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BlueWatchDog: Bluetooth personal anti-theft device

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on September 30th, 2009

BlueWatchDog: Bluetooth personal anti-theft deviceBluetooth technology is great for handling wireless, hands-free calls, but I bet you’ve never used it like this. Think of this one as a virtual perimeter device. The BlueWatchDog Personal Anti-Theft Alarm will alert you on your cellphone if someone steals your belongings, like say your wallet and takes them outside of your specific radius.

Basically the alarm will sound in an ear piercing shriek that hopefully will make the thief scared and drop what they are stealing…. Only to have them break it if it’s an expensive device no doubt.

Bluetooth headset and microSD reader

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on September 23rd, 2009

Bluetooth headset and microSD readerBrando is calling this one the Ultimate Bluetooth headset. What’s so ultimate about it? Maybe because it comes with a built-in microSD memory card reader and supports USB charging. Ultimate? Probably not. To be ultimate it would need to be an in-ear iPhone or something.

Still, it is convenient to carry a microSD memory card with you at all times in your Bluetooth headset. And it only costs $39 to give it a go. They also offer an 8GB microSD card bundle for $65.

Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet Watch

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on September 21st, 2009

Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet WatchThe Bluetooth bracelet is designed to be worn on your wrist. When your pal calls your phone it vibrates to alert you of the incoming call. This is handy, say, if your phone is tucked away in a travel bag or if you have left it somewhere.

An LCD display on the front shows who is calling and when your phone goes out of range it also lets you know that the link has been lost. It’s also a watch. Some other features include: LCD Display Caller ID (showing Caller’s name from your phone book / Caller number), Can be charged by laptop or home PC via the USB cable provided, or the bundled AC adapter, LCD Display Size: 22mm wide, Bluetooth Spec: version: 1.2 – Compatible with V1.1, V1.2 & V2, Bluetooth Profiles: supported Headset and Hands free profile, Frequency range: 2.4GHz, Stand-by time: 100 hours.

Guidepoint offers Bluetooth hands free with roadside assistance and more

Posted in Bluetooth by Shane McGlaun on September 3rd, 2009

guidepointhandsfree-sbThere are lots of cars on the road from GM that feature OnStar. The service allows drivers to place hands free calls and dials 911 automatically in the event of an accident. The GPS features of the service can also provide the exact location of the car for EMS and roadside assistance.

A company called Guidepoint has announced a new hands free Bluetooth device that offers some of the same features as OnStar. The device can be coupled with an optional GPS tracker to give positional information for roadside assistance and EMS services.

IQUA smart badge Bluetooth headset

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on August 24th, 2009

IQUA smart badge Bluetooth headsetThe IQUA smart badge Bluetooth headset is pretty unique and pretty neat too. Corporations will probably love this as it uses a corporate ID along with a Bluetooth headset. The device offers talk time of up to 40 hours and standby time of 600 hours.

The IQUA will also give you vibration alert if you want to keep things on the quiet and can handle VoIP calls and 3-way conference calls. You’ll know if the Bluetooth connection is active thanks to some multi-colored LEDs which also indicate current call status and low battery.

Jabra Go 6400 and Pro 9400 Bluetooth Headphones with Touchscreen Base Dock

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on July 1st, 2009

Jabra Touchscreen Base DockJabra is well known for its Bluetooth headsets. Now the company has released the Jabra Go 6400 and Pro 9400 Bluetooth headsets that come with a charging dock with a touchcreen display.

The 6400 features a standard Bluetooth range and looks exactly like a typical Bluetooth headset from Jabra, while the 9400 looks more like a receptionist’s headset that you can wear around your house at up to a 450-foot range.

E-LEAD Bluetooth Lazy Pad

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on June 9th, 2009

E-LEAD Bluetooth Lazy PadE-LEAD Electronics has introduced its latest device. As the name implies it’s something for the laziest among us. The Lazy Pad is a combination Bluetooth keyboard and mouse seen at Computex 2009. If your own notebook or PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, don’t worry. The Lazy Pad can also be used via USB.

The built-in 500mAh li-ion battery will last up to 8 hours of continuous usage. But where’s the mouse part? The arrow buttons? Is that’s the case…Lame. So how lazy are you? Would you buy one of these?

Bluetooth SIG officially adopts Bluetooth 3.0

Posted in Bluetooth by Shane McGlaun on April 22nd, 2009

bluetooth30-sb1Bluetooth has become one of the most important wireless specifications on the market. We find Bluetooth in all sorts of devices today from printers and cell phones to computer mice and more. The Bluetooth SIG has been working for a long time on the newest Bluetooth specification known as Bluetooth 3.0.

This week the Bluetooth SIG officially adapted the Bluetooth 3.0 specification officially called Bluetooth Core Specification Version 3.0 + High Speed. The new specification boosts speeds by linking traditional Bluetooth with an 802.11 radio allowing for up to 24Mbps of data transmission.

Jabra’s HALO stereo Bluetooth headset and SP200 speakerphone

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on April 1st, 2009

Jabra's HALO stereo Bluetooth headset and SP200 speakerphoneJabra has something new for the wireless music crowd with the announcement of its stereo Bluetooth HALO headphones. They have absolutely nothing to do with Master Chief. It will give you six hours of playback on a single charge, AVRCP support, Jabra’s Noise Blackout circuitry for improved quality when using it for calls, and micro-USB charging.

The HALO folds up for easy storage, which will also power it on and off. You may also want to check out the SP200 speakerphone, which will give you 10 hours of talk time, 23 days of standby, and active noise reduction. The HALO will arrive in May for $129.99, while the SP200 hits in April for $59.99.

solChat solar powered bluetooth speaker phone

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on March 17th, 2009

solChat solar powered bluetooth speaker phoneScosche just launched a new solar powered gadget in the Solchat Bluetooth Speaker Phone. It’s designed to be used in your car, and features a built in lithium ion rechargeable battery and a solar panel so you can charge it up it in your car’s windshield.

In addition to being able to be charged by the suns rays, it also can be recharged via USB or via a car adaptor. It’s available now for $99.99.

Car Bluetooth speaker fits inside your steering wheel

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on January 21st, 2009

Car Bluetooth speaker fits inside your steering wheelIf your car isn’t new enough to have Bluetooth integration, this Steering Wheel Bluetooth Adapter may be the perfect solution. It fits around the inner part of a steering wheel with some options for size adjustment. For $63 the adapter sports a microphone and speakers for speakerphone, an LCD display for incoming callers, SD port for MP3s, USB and FM-out so you can play everything back through your car’s stereo.

There is a catch however, the adapter’s power source is your car’s cigarette lighter. You would be connecting your steering wheel to the lighter. Which could be a safety hazard. Unless it’s rechargeable. In that case don’t charge it while driving.

BGP100 Bluetooth gamepad for phones

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on December 31st, 2008

BGP100 Bluetooth gamepad for phonesAlthough we wish it were so, we have to face reality: Your cell phone is not going to become your primary portable gaming device anytime soon. The best it can hope for is offer a decent alternative to the DS and PSP, especially with the iPhone’s capability. But what about other powerful handsets that could prove to be decent gaming platforms, but lack the proper controls?

The BGP100 Bluetooth gamepad for phones aims to fill this void, and supports a bunch of smartphone platforms including Windows Mobile, PocketPC and Symbian UIQ. It features a special twisting design and you can attach the BGP100 to a wide range of phones as long as they do not exceed 55mm in width. If it turns out that your handset is too large for the BGP100, you can also use it as a standalone gamepad when folded up.

Callpod Drone connects Bluetooth from 100 meters

Posted in Bluetooth by Darrin Olson on November 14th, 2008

Callpod Drone Bluetooth adapterThe folks at Callpod have now officially come out with the Callpod Drone Bluetooth 2.0 adapter we had heard about much earlier this year. The adapter connects to your PC or Mac through a standard USB port and provides streaming audio for headsets or speakers without installing any software or any complicated pairing.

In fact, you can be streaming music to your wireless Bluetooth speakers and the device will automatically switch to your Bluetooth headset when a VoIP calls comes in from tools like Skype. If that’s not enough, CallPod is boasting that the Drone has a Class-1 range of 100 meters. We’re expecting to get a chance to try this out for ourselves in the near future, allowing us to take advantage of the Bluetooth headsets we already have instead of a mess of wires to take VoIP calls.

Steampunk Bluetooth ear piece

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on September 17th, 2008

Steampunk Bluetooth ear pieceWe’ve seen our share of steampunk, but never Bluetooth. Nicrosin’s Victorian-style Bluetooth device should be mass produced and powered solely by winding. He makes his creations from sculpey and watch parts, then lines it with leather for comfort. Though it still looks like it will eat your ear. The prop is fully adjustable and flexible and if you find yourself in a Steampunk alternate reality, you just might be able to use this baby to call your favorite Steampunk droid.

Sony DR-BT140QP Bluetooth earphones

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on June 16th, 2008

Sony DR-BT140QP Bluetooth earphones
Sony Japan just announced their new Bluetooth headphones, the DR-BT140QP. They’re pretty nice looking and promise to make you look less dorky.

They feature Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR with support for A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP profiles and have onboard Lithium Ion batteries for up to 12 hours of continuous playback with a standby time of 200 hours. They also have a mic for hands-free action. They’ll be available in four colors black, white, silver and pink for about $139.