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FOOTIME Mouse controlled by your feet

Posted in Mouse by Reuben Drake on July 25th, 2007

Footime mouse controlled by your feetThe name of the FOOTIME Foot Mouse pretty much says it all. By placing these USB powered devices on the floor beneath your desk you can use your feet to control your mouse leaving you hands free for “other things”.

One foot can control the movement of the mouse while the other uses large buttons that control tasks such as left clicking, right clicking and even to simulate a double click. There is also a side-to-side scroll wheel that actual controls up and down movements like a mouse wheel would. There are also a couple of programmable buttons on the FOOTIME foot mouse to make some custom, foot-powered shortcuts.

If you’re coordinated enough this might be handy to control multiple gaming characters or anything that requires you to use a mouse by avoiding the need to take your hands off the keyboard.


Tiny Kana SD MP3 Player

Posted in Media Players,MP3 by Reuben Drake on July 24th, 2007

Kana SD MP3 player from Greenhouse JapanThese little MP3 players from Greenhouse Japan have a very familiar, iPod Shuffle-like look and feel to them with dimensions only slightly larger and a price tag that’s slightly smaller.

The Kansa SD MP3 player is about 2.2 inches at it’s widest point compared to the 1.62 inch width of the Shuffle. It has no display and has a similar circle-shaped navigation control on the front to run play, pause, volume and to go forward and back in tracks.

The player’s price tag is only $18 which is a great price for an MP3 player of this size but the catch is that it comes with no internal memory. In order to load and save any files you will need to get your own SD/SDHC card (up to 8GB) to keep all your media. This might be perceived as kind of a pain …

Toshiba U103 Gigabeat Now in 24 Colors

Posted in Gigabeat,Toshiba by Reuben Drake on July 24th, 2007

Toshiba Gigabeat U103 in 24 different colorsThe Toshiba U103 Gigabeat has launched in Japan coming in an almost unheard-of 24 different color options. There really isn’t much else different from the previous U102 version of the Gigabeat other than the additional colors. Offering changeable face plates to give some individuality might not have been a bad idea either but often seems to make the player seem a little cheaper, so we have to say it’s nice to see a player come in this broad of an array of colors. It would be nice if more DAP’s would catch on to this.

Other than the 24 color choices the U103 has the same 1.1″ screen, still supports MP3, WAV, and WMA files, has the same FM tuner and is still housing a modest 1GB of memory. Each color of the Toshiba U103 Gigabeat will retail for around $115.

via …

Sony Walkman NWD-B100 Series MP3 Player

Posted in Media Players,MP3,Sony,Walkman by Reuben Drake on July 24th, 2007

Sony Walkman NWD-B100 series MP3 playersSony has announced the Walkman NWD-B100 series of MP3 players that feature a direct USB connection to your computer to transfer music and files without the need for any cables. The stick-style MP3 player comes in sized of 1GB and 2GB adn has software that can scan through your directories looking for music files to grab, and monitors folders for new files added in.

The new Walkman can also connect directly to an audio system with a USB connection to record and encode music directly to the player. It also includes a built-in FM tuner and supports voice recording which are both are becoming very commonplace in MP3 players these days.

The NWD-B100 series Walkman’s come in colors of black or white with an LCD display that allows for navigation and song search by folder navigation or by the album, artist or song …

Bottle Opener Key

Posted in Home by Reuben Drake on July 23rd, 2007

Bottle Opener KeyI don’t think this is exactly how the “church key” got its name but it looks like it would fit the definition. This bottle opener is designed to actually look like a regular, old-fashion key but in this case the business end is built in such a way so that it makes a great lever for opening bottles. This allows you to carry an inconspicuous bottle opener on your key ring with it looking like you just keep a key to grandma’s old shed instead of laying suspect to your closet alcohol addiction every time you pull out your keyring.

The key bottle opener is made out of nickel steel and retails for about $15.30 from ShinyShack.

Logitech VX Nano Cordless Notebook Mouse

Posted in Logitech,Mouse by Reuben Drake on July 23rd, 2007

Logitech VX Nano Cordless Mouse for notebooksThe Logitech VX Nano mouse is the latest cordless mouse from Logitech targeting notebook users. The Nano part of the name refers does not refer to the actual mouse but to the little USB receiver. Logitech is calling it the “plug and forget” mouse since the receiver plugs into your USB port and only sticks out 8mm, keeping it almost flush with the notebook in many cases. Most USB receivers protrude out quite a bit more requiring you to unplug them when you put your notebook away, but this one could potentially be left plugged in all the time without worry of it breaking off.

Aside from the nice low-profile receiver, the VX Nano also has that cool precision scroll wheel we saw on the MX Revolution from Logitech last year. The precision scroll wheel has two modes letting you scroll …

Buffalo’s 56GB SSD Pocket Drive

Posted in Buffalo,SSD,Storage by Reuben Drake on July 23rd, 2007

Buffalo SHD-UH Solid State 56GB portable driveBuffalo has a new solid state drive out pushing the SSD storage capacity to as large as 56GB. This drive keeps small in stature however with dimensions of only 57mm x 89mm x 14mm and a weight of only 60 grams. It’s ready for the real world with shock resistance and is small enough to fit in your pocket giving you 56GB of easy-access storage on the go.

The Buffalo SHD-UH comes in different capacities ranging from 16GB up to the 56GB version and getting SSD in this capacity apparently is still not coming cheap. What the size and capacity does for its competitiveness, the price almost takes away as the 56GB version will run as much as ¥100000, or about $820.

Source: AkihabaraNews

Low Temp Stirling Engine

Posted in Engines by Reuben Drake on July 23rd, 2007

Low Temp Stirling Engine runs off of a cup of coffeeThis low temperature Stirling engine is a cool little device. It’s a closed cycle engine, meaning that all the working gases that expand and make it work are contained inside the cylinder unlike combustion or steam engines that expel the gas after expanding. This efficient little engine runs on nothing more than a little bit of heat. Get the bottom plate a little warmer than the top one, set the flywheel in motion and it runs, keeping the flywheel turning as long as the temperature difference is there.

This particular one can run for up to 30 minutes just from the heat of a normal cup of coffee and can even run just from the heat of your hand. It’s no perpetual motion machine but it’s definitely interesting to watch and a sure conversation piece. This Stirling …

iPhone Hacked To Use Old AT&T SIM

Posted in Hacks,iPhone by Reuben Drake on July 22nd, 2007

iPhone hack to allow use of old SIM card without new contractThe guys over at HackTheiPhone have come out with another one, with this hack changing the iPhone so that you can use it with your old AT&T/Cingular SIM card from a different phone. This allows you to use the voice services of the iPhone without having to start a new contract.

So, to take advantage of this hack you’ll need an iPhone, another phone with an AT&T SIM card that you can use and enough time to follow the 19 step process to make your old SIM card work with your new iPhone. Note that this process does look a little easier than the iPhone ringtone hack as there appears to be about four fewer steps involved.

via CellPhoneBeat

Sixth Generation iPod UI Leaked?

Posted in iPod,Rumors by Reuben Drake on July 22nd, 2007

Sixth generation (6G) iPod interface rumorDAPReview made a copy of video clips it got from MacRumors with some supposed footage of the next generation iPod interface. Unfortunately MacRumors took the post down stating it was for legal reasons due to Apple’s request, which of course helps make the rumor seem more legit.

The video shows some short clips of the “Now Playing” screen, some navigation and the World Clock. We would expect the 6G iPod interface to be quite a bit more like the iPhone interface, but either this preview doesn’t do the interface justice or it’s just not going to be all that cool.

Take a look at the video clips here and see what you think:

Marshmallow Blaster Gun Fires 50 Feet

Posted in Toys by Reuben Drake on July 22nd, 2007

Marshmallow Blaster Gun shoots marshmallows up to 50 feetThis Marshmallow Blaster can shoot a standard marshmallow up to 50 feet which would likely give you a significant advantage in any marshmallow fight you might encounter. It’s pneumatically powered and charged up with a pump-action slide. The bolt slides back to load your regular marshmallow or a bunch of tiny marshmallows.

The marshmallow gun comes with a carrying case and disassembles for clean-up, but you’ll still want to avoid using this when it’s too hot out. We’ve all learned from the GhostBusters movie of what kind of mess can be made from melted marshmallows. You can get one of these from Hammacher Schlemmer for $39.95.

via I4U

Motorized Holder Takes Your Beer for a Ride

Posted in Home by Reuben Drake on July 19th, 2007

Beer Buddy motorized beer holderAny gadget that helps with getting a cold beer from point A to my hand is worth every penny, and the Beer Buddy is no exception to this rule. Shaped like a little soccer ball it will hold a single beer and make it independently mobile.

The Beer Buddy runs on two ‘C’ batteries and will drive a beer across the table or any smooth surface under its own power. Having the little beer delivery ball falling off of the table is a real concern which has smartly been addressed by the designers with a sensor that can sense the end of a table and stop short to keep it’s contents safe. The Beer Buddy retails for $24.63 at FindMeAGift.

Source: NerdApproved

USB Flash Drive Wrist Band

Posted in Flash Memory,USB by Reuben Drake on July 19th, 2007

USB Flash Drive Wrist BandBrando’s put out a new design twist on stylish looking USB Flash drives with this USB Flash Drive wrist band. No longer do you have to have a lanyard around your neck if you want to wear your flash drive around since this one disguises itself as a wristband that comes in six different colors of red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple.

The USB port doubles as the connector to hold the strap together when wearing it and it sounds fairly durable as the catalog page boasts that the drive is shockproof and moisture proof (we’re assuming moisture from sweat). It comes in one size of 210 mm long which should fit most geek wrists, and comes in one capacity of 512MB for a $25 price tag.

via Krunker

Japan Gets New PSP in Six Colors

Posted in PSP,Sony by Reuben Drake on July 18th, 2007

PSP lite comes in six colors in JapanIn addition to the three colors we get here in the U.S., today Sony made it known that those in Japan will get 3 more metallic pastel-looking colors to select from for the PSP lite. The three basic colors available are black, white and silver, with the additional “lite” colors being pink, purple and blue. No word on these colors officially coming our way but you can bet that some of them are likely to make it to the U.S. one way or another.

Source via Engadget

Fireman Cocktail Shaker, Ice Bucket and Shovel

Posted in Home by Reuben Drake on July 18th, 2007

Fireman shovel, ice bucket and shaker shaped like a fire extinguisherThis set of bar accessories consist of an ice bucket, shovel and a fire extinguisher / cocktail shaker, all in a shiny silver-plated finish. To give you some perspective on size of these items, the cocktail shaker holds 20 oz and is just a little over 10 inches tall.

I’d doubt they have wet bars in fire houses but if they did this would be the perfect set of items, but they would probably be almost as cool in any home bar too. The set will run you $47.99 or you can get the bucket and shovel set ($34.99) separate from the extinguisher/shaker ($27.99). Oh, and that shovel not only scoops ice but the handle is also a bottle opener. Sweet!

HomeWetBar from NerdApproved