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I-CY Penguin is the New iDog

Posted in Accessories,Digital Audio by Chetz on December 28th, 2006

I-CY PenguinNo, I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon. This year the iPod has such success over the holidays that reports have shown the iTunes web site had experienced problems keeping up.

Adding to the frenzy is the I-CY, a penguin looking toy that reacts to music seemingly similar to the iDog, I-CAT and I-FISH.

The I-CY waddles around, flaps its flippers, makes noise and flashes lights based on it’s “mood” and the music that is plugged into it and how much positive (or negative) attention you give to it.

If your collecting, you can add this to your other musically interactive digital animal toys.

Catalog Page [Hasbro]

Tunes iLamp – No iTunes, No iPod

Posted in Accessories,Digital Audio,Home by Chetz on December 27th, 2006

Tunes iLampThe number of items leeching onto the iPod fanfare just never seem to end. Here is the Tunes iLamp.

The catalog page for the iLamp states clearly that it will work with any device that has a headphone jack, but of course it’s pictured with an iPod that fits nicely in it’s dock. Additionally, it is not just a lamp but an “iLamp”, and not just an iLamp, but a “Tunes iLamp” and is white in color, no doubt bringing in subconscious thoughts to the masses of somehow associating this product with iTunes and the iPod.

Nevertheless, this lamp does have a jack that will play music out of the two detachable speakers through any headphone port. It also provides ample light through 20 LED bulbs and for a mere $100 bones can be yours.

Catalog Page [Improvements]

No-Ink Pen that will Outlast You

Posted in Accessories by Paul Patterson on December 26th, 2006

Metal PenThe metal pen is the one pen you can always count on to write down your ideas. This pen doesn’t use ink but instead has a metal ‘nib’ that allows it to write on virtually any type of paper.

The pen relies on a technique known as Metalpoint (or Silverpoint when the stylus is made of silver). Metalpoint is typically associated with the Renaissance and was used by artists such as da Vinci, Dürer and Rembrandt. Metalpoint pens had a special soft metal stylus made of silver, lead, bismuth, gold or bronze. When drawn over an abrasive paper surface it would leave small deposits behind thereby producing faint lines.

The metal pen is a modern version which uses a solid metal alloy ‘nib’. The pen leaves a mark that will not smudge on most types of paper and since there is no ink, there is …

Lumi Flasher iPod Lights

Posted in Accessories,iPod by Chetz on December 23rd, 2006

Lumi Flasher iPod Accessory LightsAdding to the ever-growing list of iPod accessories available today, a Japanese company called Trinity has released this Lumi Flasher for the iPod. The LED light accessory plugs into the iPod docking port and has one white and four red LED lights.

According to NewLaunches, the Lumi Flasher has six different modes that the lights can flash in, including random, sequence and flashing based on the music playing. There is also a mode to simply use it as a flash light.

We’re not entirely sure of the purpose other than to obviously draw some additional attention to the music player, but I’m sure there are those who may find their iPod just not exciting enough as it is and would like to add a little flash, literally.

The Lumi Flasher is currently only available only in Japan for 2580 Yen (just under $22 …

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset From Cingular

Posted in Accessories,Cingular,Headsets,News by Darrin Olson on December 21st, 2006

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset From Aliph and CingularToday Cingular Wireless and Aliph introduced the new and unique wireless Jawbone Bluetooth Headset which provides a new style along with technology to improve the clarity and comprehension of conversations in noisy environments.

This headset is unique in a couple different ways, and the first thing that draws attention is it’s futuristic look from the perforated shield on the outside. The look of the Jawbone comes from a designer named Yves Behar who has an diverse assortment of ‘futurespective’ product designs for different markets, and has definitely given this product a distinctive look.

The other key feature that sets this headset apart is it’s Noise Shield technology used to cancel out background noise and zero in on the users voice. The Jawbone Bluetooth Headset technology queries the sounds around it 500 times per second to help enhance your voice …

Mobile Phone Telescope

Posted in Accessories,Digital Imaging by Darrin Olson on December 20th, 2006

Mobile Phone Telescope for Sony EricssonThe ability to take pictures with your mobile phone was a great and popular advancement in mobile phone technology. The idea caught on like gangbusters and now you can hardly find a phone without a camera.

The progression of a telescoping lens for the mobile phone camera seems only natural, right? Well, maybe not. It does take away from having a slim design among other things, but this telescope that snaps on to Sony Ericsson mobile phones might be handy to have in your glove box.

The Mobile Phone Telescope from Brando adds 6x zoom to your camera. If your screen has good enough resolution you can manually focus the telescope lens while it is attached, but you may need to focus it before attaching to the camera which can be a little less than convenient.

For $19 USD, the package comes with …

BluOnyx Mobile Content Server

Posted in Accessories,Agere Systems by Paul Patterson on December 19th, 2006

BluOnyx Mobile Content ServerMany people may get frustrated by the lack of memory and the inflexibility to access digital content on their mobile phones. The BluOnyx Mobile Content Server from Agere Systems is a device that gives mobile users unprecedented connectivity options and access to their digital content using just their cell phones.

The BluOnyx Server enables mobile users to share and stream music, pictures, video and other files to or from electronic devices ranging from cell phones, PCs, digital cameras, game consoles and PCs using a wide range of connectivity options.

The server doesn’t require a PC to operate; devices connect to the server wirelessly through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces or using USB cables or SD cards. The BluOnyx server can also be accessed directly or through a home or corporate network where it is seen as just another drive letter.

You to easily slip …

Joytech Wii Powerstation and Battery Packs

Posted in Accessories,Wii by Chetz on December 19th, 2006

Joytech Wii Remote PowerstationThe Joytech Wii Powerstation provides two rechargeable battery packs and a charging/docking station for the Wii Remote controls. This eliminates the need to replace your batteries, and while you are playing with one the other can be recharging allowing you to play longer and not go through so many batteries. You just swap out the battery pack, put the old one on the charger and you are back in the game, literally.

The pictures appear that the station is powered by USB, but there are no specifications that we could find for sure. This currently is not yet available, but the Gameseek web site states that pre-ordered Wii Powerstations would start shipping on January 26th, 2007.

Catalog Page [Gameseek]

Interesting iPod Accessories

Posted in Accessories,Apple,iPod by Chetz on December 19th, 2006

The iPod has created such a flurry of excitement that the number of iPod accessories and compatible devices have been overwhelming. Here is a compilation of some of the more interesting iPod accessories that the Slippery Brick editors have come across this year. We’ll add more as they come in.

T.P. iPod Dock

iPod Accessory - Toilet Paper Roll DockHey, you can play games in the bathroom, so there is no reason why you should not be able to listen to your music in the John, too. The TP iPod dock just adds some convenience to listening to your music no matter where you are and what you’re doing.


iDisguise iPod SecurityIf you are a little paranoid about losing your iPod to theft you can disguise your iPod nano or …

Griffin ExpressCard 5-in-1 Card Reader/Writer

Posted in Accessories,Card Readers,Griffin by Quagmire on December 18th, 2006

Griffin 5 in 1 ExpressCard ReaderThis is the ExpressCard/34 5-in-1 Card Reader/Writer from computer peripherals and accessories manufacturer Griffin Technology Inc. This handy ExpressCard will read and write to most modern memory cards including Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick, SD Memory Card, MultiMediaCard and xD-Picture Card.

The Griffin 5-in-1 Reader is easy to install and works with the ExpressCard/34 or /54 slot found in Apple’s MacBook Pro and newer Windows laptops. The card is plug-and-play and you don’t need to worry about installing drivers.

The USB 2.0 High-Speed interface gives you speedier transfer rates up to 480 Mbps compared to your old USB 1.0 card reader (up to 12 Mbps) and it will be infinitely faster than the transfer rates you get from your camera. Just pop the card out of your camera and let the Griffin reader do the work – much faster.

The Griffin reader is a …

Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger Survival Kit

Posted in Accessories,Proporta,USB by Quagmire on December 17th, 2006

Proporta USB Mobile Device ChargerThe Proporta Travel Survival Kit includes some essential gear that you should bring with on your next trip to ensure all your gadgets have power. The Proporta Device Charger is also great as an emergency charger which can be recharged from any USB port.

The Kit includes the popular USB Mobile Device Charger, which is a USB Rechargeable Battery that ensures you always have extra power with you on your flight, on the train, in the airport, at a client – so you always have a backup. Just plug your USB-powered mobile device such as a smartphone, iPod, or digital camera into the battery’s standard USB port to recharge. The charger is very compact and light – measuring 3.9″ x 2.4″ x 0.6″ and weighing 4.2 oz. The charger holds as impressive 3400 mAH storage, or enough juice to recharge your devices several …

USB Travel Dock For iPod Shuffle

Posted in Accessories,Apple,iPod by Darrin Olson on December 16th, 2006

iPod Suffle USB Travel DockiPod accessories abound these days, and once in a while you can find one that might actually be useful. I’m not saying that this is something you need, but with the iPod Shuffle being as small as it is, this simple little docking station keeps it from getting pushed around your desk.

This really small Shuffle dock has no cords, and just plugs directly into your USB port. It’s profile is narrow enough that it takes up no more room that a cord would, and is light enough even with the Shuffle in it that it is not going to put too much torque on your USB port.

The thing that you will want to watch out for with this is the position of your USB port. We are not sure how well the Shuffle stays in position in the dock, so if …

GN Netcom 9350 Dual Function Wireless Headset

Posted in Accessories,Headsets by Paul Patterson on December 15th, 2006

GN Netcom 9350 Wireless HeadsetThe GN 9350 is a dual-function wireless headset from GN Netcom that works for both traditional and PC-based phone calls. Lightweight and ergonomic, the 9350 provides hands-free mobility with a wireless range of up to 300 feet.

The headset uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and IntelliTone technology to remove impurities from the incoming signal for better sound quality and a consistent volume level which may protect your hearing. The noise-canceling microphone also helps reduce annoying background noise

The 9350 is the first wireless headset for IP telephony that features wideband audio. The headset operates at a WiFi-friendly 1.9 GHz frequency with DECT 6.0 wireless technology.

The LCD display lets you set-up of personal sound preferences and call parameters such as volume and audio output. It also expands your communications potential with and conference call capability.

The GN 9350 is great for those walk-and-talk types. In …

Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter for iPod

Posted in Accessories,FM Transmitters,Griffin by Quagmire on December 14th, 2006

iTrip AutoThe iTrip Auto from Griffin Technology is a combination FM transmitter and integrated charger for your iPod.

The iTrip Auto is designed specifically for use in the car to listen to your iPod and act as a charger. The iTrip transmits on frequencies 88.1 -107.9MHz, which can be controlled manually with a toggle switch on the side of the device. The speaker volume is controlled using the car stereo controls, without having to adjust the iPod’s volume level.

The device features a large backlit LCD screen for easy station selection and also displays the frequency that you want to transmit on.

The iTrip Auto comes in both white and black and will accommodate every dock connector iPod, iPod nano, and 5th Generation iPods with video. The iTrip Auto is available now for $69.99.

abit AirPace Wi-Fi Card

Posted in Accessories by Paul Patterson on December 12th, 2006

abit AirPace WiFiThe AirPace Wi-Fi card from abit is a dual function, IEEE 802.11b/g (up to 54Mbps) compliant PCI-Express card.

In client mode, the AirPace Wi-Fi card allows your PC to join an existing wireless network or Access Point to connect to the internet. In addition, the card offers a software AP function that transforms your PC into an Access Point.

As an access point, you can allow other devices to access to your hard drive and internet connection as well as use its peripherals. Furthermore, as a dedicated AP you could stream music directly from your PC to your speaker system using abit’s AirPace Music.

AirPace Wi-Fi Card [abit]

AirPace AP Mode