentially along side the Apple iPhone launching at the end of this month.

Little has been said about the Bluetooth headset from Apple other than there will be another headset accessory that’s wired to be marketed with the iPhone as well. No information on any pricing or availability has been made public and any photographs and the user manual from the wireless headset were excluded from the FCC report.
Apple Bluetooth headset FCC drawing

Voiis Mini Pocket Messenger

Posted in Bluetooth,Mobile Phones,Skype,VoIP by Chetz on June 14th, 2007

Voiis Mini Pocket MessengerThe Voiis Mini Pocket Messenger phone is one of those sweet looking pieces of sexy hardware that looks like it belongs on the Discovery spaceship seen in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

It connects with your PC via Bluetooth tech and then lets you have wireless Skype, Windows Media Player, iTunes, MSN Messenger fun while you stand within a 100 meter range of the base. It also has a built-in microphone, headphones, a 1.2-inch color display and a 3.5mm headphone slot in case you want to plug in your own choice of sonic earmuffs.

Battery life is about six hours in use (via rechargeable Lithium Ion) and about 72 hours in standby mode. If you’re always stuck in the office or home and want to be connected online all the time to your “Second Life” buddies or IMs from net friends then this …

Samsung T9+ “Third Story” MP3 Player

Posted in Bluetooth,Media Players,Samsung by Darrin Olson on June 12th, 2007

Samsung T9+ Third Story adds multiplayer gamingSamsung launched the T9+ media player named the “Third Story” which is the 3rd generation of the T9 media player. The previous “stories” of the T9 brought Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headsets and Bluetooth enabled mobile phones but this version adds to the multi-device interaction with multi-player gaming.

The T9+ is available only in Korea for now and has five games already available that T9+ owners can play against each other from up to 30 feet away. It also holds to its original functionality by playing MP3 and WMA music files, MPEG4 video, static images and houses an FM tuner and recorder. The T9+ comes in capacities of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB.

Press Release (Korean) via MobileWhack

Nokia CK-15W Bluetooth Display Car Kit

Posted in Automotive,Bluetooth,Nokia by Chris Weber on June 7th, 2007

Nokia CK-15W Bluetooth Display Car Kit displays mobile phone information on in your carIt looks like Nokia is getting ready to release an in-car Bluetooth product to provide the driver information on their Bluetooth enabled mobile phone while driving.

According to Crave the Nokia CK-15W Bluetooth Display Car Kit provides on-screen information to manage incoming and outgoing calls through the 2.2″ TFT display. The device is mounts on the dashboard at more of an eye level to keep drivers eyes more on the road and less looking down at their handset.

The CK-15W is expected to have some “handsome” looking menus and can download the entire Contacts list from your mobile phone to the device. The photo shows a graphical menu with what looks to be icons for Contacts, a Bluetooth connection, some synchronization function and a couple tools that may be used to configure the device.

No information …

Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth Car Kit

Posted in Automotive,Bluetooth,Parrot by Darrin Olson on May 29th, 2007

Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth Car Kit for hands free music or phone conversations through your car stereoParrot has just released a super-easy to use Bluetooth car kit to facilitate easy, hands-free phone conversations and music through your cars FM stereo. By simply plugging this device into your cars 12V cigarette lighter adapter and setting the PMK5800 to an open FM frequency it will transfer music or voice wirelessly through the speakers in your car.

Provided you have a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or MP3 player and your car has an FM radio, this device is a really a pretty simple plug-and-play device. Getting its power from the cars 12V adapter and it’s voice or music through Bluetooth there is no wires or installation necessary. Full duplex voice conversations can be done hands-free through the car stereo as well without having to install any elaborate system in your car.

Aside from …

HouseParty Blu Blutooth Stereo

Posted in Bluetooth,Dock,Speakers by Chetz on May 14th, 2007

Houseparty Blue Bluetooth speakers and iPod dockWhat you’re looking at is the HouseParty Blu by Gear4, a Bluetooth-enabled stereo speaker system for your portable music player or mobile phone of choice. Just make sure that your media player supports A2DP or V1.2 or, if you’re into that visual style thing, dock your iPod into the top base and you’re all set to play your tunes over the Blu.

Each speaker produces 300 watts of power. There’s also a remote control, an auxiliary line for hooking up a second MP3 player, touch-screen controls on the display, backlighting done with LEDs, and it can charge your iPod while the device is docked. It also helps that the Blu has a nice look to it and would look sharp stationed beside your home entertainment system. $160 or thereabouts will get your own house party started.

via RedFerret

Slaudiolab SRS-200BD Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Posted in Accessories,Bluetooth,iPod by Chetz on April 19th, 2007

Slaudiolab Bluetooth iPod Audio Transmitter SRS-200BDThe FCC has approved a Bluetooth audio transmitter accessory for the Apple iPod so you can rock away without your earbuds. Developed by Korean manufacturer Slaudiolab, the SRS-200BD has built-in SRS WOW HD audio enhancement capability so the music that will be delivered will be clear and shaped for the acoustic environment.

The device docks into the base of the iPod and will be compatible with all the different versions of Apple’s music box as well as come in both black and white models. Price and availability of the SRS-200BD haven’t been announced yet but this one should be in stores by the summer.

via Gizmodo

Evoq Qstik Bluetooth Headset

Posted in Bluetooth,Headsets by Chetz on April 17th, 2007

Evoq Qstik bluetooth headsetCould it be true? A Bluetooth enabled headset that delivers ultra-clear sound and voice transmission? And it also can detect your mobile phone wirelessly? It can’t be…but according to reports emerging from our lucky friends in England, it is.

The Evoq Headset by Qstik incorporates Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) as well as incoming and outgoing noise cancellation so you get amazing sound quality on both ends of your call. Qstik’s parent company is in the business of making communication devices for military and high-end corporations so they decided to put all of their technologies for the big boys into this toy for Joe Average.

A 200 MIPS ultra-low power Digital Signal Processor made originally for hearing aid devices boosts your communication quality well past other similar kinds of devices. You get about 5 hours talk time out of the Evoq, 4.5 hours …

Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway

Posted in Bluetooth,Kyocera,music by Chetz on April 4th, 2007

Kyocera Wireless Bluetooth music gatewayIf you’re looking for a device that will allow you to stream wirelessly the songs you have in your phone or digital music player straight into your home entertainment system, Kyocera’s Bluetooth Music Gateway may fit your bill.

Measuring 87 mm x 74 mm x 20 mm and weighing just 3 ounces and about the size of a mobile phone, the Gateway plugs into your system’s RCA port and then plugs into your music player via the headset jack so you can hear your tunes aloud in your home. If you have a MP3 or phone equipped with Stereo Bluetooth, you can stream the songs wirelessly to the Gateway. You can also send the music (or listen to the radio or TV audio too) to any wireless Bluetooth enabled headset speakers and listen that way too, if you’ve got someone else living with …

Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth Headsets

Posted in Bang & Olufsen,Bluetooth,Headsets by Chetz on March 28th, 2007

Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth HeadsetBang & Olufsen have always made sweet-looking sound systems that we’ve lusted over, and their latest creation does the same for us again. At last week’s CeBIT show in Hanover, Samsung had the WEP 420 and WEP 500, their two latest Bluetooth Headsets designed by B&O, on display in a booth devoted entirely to the pair.

The 420 has its control buttons hidden behind a sliding cover. The idea behind this isn’t just to ogle the Headset more but to block static and make your listening experience exceptionally clearer. The charger cradle for the unit also looks nice displayed in your theater room and will instill envy in those that come to visit your humble abode.

The WEP 500, which goes by the sexy name Mini Bluetooth Headset, is the smaller sister of the duo. If you’re looking for something that comes in a …

Pro Click Mobile mouse for cramped spaces

Posted in Bluetooth,Mouse,Razer Pro by Darrin Olson on March 18th, 2007

Razer Pro click precicison mobile mouseRazer Pro Solutions creates a number of precision products, including high precision mice along with mouse pads to allow a wide range of precision for different levels of required movement and accuracy.

The Pro Click Mobile mouse is a wireless Bluetooth notebook mouse with a high level of precision in movement to allow its use restricted spaces. Using your notebook on an airplane is a common place where a traditional wireless mouse is just not practical, and you usually end up becoming an expert with the touch sensitive pad or trackpoint device.

This small precision mobile mouse has a 1200 dpi optical sensor that requires only an inch or so of desk space wiggle room to navigate your pointer across the entire width of the screen. It also has an ambidextrous design to allow use by both right handers and south paws.

The …