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Dream Car 123: Pyramid power is back

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on September 14th, 2008

Dream Car 123: Pyramid power is backBack in February, the Dream Car 123 was the latest in pyramid power cars. Still is, but now instead of cruising the streets at about 45 mph, with an 80-mile range, it’s got a far greater range these days. It also has bullet proof glass should the Pope want to get in on the action. They’ve also cut costs considerably. Back in February, pricing for the amazingly un-streamlined car was about $60,000 in supplies.

Fast forward to today, with the Dream Car now costing about $8,000 in materials with a mass production model being somewhere between $16,000 and $24,000. A 3.5 hour charge will give the car a 240 mile-range for about $5 in electricity costs. Sure, people will see you coming and call 911, thinking you’re an alien, but it’s well worth it should you buy one in the future or build one yourself.

Dolmette motorcyle is powered by 24 Dolmar Chainsaw Engines

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on September 14th, 2008

Dolmette motorcyle is powered by 24 Dolmar Chainsaw EnginesWhen you power a motorcycle with 24 petrol chain saws which have the best power to weight ratio, it has to be a hell of a ride. All of the chainsaw engines and the 5-speed Harley-Davidson transmission generates a total displacement of 1.9 litres, a power output of 125 kW (170 PS) and 130 Nm of torque at the centrifugal clutches.

That’s all technical talk, but I think we can assume that it’s fast and powerful. In case you were wondering, twelve engines are mounted in two rows of six on either side of the drive belt casing. Each engine is held in place by two threaded studs that normally serve to secure the guide bar to the chainsaw power head. The individual motors are coupled together in sets of three by means of a double-sided drive belt, making up eight modules in all. All in all pretty impressive and it looks like a strange jet-bike. Check out the video below and watch as they yank each engine to life as well as another of the bike in action.

Solar powered UFO caught by police

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on September 11th, 2008

Solar powered UFO caught by policeMarcelo da Luz is not an alien. He has never probed another living thing. In fact he loves his home planet so much that for the past two years he has been driving his solar powered car across the country. But when he reached the Sarah Palin/alien fearing state of Alaska earlier in the week, his UFO car was spotted by a concerned citizen who called 911 to report a UFO sighting. Nevermind that UFO’s reside in the sky and this was on the road.

Alaskan police are not the sort to let aliens roam their highways so they went into action, probably hearing 70′s theme music in their heads, and pulled over Marcelo for interrogation. Once they realized that it was yet another human on the open road, they let bygones be bygones and let him go. Marcelo has has been pulled over at least seven times thanks to his odd vehicle.

Star Trek art car: Worst starship ever?

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on September 10th, 2008

Star Trek art car: Worst starship ever?Right off the bat, this is not in the same league as the Final Frontier bike. Apparently this comes from Greece where Star Trek must be very different. Apparently in their Star Trek starships are black little vehicles with a weak version of the saucer section bursting out of the roof, tiny red nacelles in back for speed and their own version of the Fonz giving two thumbs up.

I shouldn’t be so harsh. It says Star Trek Fan Club of Athens on it and they probably don’t have that large of a budget. Fact is any Trek car is awesome just because it exists. Still, if the klingon fan club pulled up next you at a light, they would laugh their facial ridges off and you would feel rightly embarrassed.

The Blade will save gas & money

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on September 3rd, 2008

The Blade will save gas & moneyThis device sounds too good to be true. It’s called the Blade and it screws onto the end of your tailpipe. Through extensive testing, it supposedly shows from 16-34% savings on gas! That’s an average of about 3.8 MPG’s. As an example, a US driver goes an average of about 30 miles per day or 10,800 miles per year. At the national average of 22 MPG that means about 490 gallons of gas. At $4, that’s roughly $2,000.

Apparently, when you add the BLADE to your tailpipe, you would only use about 418 gallons or about $1,675. Your savings would be roughly $325! Since I suck at math, I’m forced to take their word for it. The device costs $200, so you could make your money back in several months and still be saving after that. It saves gas, money and the environment. What more do you want?

The Dogsled Quadcycle human powered vehicle

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on August 18th, 2008

The Dogsled Quadcycle human powered vehicleThe Dogsled quadcycle looks like it was built using a giant erector or K’Nex set. It’s the result of a father and son project. They wanted something interesting to ride around in at this year’s Burning Man festival. Something about the design leaves other similar projects in the dust. It’s environmentally friendly and when you divide the pedaling among 4 people, it’s a real breeze to operate. Looks like a whole lot of fun.

The best grill is in back of a fire truck

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on August 13th, 2008

The best grill is in back of a fire truck
We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t cover our share of grills. It’s summer and there’s nothing quite like a beautiful day in the skies above and the smell of burning meat wafting up from below. And there’s no better place to do your grilling then from the back of a vintage replica fire truck. If you’re starting a fire, you might as well grill in a truck that can put it out right?

It only costs $3,300. Why the hell not. If you modified this thing to actually run, which I don’t believe it does at that price, you could have a kind of traveling BBQ show and go from town to town, grilling your way into the hearts and minds of your fellow barbecue enthusiasts.

In-car microwave for breakfast on the go

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on August 12th, 2008

In-car microwave for breakfast on the go
I for one thought that we had all the distractions we could handle behind the wheel. Apparently, there was one thing missing. That must be why Maplin introduced a portable microwave oven that runs on 12 Volts DC. Put this baby in the passenger seat and heat up your coffee and breakfast as you’re stuck in traffic.

It’s kind of like carpooling with a cook. It’s probably really made for tailgating parties, but don’t let that stop you from ramming the car in front of you while you heat up the hot pocket of death. The Maplin Car Microwave is available now for about $180, which is a little steep. Might as well cook with gas at that price.

Vancake is a VW bus for tiny hippies

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on August 5th, 2008

Vancake is a VW bus for tiny hippies
Does this qualify as a Lowrider? I have no idea. It’s claimed that the Vancake is the lowest Volkswagen Bus in the world. Tiny hippies use it to go back and forth between Burning Man and Middle Earth. It measures only 3 feet tall and was originally a VW Camper.

Apparently it manages to be street legal. Designers Just Kampers and Andy Saunders created the Vancake in just three days. They did all the work during the Bug Jam festival at the UK’s Santa Pod Raceway from June 18 to June 20, which consisted of removing the Volkswagen’s roof, putting in an electric sunroof, and completely redoing the paint job. It may be street legal, but it’s just plain wrong.

DIY Tumbler built by one man, not Batman

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on August 5th, 2008

DIY Tumbler built by one man, not Batman
Have a look at this thing. Can you believe it was built entirely by one man who is not Bruce Wayne? This is Bob Dullam’s replica of Batman’s Tumbler. It’s clearly the work of a mad genius. It looks awesome yes, but he didn’t skimp on the specs. It’s got the afterburner, the huge double-barrel wheels, and the body has all of the stealth angles.

As reference, he used only any and all images that would be available to you or me and the movies. And he did it in his garage. The neighbors must have thought he had gone a bit batty. And yes, he owns his own Bat suit as well.

Nissan Eco Pedal saves gas

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on August 4th, 2008

Nissan Eco Pedal saves gasThe Nissan Eco Pedal helps you to save gas by pressing the gas pedal upward when the vehicle is moving too quickly for it’s own good. Nissan claims that the system can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 10%.

The Eco Pedal is programmed to calculate the most efficient rate of acceleration in a given vehicle, so it’s not for those with a lead foot. That’s why Nissan included the option to disable it when necessary. I imagine it would give your leg a good workout as well. You push, it pushes back. Hopefully your wallet will get thicker so you can buy more gadgets.

Tailgating Innovations Multimedia Trailer redfines tailgating

Posted in Automotive by Nino Marchetti on August 4th, 2008

Tailgating Innovations Multimedia Trailer

Here’s a way to totally notch up your next tailgate party. You probably don’t even have to leave the tailgate to go to the actual game if want. It’s called the Tailgating Innovations Multimedia Trailer. No pricing information is available.

The Tailgating Innovations Multimedia Trailer sports a number of high tech features to keep you entertained. These include a Sony Bravia home theater system with 5.1 surround sound and a 47-inch Visio LCD flat panel television. You’ll also find four electrical outlets and a pre-wired satellite coax connection.

Kassou car is the weirdest Batmobile ever

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on July 31st, 2008

Kassou car is the weirdest Batmobile ever
Designer Nicholas Lee Dunderdale incorporated an adjustable roof into his 3-wheeled Kassou concept car in case you need more headroom. It looks like part vacuum cleaner,part bat, and all funky alien tech. You wouldn’t be surprised if one of “The greys” stepped out of this thing and rammed a probe up your Kassou.

The “neck” can be raised or lowered depending on your need for headroom or better aerodynamics. Who knows what those batwings are for. It’s ultra bizarre, but Kassou earned second place in the Car Design News Contest for 2008. Personally, I think this is the Dark Knight’s ride from an alternate reality, where Bruce Wayne isn’t quite as rich.

Coffin modded car makes for one morbid race

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on July 30th, 2008

Coffin modded car makes for one morbid race
Here’s a car to die for…I bet the engine croaked…These things are normally kept underground to prevent 3 coffin pile-ups on the highway. Bad jokes aside, where do you get the gonads to make a car out of a coffin? Isn’t that like thumbing your nose at death? It can only end with a high speed chase,with a very unhappy grim reaper on your tail. Of course it’s a fairly easy mod. You get a new coffin.(Yeah. Don’t go digging up relatives.) Add an engine,wheels steering etc and you’re off.

Monster Beetle hits the road

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on July 29th, 2008

Monster Beetle hits the road
My first question is how do you get in this thing without a step ladder? My second question is why. As to why, well, this is what happens when an aircraft engineer has a 1968 VW Beetle a lot of time.

Sure, you’ve got your Bigfoots and your Hummers, but there’s just something about seeing a VW Beetle this high off the ground that pleases us. It’s got a new 2.8 Liter engine, which should give it a nice power to weight ratio. It will turn heads so fast you’ll hear the collective cracking of neck bones.