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ThinkGeek Pii Pii Brothers for Wii

Posted in Wii by Shane McGlaun on April 1st, 2008

ThinkGeek Pii Pii BrothersThinkGeek is neigh legendary for its April fool’s Day pranks and this year they have one, though it could actually be a real product that sells. The game is called Pii Pii Brothers for the Wii and includes (if it were real) a special thong that places the Wii remote where a dudes Johnson would be.

The premise is that the game would let a lady know how it is to pee like a man with bathrooms ranging from bars to palaces according to the description. The goal is to control a continuous stream of urine and try to get as little as possible on the floor and pee on various animals that pop out of the toilets.

Verizon announces sweet looking touch screen XV6900

Posted in Verizon by Shane McGlaun on March 31st, 2008

Verizon XV6900With all of the phone announcements Verizon Wireless has made today ahead of CTIA 2008 you have to start wondering if they are holding anything back to actually announce at the show. Thanks to the iPhone touch screen devices are still all the rage right now.

Verizon is continuing the touch screen craze with its XV6900 handset. The device has navigation at the touch of a finger and come in what Verizon calls pure white color. The thing looks more silver in the pictures to me. The XV6900 measures a compact 3.98” x 2.35” x 0.56” (L x W x D).

LG and Verizon Wireless make you envious with the enV2

Posted in LG by Shane McGlaun on March 31st, 2008

LG enV2With CTIA Wireless 2008 quickly approaching new cellular phone announcements are coming hot and heavy. Not all of the phones being announced ahead of the show are bank breakers when it comes to the price, which is nice.

LG and Verizon Wireless announced a new handset today called the LG enV2. The phone is available in black or maroon colors and will be available in April at Verizon Wireless stores across the country for $129.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a new two-year contract.

Sony Ericsson’s first 3G phone comes to the US

Posted in Ericsson by Shane McGlaun on March 31st, 2008

Sony Ericsson Z750a Mobile PhoneNormally if you want a 3G capable mobile phone with web access, email and other features you are looking at spending a few hundred bucks. Typically Sony Ericsson phones are limited to slower than 3G service and tend to be more expensive devices.

The latest Sony Ericsson mobile phone exclusively for AT&T breaks those traditions and is the first Sony Ericsson phone for the U.S. market that features 3G connectivity. The handset is called the Z750a and it will be available in early April for $49.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate.

Verizon Wireless throws subscribers a Curve

Posted in BlackBerry by Shane McGlaun on March 31st, 2008

Verizon Wireless BlackBerry CurveSmartphones are quickly growing in popularity as people become more accustomed to the idea of doing things on a phone other than simply making phone calls. Phone users today want email, web surfing, GPS navigation and more in their devices.

Verizon announced today that it is getting its very own BlackBerry Curve in May. The Verizon Curve will be in a liquid silver color with chrome accents. The curve will also be compatible with Verizon’s EV-DO service and VZ Navigator.

Pogo iPhone Stylus is just what iPhone users wanted

Posted in iPhone by Shane McGlaun on March 28th, 2008

Pogo iPhone StylusI really like my iPhone, but man I have a really hard time typing on the phone because the keys are so small. On more than one occasion I have wished for a nice pointy stylus to use for navigation and typing. The problem is that the touch screen is capacitive so it only works with a finger—or does it?

ThinkGeek has a sweet iPhone stylus from Pogo that promises to work with the iPhone. It uses some sort of felt like material on the end that fools the touch screen into thinking your finger is pressing the buttons. The Pogo for iPhone also works with the iPod touch.

Apple Aperture 2.1 gets plug-in architecture

Posted in Apple by Shane McGlaun on March 28th, 2008

Apple Aperture 2.0Mac heads, professional photographers and amateur image snappers alike have a fond spot for Apple’s Aperture 2.0 application. Apple announced today that it has issued an upgrade for Aperture 2.0 to version 2.1.

With the stink Apple made for itself when it decided to charge iPod touch users for the last software update it issued, Aperture users will be glad to hear that the 2.1 update is available now free of charge. Apple says that the update issued today includes an Apple developed plug-in.

Dell Inspiron 1525 notebook gets Blu-ray for under $1000

Posted in Dell by Shane McGlaun on March 28th, 2008

Dell Inspiron 1525With the end of the format wars it’s time for those out there who have been waiting to buy a HD format DVD player to jump in with Blu-ray. The players are still expensive for the most part, but they are expected to begin dropping in cost soon.

Dell announced that its Inspiron 1525 now features a Blu-ray player and HDMI out at well under $1000. Dell says that a Blu-ray equipped 1525 will start at $879. If you have needed a new notebook and have an HDTV this is the way to go. $825 is reasonable for most notebooks and the addition of the Blu-ray and HDMI out will have you watching on your big screen in no time.

Dell offers $599 off on XPS M1330 and M1530 notebooks

Posted in Dell by Shane McGlaun on March 28th, 2008

Dell XPS M1330If you have been holding out for a new notebook Dell has a deal for you. Right now Dell is offering the XPS M1530 with $599 instant savings and the XPS M1330 with $599 instant savings and free shipping.

That means you can get the 15-inch M1530 starting at $1199 with a Core 2 Duo T7250 CPU, 3GB RAM NVIDIA 8600M GT, Bluetooth, 802.11n, and a finger print reader. The normal price for the rig is $1898. If you want something a little more portable you can check out the M1330.

Kodak announces new 8-inch and 10-inch digital photo frames

Posted in Kodak by Shane McGlaun on March 27th, 2008

Kodak M1020 Digital FrameSince I have two young kids I tend to take lots of digital pictures. For the most part the pictures sit around on my memory card until it gets full and I copy them to a folder on my hard drive. Recently I have started getting digital photo frames and actually displaying the digital photos that usually just sit there and do nothing.

Kodak introduced a couple new digital picture frames today called the M820 and the M1020. The M820 is an 8-inch frame and the M1020 is a 10-inch frame. Both share the same features including 16:9 aspect ratio, 128 MB of internal memory and built-in speakers to play MP3 tunes. Card readers are built-in that allow direct connecting of CF, SD, MMC, xD, and MS.

Aircell completes coast-to-coast wireless network for in-flight Internet

Posted in Wi-Fi by Shane McGlaun on March 27th, 2008

Aircell in-flight InterentI generally travel a few times per year on business. Once in January to CES in Vegas, E3 in LA in the summer and sometimes to an auto show in the winter. Since I am a through and through Internet guy and spend most of my day online, being on a flight without web access for several hours isn’t a welcome thought for me.

If you are like me and want Internet access while on flights you will like today’s news. Aircell announced today that it has completed its coast-to-coast wireless network to provide seamless, border-to-border coverage providing Internet access to commercial flights in the US.

Dash Express now shipping and cheaper than pre-order

Posted in GPS by Shane McGlaun on March 27th, 2008

Dash Express GPSA GPS unit is a great way to find places that you haven’t been before and can be a driver’s best friend on a road trip. However, in traffic prone areas of the country a GPS unit can even help you get to the places you go every day quicker and easier.

Late last year we covered the Dash Express GPS unit that had one very interesting feature—Internet access. The service for Dash Express starts at around $9.99 per month and allows you to get real-time traffic updates from other Dash Express units on the road.

Blizzard says Latin America version of WoW coming soon

Posted in MMORPG by Shane McGlaun on March 27th, 2008

World of Warcraft ScreenIf you are a PC gamer chances are that you have probably played World of Warcraft or at least know one or ten people who do. WoW is one of the most popular PC games ever and currently has about 10 million players around the world.

Blizzard is looking to add to that 10 million subscriber number and announced today that it will be producing a version of the game for Latin America. The new version should begin shipping in mid 2008. The new version of WoW is said to be based on the European Spanish version of the game that is already available.

Blip: free geo-social interaction for your BlackBerry

Posted in Mobile Phones by Shane McGlaun on March 26th, 2008

Blip for BlackBerryThose BlackBerry users out there that have real jobs and actually get out of the house every now and again, unlike me, may find Blip to be an interesting and useful application. Using Blip you and your friends, family and co-workers can show your location to other people in your group.

Blip is from BlackLine GPS and according to BlackLine Blip users have complete and total control over who can see their location information. No one the user hasn’t approved can see the info. I can see this as both a good and bad thing. I guess it would be cool to see where in your city or block your pals are. However, if your boss, otherwise known as “The Man”, puts this on your BlackBerry he can see where you are as well. Kind of kills that opportunity to grab a long lunch break when you are out of the office working.

Super Talent unveils world’s thinnest 256GB SSD

Posted in SSD by Shane McGlaun on March 26th, 2008

Super Talent 256GB SSDSure SSD drives sound cool in theory with the promise of faster boot times and faster data access while being more shock resistant and dead silent. However, the high price of the typical SSD drive and the small storage space compared to typical normal hard drives makes the SSD pill hard to swallow for most.

Super Talent has announced a new SSD that it claims to be the world’s thinnest SSD drive. Sorry, but I hardly think making the drive thinner will get mortal geeks to pony up the extra loot. Since Super Talent is mostly looking at OEM suppliers for the drive, perhaps it will pop up in the next generation of super thin notebooks similar to the MacBook Air.