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BlackBerry Dakota / Montana spotted

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on February 20th, 2011

The BlackBerry Bold Touch Dakota/Montana has been sighted and it looks like it is wrapped in a carbon fiber weave. The touchscreen experience is said to be far better than the Torch. To refresh your memory, here are some specs: It runs on OS 6.1, sports a 2.8-inch VGA 640×480 capacitive screen, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, NFC, and a 5MP camera.

This model has only 6.5GB of built in storage, and 512MB of RAM. If you are a RIM fan, you need to seriously check this one out. It looks like RIM is stepping up their game. The compass is being shown off in the image above.

BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB for $499 at Office Depot

Posted in Playbook by Conner Flynn on February 10th, 2011

We now have more details on the availability and pricing for BlackBerry’s PlayBook. Looks like it will be available at Office Depot for $499.99 and in “week 17” which means about the last week of April. The PlayBook will have 16 GB of storage, wifi and is capable of 3G speeds when connected to a Blackberry phone.

The pricing is on par with Apple’s iPad, but RIM will want to get the PlayBook out as soon as possible since Apple’s iPad 2 is coming.

BlackBerry PlayBook coming to Verizon?

Posted in Playbook by Conner Flynn on February 9th, 2011

Of course the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be heading to Sprint with support for its 4G WiMAX network, but what about Verizon? Well, it looks like Verizon will be getting it as well. A page was discovered that previously allowed users to join an early-access type of program for the PlayBook on Verizon.

Looks like the site is owned by a marketing agency that works for RIM and Verizon, so it looks credible. There’s no official confirmation that the PlayBook will be arriving on Verizon though. I guess we will see what happens.

New Blackberry Curve image and specs

Posted in Curve by Conner Flynn on January 30th, 2011

It may be at least a year until you can lay hands on the Blackberry Curve Touch,but in the meantime you can drool over some rumored specs. The phone will be called Malibu and will have CDMA – EvDo Rev A connectivity.

It will sport a Qualcomm MSM 8655 800MHz CPU and feature a 5 MP camera with HD Video recording capabilities and a 3.25″ Display with 480×360 HVGA resolution. The rest are pretty standard specs. There should be a GSM version too. Both pricing and availability are not yet announced.

PlayBook might hit 6 million sales mark in 2011

Posted in Playbook by Conner Flynn on January 25th, 2011

Things are looking up for the BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM. We know that it will have a comparable (or even better) battery life than the iPad. And now there is talk of a 6 million sales figure for the year ahead, according to RBC Capital Markets GM Mike Abramsky.

This figure comes from the data of an independent survey of 1,100 consumers that found out that 6% of respondents were likely to purchase the BlackBerry PlayBook as soon as it arrives. To put that in perspective, that is almost double the interest shown ahead of the iPad’s launch, so when you extrapolate that you get 6 million. Can RIM actually get those sales?

RIM says PlayBook battery life will be ‘equal or greater than the iPad with smaller battery size’

Posted in Playbook by Conner Flynn on January 24th, 2011

Lately RIM has been saying that its PlayBook slate would have “comparable” battery life to the iPad, but now it is going one better. The company’s senior business marketing VP Jeff McDowell has promised that the PlayBook will offer “equal or greater” battery life than Apple’s device, while using a smaller cell size. It’s an impressive boast.

If they can deliver what they claim, then the iPad needs to pay attention. Many people consider the battery to be one of the iPad’s greatest strengths. They have until that March launch to turn this claim into a reality.

BlackBerry Storm 3 Leaked

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on January 14th, 2011

The folks over at the BGR have gotten their hands on some leaked images and specifications for the new BlackBerry Storm 3. It looks like it will feature a 3.7 inch capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, a 1.2GHz processor, a five megapixel camera which can record HD video in 720p, 8GB of built in storage and 512MB of RAM.

The BlackBerry Storm 3 will also pack in a microSD card slot, a proximity sensor, accelerometer, magnetometer, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, WiFi, and can also be used as a 3G mobile hotspot. It looks like it will launch in two or possibly three versions globally.

RIM says PlayBook battery will last ‘all day’

Posted in Playbook by Conner Flynn on January 13th, 2011

During a business presentation in Boston on Thursday RIM wanted to reassure consumers about the battery life of the BlackBerry PlayBook, hoping to ease worries about longevity. Senior product lead Ryan Bidan said that the audience didn’t have to worry about how long the battery would last. The goal is still officially to get eight hours, or about a “full day” of use.

The battery is 5,300mAH with a capacity of about a third larger than that of the battery on the Galaxy Tab. To reach that capacity, RIM has sealed in the pack to get as much internal space as possible. No removable battery here. Does this statement alleviate your concerns about the Playbook’s battery life?

BlackBerry Dakota photo and specs leak

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on January 13th, 2011

The BlackBerry Dakota which we first heard about in July, is pictured here in a photo from BGR. It features a 2.8-inch (VGA resolution) capacitive touchscreen with the BlackBerry Bold-style keyboard. It looks pretty handsome.

Other features include the fact that it’s a quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE device with tri-band UMTS, there’s a 5 megapixel cam with HD video recording, 4GB of storage, and 768MB of RAM. The phone will also have WiFi and be 3G hotspot-enabled, and will run BlackBerry OS 6.1. No word on pricing or availability yet.

Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry launched

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on December 14th, 2010

RIM and Amazon.com have teamed up to launch Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry smartphones. That means that Blackberry addicts will be able to access Amazon’s catalog of over 14 million songs and enjoy them on the go. Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry allows users to browse, preview, download, store, and even inform their friends about their favorite music.

It will let you download music via Wi-Fi or over the air (OTA), browse through what’s new, check out deals, top songs, top albums, genres, and sub genres among other things. Just like iTunes, you can also check out a 30-second sample of a track before buying.

BlackBerry News Feeds beta launches

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on December 13th, 2010

BlackBerry users, like everyone else, want to be kept up to date with the latest news, so having a decent RSS feed reader on the BlackBerry platform is a good thing. And we have just that with the BlackBerry News Feeds app.

This app will aggregate and deliver all of your RSS feeds in a clean and easy to use way, however one downside is that Google Reader support is not there. Even so, it’s easy to use when adding feeds and allows you to sift through unread items quickly like any other RSS feed reader.

BlackBerry overtakes iOS in US web share

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on December 1st, 2010

The BlackBerry had a victory today after StatCounter showed the platform overtaking the iPhone in web use in the US. They’ve been steadily narrowing the gap over the past year, and now RIM just slightly overtook Apple in traffic, accounting for 34.3 percent of American traffic while iOS slipped to 33 percent. Despite signs of growth before, Android as a web platform has leveled off at just 23.8 percent.

Worldwide figures also show RIM climbing, at 19.25 percent, but it still trailed iOS’ 21.9 percent and was well behind Symbian’s 31.9 percent. If these trends continue, Android and BlackBerry devices could get twice the web share of iOS sometime next year.

BlackBerry 8980 revealed by FCC

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on November 30th, 2010

The folks over at the FCC have let some pictures and details slip about the upcoming BlackBerry 8980, a device that seems to be a successor to the Curve 8900. The phone pictured above will boast a quad-band GSM antenna, Wi-Fi b/g/n, and a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash.

And according to the user manual, it will be powered by BlackBerry OS 5. The device looks very similar to the BlackBerry 9700, which is a popular BB version, so that’s probably good news.

BlackBerry Torch now in red and white at AT&T stores

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on November 7th, 2010

Just a day before Windows Phone 7 hits its stores, AT&T is announcing a pair of new BlackBerry Torch SKUs. These are just basic repaints called Sunset Red and Pure White. The Pure White includes a white keyboard but fails to be pure as it still has a dark optical pad.

Pricing is $499 or $99 if you can commit to a two-year contract. Both colors look pretty respectable. And you can always go for the regular version if these don’t do it for you.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and Curve 9300 now available on AT&T

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2010

We assume that you have been saving up your dough, so now you can get ready to spend it since the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and BlackBerry Curve 9300 are now available.

Both devices are available for purchase directly from the AT&T store. The Pearl 9100 will cost you $149 on a two-year contract while the Curve 9300 will only cost you $99 on a two-year contract.