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iRiver Mplayer Launches

Posted in Disney,iRiver,MP3 by Reuben Drake on June 26th, 2007

iRiver Mplayer Mickey Mouse mp3 playerThe Mickey Mouse head shaped iRiver Mplayer has finally launched in Korea. The Mplayer features a design with functional ears to control tracks and volume with a 1GB internal capacity. It’s priced at around $59 and is now available for purchase, but unfortunately only in Korea at this point. We’ll watch for this to hopefully make the jump to other countries in the coming months.

via AkihabaraNews

HangTimer Hands On

Posted in Outdoors,Review by Reuben Drake on June 25th, 2007

HangTimer measures your hang timeThe HangTimer from DropZone is just like the name sounds. It’s a small stopwatch sized gadget that’s used to measure your hang time when doing any type of activity that involves you being temporarily airborne.

It works through a Tri-Axis Accelerometer that measures the changes in acceleration that occur when you take jumps and then records the total time from when you left the ground until you return. The HangTimer controls consist of simply two buttons to run all the functionality. At first this was slightly confusing to switch between the modes but once we figured it out it was pretty simple to work. The two larger buttons on top actually made it easy to operate without having to remove our gloves.

This hang time measuring gadget will automatically switch modes and record your jumps without having to have it in the “Hang Time” mode. …

Stylish Wiener Dog Lamp

Posted in Lamps by Reuben Drake on June 25th, 2007

Wiener dog lampYou just can’t find home accessories like this much anymore. My favorite has always been the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, but this one comes in a close second.

The Dachshund’s torso uses a standard bulb to produce a nice soft light sure to add conversation to any gathering. The front and back of the dog lamp is made with a very detailed antique brass finish complete with color and name tag. The Dachshund lamp retails for $49.95.

via CoolestGadgets

Samsung 1.8″ 64GB SSD for the Masses

Posted in Flash Memory,Samsung,SSD by Reuben Drake on June 25th, 2007

Samsung 1.8″ solid state 64GB drive being mass producedWe’ve seen some solid state drives announced but today Samsung is the company that was able to bring a 1.8″ 64GB solid state drive into mass production. The SSD is intended for use in UMPC’s, notebooks and other portable devices as a smaller, faster, lightweight replacement to traditional hard drives.

Drives using Flash-based memory promises to provide faster boot times to be quicker at pulling up applications since it can access the data faster. It also boasts a lower battery consumption compared to devices with spinning hard drives.

Samsung didn’t provide any pricing in their press release today, but did predict a 270% increase in SSD use over the next three years. For now though the 64GB flash based drive will likely be an upgrade option on portable devices, and not sold directly to consumers.

Black iPod Shuffle Knockoff

Posted in iPod,Shuffle by Reuben Drake on June 24th, 2007

Black iPod SuffleNo, Apple doesn’t make a black iPod Shuffle which is most likely why this Chinese knockoff made theirs with a color previously not available. According to the packaging it was designed in California but assembled (if that’s what “Assombled” means) in China, and is priced at only $14.

What’s interesting is the packaging and design look surprisingly similar to an actual iPod, but according to a translation from Le Journal du Geek who obtained the knockoff product, it’s actually made out of plastic which isn’t held together well at that.

via Engadget

Catapult Watch

Posted in Watches by Reuben Drake on June 24th, 2007

Catapult WatchIf you’re looking for a new reason to get kicked out of class Backyard Artillery might be able to help you with this Catapult Watch. Instead of just flicking small objects at classmates this device uses and spring-loaded arm and trigger to beef up your accuracy with a range of up to 8 feet.

Aside from just making it difficult to tell what time it is, this gaudy stainless steel contraption uses a small cup on the end of the arm sized for BB’s, dried peas, popcorn kernels or any other similarly sized objects that may inflict an annoyance on your peers. In fact they will even throw some ammo into your $49 order.

via OhGizmo

Evercool Magic Fan

Posted in Accessories,Coolers by Reuben Drake on June 22nd, 2007

Evercool Magic Fan Idea Cooling cools your notebook computerWhat type of magic that’s involved in this pentagram ladened cooling fan we’re not sure, but what we are pretty convinced of is that it generates some serious negative airflow to strip your notebook of excessive heat.

This Magic notebook cooling fan weighs only 60 grams and connects via USB to draw hot air from you notebook at two different speeds and expel it in a designated direction with the ability to rotate 180 degrees.

Keeping your machine cooler can improve performance, increase the life of the components and even just keep the lap it’s sitting on just a little cooler. Evercool also added a little more style to this fan than you usually might see with the LED light show on the case and what they call a “mysterious” pentagram design.

Product Page
via Engadget

Funny Video Parody on Microsoft Surface

Posted in Humor,Surface Computing by Reuben Drake on June 20th, 2007

This parody video on the Microsoft Surface from SarcasticGamer was too funny not to share. Take a look after the jump:

USB Hub Alarm Clock Letter Opener, Finally

Posted in Clocks,USB by Reuben Drake on June 20th, 2007

USB hub alarm clock letter opener all combined in one deviceGone are the days of opening letters without knowing exactly what time it is….

It’s high time someone made the obvious combination of products that are most commonly needed together on any one work desk. This device makes the smart trifecta of a 4-port USB hub, an alarm clock and a letter opener all in one convenient battery powered package. It’s available in 3 different combinations as well; one with USB 1.1, one with USB 2.0 and a third with just the clock and the letter opener, forgetting the USB all together. Something to fit everyones needs I guess.

This ranks right up there with the iPod/breathalizer/FM transmitter combo.

Product Page via RedFerret

Nerf Maverick Six-Shooter Sidearm

Posted in Toys by Reuben Drake on June 20th, 2007

Nerf Maverick sidearm six-shooterBoasting unparalleled accuracy in the realm of foam, suction-cup darts this Nerf Maverick sidearm gives you more than a fighting chance in any inter-office skirmishes. It hold six rounds of the foam ammo and will fire them off in rapid succession. Check out the ThinkGeek FPS video below to see the true power of the Nerf Maverick in action:

Bomba Alarm Clock

Posted in Clocks by Reuben Drake on June 19th, 2007

Bomba Alarm ClockA uniquely exposed design was given to the Bomba alarm clock by Dutch designer Will Vanden Vos, showing off all the gears and inner workings that run, like clockwork I guess. The design features the retro-style flip cards to change the displayed numbers like many very early electric alarm clocks used to have. Some light blue LED lights on each side make the numbers readable at night and a simple dial on the side lets you set the approximate time you would like the alarm to sound.

The old-school use of the flip card numbers and the clean look of the exposed gears make the Bomba alarm clock an interesting time piece. I just hope that the numbers changing every 60 seconds don’t make the same amount of noise that they do at the train stations.

Product Page via Gizmodo

Wi-Fi Distance Record Set at 382 km

Posted in News,Wi-Fi by Reuben Drake on June 18th, 2007

Wi-Fi longest distance record set at 382 kilometersA researcher in Venezuela recently set a record for the longest Wi-Fi communication at 382 kilometers (almost 238 miles) breaking a previous Swedish record of 310 km. Using some special long-range Wi-Fi equipment from Intel along with some off-the-shelf parts Ermanno Pietrosemoli was able to make the connection and transfer data at a rate of 3 megabits per second.

A few other factors aside from special equipment attributed to the long distance achieved in this record connection. The two points were both on mountain tops so there were no trees or buildings to obstruct the signal. Also, the equipment that was used employed “directed” signals to transfer that data instead of sending it in all directions like a conventional home Wi-Fi transmitter, which helps increase the distance.

The report did not state exactly what type of data was being transferred from one …

More Palm Gandolf/Treo 500 Rumors

Posted in Mobile Phones,Palm,Smart Devices by Reuben Drake on June 18th, 2007

More rumors about the Palm Gandolf / Treo 500 series mobile phoneA tipster leaked more info on the rumored “Palm Gandolf” phone to someone at IntoMobile today with some details on device. According to the “trusted’ source, the Palm Gandolf will be the Treo 500 series that will come in multiple versions and colors. There is expected to be a model running Windows Mobile 6 Standard and another with the Palm Garnet OS sans touchscreen.

Other features include 3G + HSDPA, Bluetooth, 256MB internal memory with 64MB of RAM, a 2.4″ QVGA display, a 2 megapixel camera and overall thin dimensions of 117mm x 65mm x 13.8mm (hence the flat Gandolfini name).

The common thought is that this 500 series offering from Palm will be a scaled down, more affordable smartphone broadening the consumer base for Palm devices.

via Electronista

XM XpressR Satellite Radio Receiver

Posted in Satellite Radio,XM by Reuben Drake on June 18th, 2007

XM XpressR satellite radio receiverWith over 170 channels of satellite radio through XM it can be difficult to choose a favorite station to listen to, much less switch back and forth between stations to pick up your favorite song, program or sporting event. The new XpressR satellite radio receiver from XM comes with a few features that allow you to take more advantage of what’s on the other channels and helps you avoid missing out.

The most noticeable new feature of the XpressR is the multi-view of stations. The display can be changed to split down the middle. The left shows what’s currently being played and the right half shows 5 other stations of your choice. The display can be set to show the name of the channel, the current song or the artist so you can see (when your not driving of course) if there is …

Walkie Bits turtles are kinda cool

Posted in Toys by Reuben Drake on June 16th, 2007

Walkie bits turtleAt first glance these little Takara Walkie Bits turtles that crawl around your desk look like just another silly little toy, but they may actually be a little sillier than you originally thought. Packed into the tiny case is a tiny bit of intelligence that allows these turtles to interact with you and with each other. While we here at the Brick are a little too tough and manly to be interested in colorful little turtle toys we thought someone out there might be, but not us ’cause we’re, ummm… really like manly.

With that said, the Walkie Bits turtle can simply walk and make unique sounds effects as it wags its head and tail back and forth as it goes but by pressing its shell it can do a little more. The tiny turtle can remember a pattern of up to 15 taps by pressing …