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Gemalto unveils world’s first wallet optical reader

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on November 5th, 2008

Ezio Optical ReaderEvery time I buy something online, I worry about the safety of my credit card information. Many feel the same way and one of the things needed to make consumers more comfortable is additional security for credit card transactions.

Gemalto has announced what it calls the world’s first optical reader for online banking that is sized to store inside the wallet of users. The small credit-card size optical reader means that customers can have the reader on them at all times.

Audeo Earphones promise unrivaled comfort

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on November 3rd, 2008

Audeo HeadphonesEvery time I look up it seems like someone else is introducing a new set of earphones. I guess considering that the quality on most MP3 player or music phone earphones are seriously lacking it’s no real surprise at the wealth of aftermarket options.

The latest aftermarket offering is from a company based in Switzerland called Stafa. The earphones are the Audeo earphones and they claim to be some of the most comfortable earphones on the market. The manufacturer promises that the earphones can be worn for hours without getting uncomfortable.

Mibuds customizes your iPod ear buds

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on October 29th, 2008

MibudsSome people just have to customize everything. You know the type, in high school they had doodles all over their notebooks, their computers aren’t just black, and clothing has to be flashy. These aren’t the sort of people to have a plain iPod. The iPod has any number of customization accessories for the device itself, but what about the ear buds.

A company called Mibuds has announced a new product that allows users to customize their stock iPod ear buds. The accessories clip to the stock ear buds and sort of remind me of large earrings. There are 36 different options in 12 different series to pick from.

Zombie plush won’t eat your brain

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on October 27th, 2008

Dismember-Me Plush ZombieWhen you work at home, you tend to decorate your office with empty Dr. Pepper cans, Doritos bags, and last week’s pizza (or maybe that’s just me). When you work in an office cubicle, you can’t be as eclectic with your décor as you can at home.

Think Geek has a plush zombie doll called the Dismember-Me Plush Zombie that looks like, erm, a zombie. The little guy looks like he was fed upon before turning since his own brain is hanging out a bit. You can pull off his arms, legs, and head to feed your fiendish need for dismemberment.

GUNNAR Optiks offers cool comptuer glasses

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on October 17th, 2008

GUNNAR Optiks Computer GlassesI work in front of a computer about 12 hours a day five days a week and then I typically end up in front of one on the weekend for important activities like fragging some noobs in Call of Duty. Many times per week, I end up with headaches from the screen glare from my monitor or watery eyes. I have often wanted a pair of computer glasses to reduce the glare from my computer, but have never found them in local stores.

GUNNAR Optiks has introduced a new line of computer glasses that can be purchased over-the-counter and can be custom made to a specific prescription. The glasses come in several frame and lens styles that are cool looking and the lenses are coated in materials that change the way artificial light hits your eyes, reducing glare and improving the resolution of the wearer.

Gyration Music Remote controlls PC and home theater gear

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on September 9th, 2008

Gyration Music RemoteIf there is one common truth with home theaters — other than lots of wires — it’s the multiple remotes that come along with them. You need one remote to change the TV channel, one to control the volume on your amp and one to control your HTPC or DVD player. It’s enough to blow the minds of many home theater users.

One of the items most home theater owners buy quickly is a universal remote control to eliminate the hoard of remotes sitting on the table. Gyration has introduced a new universal remote called the Air Music Remote with MotionSense that goes one-step further than the typical universal remote.

Cardboard table for cutting stuff

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on August 15th, 2008

Cutting Table No 1My aunt has a table built into a sewing room in her home that is just for cutting fabric and wrapping gifts. I always thought it was a goofy idea to have a table dedicated to such a use. Then, a couple years ago at Christmas I was wrapping a gift for my wife on our kitchen table and deftly hacked one of her new placemats in half while cutting the wrapping paper. Let me warn you guys, that is a big deal to a woman. That is when I saw the brilliance in a table solely for cutting stuff.

Evidently, lots of people see the validity of a table of that sort. If your home does not have a table for the purpose fret not, Birkiland has your fix. The company offers a product it calls Cutting Table No. 1, which is basically a cardboard table specifically made for cutting stuff. The table features three drawers under the top for storing junk.

Cybertek Wings turn women into hot looking X-men

Posted in Accessories by Conner Flynn on August 14th, 2008

Cybertek Wings turn women into hot looking X-men
If Professor Xavier were wheeling down the street and saw a young lady sporting these wings, she’d be enrolled in his school for the gifted quicker then Wolverine can flick his claws. I have to say, these wings look striking and almost sexual in a geek sort of way thanks to the great pics.

The wings are made of carbon fiber and extruded aluminum and the light on the wingtips can be customized in red, green, yellow, purple, or white. Apparently the wings can extend or retract 7 times before the air pressure has to be recharged. That will take 5-10 minutes. For $1,000 they can be yours. I’m hoping that this catches on and women start flying around looking extra hot, donning their wings as fashion accessories and swooping down to snatch up unsuspecting men like a hawk. That would make me happy.

H20 Audio debuts waterproof armbands for portable devices

Posted in Accessories by Nino Marchetti on August 11th, 2008

H20 Audio Amphibx

H20 Audio, designers of things which  make your portable audio devices waterproof, is out with a new waterproof armband which supports a variety of devices. It is called the H20 Audio Amphibx and prices are set around $70 for a medium armband and $80 for a large one.

The H20 Audio Amphibx offers up a latch style locking closure which the company says provides a 100 percent watertight seal up to 12 feet underwater. This is paired with a touchscreen-friendly window which allows for operation even underwater.

Fins-Up surfaces with new aluminum Apple laptop stand

Posted in Accessories by Nino Marchetti on August 4th, 2008

Fins-Up Fin

Fins-Up, a maker of stands for Apple laptops, unveiled what looks to be its first product today. It is called simply the Fin and you’ll find it pricing around $40.

The Fin is quite simply a laptop stand made for owners of the MacBook Pro 15″ and 17″, MacBook 13″ (black and white) and the PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12″, 15″ and 17″. It is made from full aircraft-grade aluminum and is designed to attach to an Apple laptop, tilting said computer to an angle which hopeful is more ergonomic for typing and screen viewing.

Dell, partners do up “Designed for Dell” accessories

Posted in Accessories by Nino Marchetti on July 14th, 2008

Designed for Dell

Dell, thinking perhaps people have enough interest in its computers to want to accessorize them, teamed up last week with a number of accessories manufacturers to debut its Designed for Dell line up. Seven manufacturers are currently designing Dell products in this new category.

Dell specifically has enlisted the help of Belkin, Built, Creative Labs, Iomega, Logitech, Swiss Gear and Targus. Products being developed include backpacks, messenger cases, computer sleeves, cargo bags, portfolios, headphones, speakers, portable hard drives and mice.

Ruyan Freestyle E-cigar for the non-smoker smoker

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on July 11th, 2008

Ruyan Freestyle E-cigarAnyone who doesn’t smoke can tell you that if you hang out with those who do smoke, at one point or another they try and get you to smoke too. If you like the idea of a cigar, but don’t actually want real smoke, nicotine and the risk of cancer that real smoking brings you might try the E-cigar.

Ruyan’s Freestyle E-cigar is a fake cigar that uses a microchip, airflow sensor, atomizer, and liquid cartridge to produce a dense vapor that looks like smoke from a real cigar. The upside is that it’s not real smoke and has none of the problem associated with real smoke.

Hobbytron M4 ElectricAirsoft Rifle is perfect for woodpeckers

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on July 4th, 2008

M4 Electric Airsoft RifleSince the summer began my house has been besieged by woodpeckers. The birds pecked on my house until they have actually made holes in the eaves. I really want to get rid of the little red head birds, but I don’t want to just go postal on them.

Despite the fact that I don’t want to just kill them, I wouldn’t mind knocking them a bit senseless and the M4 3181 AEG Airsoft Rifle with M203 Spring Grenade launched might do just the trick. Yeah, it has got one seriously long name but is there any denying how cool it looks?

OMG WTF BBQ apron perfect for geeky cookouts

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on July 4th, 2008

OMG WTF BBQ ApronOne of the staples of summertime is the cookout. The area you live in probably has a lot to do with what you are cooking on your grill, here in Texas we like our BBQ and ThinkGeek has the perfect apron for your next cookout.

The black apron has a font that looks like steak saying OMG WTF BBQ. Anyone who uses IM will immediately know what the text means, but odds are you will have to explain it to grandma. Be prepared to make something up on the fly. Most grandma’s won’t take kindly to the F-bomb dropping.

Study Predicts Removable Storage in Cell Phones to Reach 26GB by 2012

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on July 4th, 2008

SanDisk microSDHC 8GBOne thing with today’s electronics and computers that you can never have too much of is storage. In today’s small factor flash storage for cellular phones the capacity tops out at 8GB for microSDHC cards. For some users, especially users of smartphones, 8GB is simply not enough storage space.

Strategy Analytics released a report that predicts a 120% growth annually in the capacity of removable storage for cell phones. In 2007 the max storage capacity was 517MB and the report says that by 2012 the storage capacity will be 26GB.