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BlackBerry 8320 with Wi-Fi UMA

Posted in BlackBerry,Curve,RIM,T-Mobile,UMA,Wi-Fi by Reuben Drake on September 24th, 2007

BlackBerry Curve 8320 from T-Mobiile with Wi-Fi to connect via UMA for fee-free voice connectionsT-Mobile along with RIM launched a new, upgraded BlackBerry Curve today that not only features Wi-Fi for data but can also connect voice through the Wi-Fi connection via Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) and the HotSpot@Home service. The BlackBerry 8320 can take advantage of both the current EDGE network or a Wi-Fi connection when available, seamlessly switching between the two during a call.

When using UMA, users of the 8320 can talk through a 802.11g wireless home network or public Wi-Fi hotspot without racking up any talk-time minutes as they would through the standard cellular EDGE voice connection. The new Curves from T-Mobile will come in new colors of titanium silver (shown here) or a pale gold (exclusively through T-Mobile) but other than that are pretty much the same as the original BlackBerry Curve. The BlackBerry 8320 has a 2 megapixel camera, media player, microSD expansion slot, full QWERTY keyboard and takes advantage of T-Mobiles myFaves for 5 friends from any carrier.

iHome ultimate Bluetooth speakers/clock radio

Posted in Bluetooth,Clocks,iHome,Speakers by Reuben Drake on September 22nd, 2007

iHome IHC5S clock radio and speakers dock for Bluetooth cell phonesThe iHome iHC5S is one of those incredible multi-gadgets that pack maybe one-too-many features into a single system. Fortunately in this case the features all seem to pretty much go together, unlike the stranger combination found Mini-Fridge we saw earlier this month.

iHome has put together a clock radio that connects wirelessly via the Handsfree, Headset, AVRCP and A2DP Bluetooth profiles to give a system that integrates with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. The Clock Radio Speaker System, as iHome descriptively calls it, has the ability to receive streaming music from your phone and play it through the 4 built-in stereo speakers. It also lets you control the playback through the system or an included remote control. The alarm clock also allows you to wake up to a buzzer, radio or the streamed music from your phone.

BenQ C30 phone puts media controls on top

Posted in BenQ,Mobile Phones by Reuben Drake on September 21st, 2007

BenQ C30 mobile phone has media controls on top of the frame for easy accessAlong with BenQ’s C840 camera announcement earlier today, the company has also unveiled the BenQ C30 mobile phone featuring dedicated media controls on the top edge of the device. According to BenQ, the placement of these controls are in a more convenient spot and make it easier to access when it’s in your pocket.

The buttons on top control music playback and two of them double to control the built-in FM radio and VGA digital camera. The C30 also contains a microSD card slot and stereo speakers so you can listen to your music without headphones.

Playstation Eye release and price

Posted in Digital Cameras,Digital Video,PS3,Sony by Reuben Drake on September 21st, 2007

Sony Playstation Eye camera for the Playstation 3That Playstation Eye camera from Sony designed for use with the PS3 has finally gotten some release information and pricing. According to the Playstation Blog, the PS3 Eye camera will be available for purchase on October 23rd.

In what seems almost like an accidental side note in an announcement regarding the release of The Eye of Judgment game from Hasbro, the the Playstation Eye looks like it is going come bundled with the trading card game and together will retail for just $69.99 in the US.

Credit card-sized ThinQ pedometer

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Reuben Drake on September 21st, 2007

Sportline ThinQ pedometer is as thin as a credit card and tracks steps while walking for exerciseThere’s been days when I’ve come home from my job (not this job) where I’m on my feet all the time and wondered just how many miles I walk in an actual day. Wearing a pedometer would be a good way to find out but having some little gadget clipped to my belt causes everyone I run into at the office to ask what the little thing is that I have clipped to my belt.

The ThinQ pedometer from Sportline is about the size of a credit card (3mm thick) and easily fits into your pocket or even your wallet giving you discrete tracking of your steps, distance traveled and calories burned. It also houses a sports timer and comes in colors of blue, orange or green, retailing for about $35.

iSlide hydrogen powered skateboard

Posted in Concepts,Personal Transport by Reuben Drake on September 21st, 2007

iSlide concept looks like a skateboard and is powered by a hydrogen fuel cellUnfortunately the iSlide is still a conceptual transport device, but the idea looks pretty good and it’s getting some due attention. Designed by Ofir Tal in Israel, the iSlide would be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell to provide clean, personal transportation in a similar fashion to a Segway, but in a skateboard-like design.

The iSlide has a single wheel in the center that drives it, and is controlled by tilting it forward to move forward and back to slow down. The ends appear to also have some “wheely bars” to help with balance and it even has a light on the front for traveling at night. It’s top speed is a little under 10 miles an hour which isn’t too bad for a skateboard.

via GoodCleanTech

Nokia 6301 UMA phone uses GSM and Wi-Fi

Posted in Mobile Phones,Nokia,Orange,UMA,Wi-Fi by Reuben Drake on September 21st, 2007

Nokia 6301 is a cell phone that provides seemless switch between GSM and WLAN Wi-Fi connections via UMANokia launched a pretty cool product yesterday with the Nokia 6301 mobile phone. The device features a thin, sleek design and looks similar to many other mobile phones that are released these days, but it has a more unique feature you’ll probably be seeing more of going forward.

The 6301 phone is able to seamlessly switch between GSM cellular connections and Wi-Fi connections, allowing voice connectivity through each when needed. The phone can pick up standard cell coverage when you’re out and about like any other cell phone. When your indoors where you might not get the best cell coverage it can switch over and start utilizing your Wi-Fi network instead through Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology.

Sidekick LX kickin’ it next month?

Posted in Rumors,Sidekick,Sidekick LX by Reuben Drake on September 20th, 2007

Advertisment picture of the Sidekick LX launch dateThe folks over at Hiptop3 have come across some classically blurry rumor-mill photos of the new upcoming Sidekick LX along with an advertisement showing a launch date. The ad shows that the new LX will be available on October 24 where you’ll be able to “kick it to the next level”. So, to answer all of your questions about the release date; I would still file this under “rumors” but just over a month away is the best thing we could find so far.

The advertisement flier also states the that the Sidekick LX will feature 24/7 access to MySpace and a larger, sharper screen. The actual small-print text and an equally blurry photo of the Sidekick LX itself after the jump.

Western Digital gives My Book drives an upgrade

Posted in Hard Drives,Storage,Western Digital by Reuben Drake on September 20th, 2007

Western Digital My Book External hard drive Essential Edition 2.0Western Digital has unveiled some new features and a new look to its line of external My Book hard drives. The Home Edition, Office Edition and Essential Edition 2.0 all offer up to 1TB of data storage along with a compact design and are smart enough to power themselves off when you computer shuts down.

Both the Home and Office editions have also traded in the light ring on the front for a straight bar that not only indicates power but gives you an estimate of available capacity at a glance. They also house a backup feature that will automatically back up anything that’s saved to it.

Linksys launches RangePlus networking products

Posted in Linksys,Routers,Wi-Fi by Reuben Drake on September 20th, 2007

Linksys WRT100 wireless router is part of the Linksys RangePlus line of networking productsLinksys has some new Wi-Fi products on the market as part of the new LinkSys RangePlus family which promises to increase the range of your home wireless network at affordable prices. The new products include a wireless router (WRT100), notebook adapter (WPC100), PCI adapter (WMP100) and USB Notebook adapter (WUSB100).

The WRT100 router (pictured here) has dropped the Linksys blue color and has taken the flat black look more common of its Cisco parent. The family of RangePlus products uses Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) technology to provide better coverage in a larger area with fewer dead spots. Although Linksys would like you to buy all the products as they are designed to work together, they will likely support the standard 802.11 b/g. The products do however feature some added features unique to Linksys that make setup a little easier.

T-Mobile Carrying iPhone to Germany November 9

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News,T-Mobile by Reuben Drake on September 19th, 2007

Apple announced the launch of the iPhone in Germany with T-Mobile for November 9Today Apple made an announcement, as expected, that the iPhone would be coming to Germany with T-Mobile as the carrier. What we weren’t as sure about is the launch date since the release for Germany wasn’t announced at the same time as the UK. But it looks like Apple isn’t going to let Germany go around iPhone-less any longer than its neighbors and the mobile gadget will launch on the same day – November 9.

There were some differences in todays announcement compared to Yesterday’s. Like everywhere else, the German version of the iPhone will not support 3G, however there was no mention of the hundreds of Wi-Fi hotspots that will be scattered around to provide data connections like O2 is planning for the UK. Also no service plan rates were announced, but they did say the the iPhone itself will be going for €399 (about $550 USD).

The “About Time” Clock Will Get Around To It

Posted in Clocks by Reuben Drake on September 18th, 2007

About Time clock rolls around to show a sentence of a general timeJust about every time I think I’ve seen the strangest example of a particular item, something like this comes along to remind me that there is really no limit to the imaginations of these designers. This particular device is a clock, in a ’round about way, designed by Buro Vormkrijgers.

The “About Time” clock’s design is shaped like a cone and it lays on your desk, rolling one complete rotation every 12 hours. Around the edge of the face of this clock is a single, long sentence which is describing the time in great generalities. Whatever part of the sentence is at the bottom of the face is the current time. The sentence parts consists of things like “It’s about six o’clock” or “it’s almost seven now”. You can see close-up photo of the face after the jump.

Creative Aurvana Noise Cancelers With X-Fi

Posted in Creative,Headphones by Reuben Drake on September 18th, 2007

Creative Aurvana X-Fi noise cancelling headphonesCreative has a new set of noise canceling headphones on the market with the new Aurvana X-Fi. These headphones are Creative’s first that have their new X-Fi technology which according to Creative will enhance your listening experience with additional sound features.

On the side of the Aurvana headphones are three buttons to turn on or off the three major features. The first is the noise canceling button which, just like it sounds, turns on or off the noise canceling feature reducing surrounding noise up to 20dB. The second button turns on the X-Fi Crystalizer which is designed to restore more detail to compressed songs and provide clearer music. The third button is the Cinematic effects (X-Fi CMSS-3D). This button turns on a feature that provides an surround sound experience in the headphones with voices in front and other sounds that seem to be around you.

Kensington Rolls Out LiquidFM

Posted in FM Transmitters,Kensington by Reuben Drake on September 17th, 2007

Kensington LiquidFM Plus FM Transmitter for MP3 playersToday Kensington unveiled the Liquid FM Plus FM transmitter as part of a multi-product mass launch of devices. The LiquidFM Plus provides some MP3 listening convenience in somewhat of a ho-hum FM transmitter which houses a few nice but mostly not uncommon add-ons.

The gadget allows users to connect an MP3 player through the standard 3.5mm headphone jack (or through a 2.5mm adapter for cell phones) and then sends and FM signal to a car FM stereo, allowing you to listen to your MP3 player in virtually any car on the go.

Kensington Launches SlimBlade Mobile Peripherals

Posted in Kensington,Keyboards,Mouse by Reuben Drake on September 17th, 2007

Kensington SlimBlade Lifestyle peripherals include slim mouse and keyboard for use with notebooks on the goKensington has announced the release of a new line of low-profile notebook peripherals today, targeting those on that are on the go and desire mice and keyboards that pack well and look good. The new line from the company called SlimBlade rolled out with 5 new mice and a configurable Media Notebook set, all having a slim profile and smooth appearance.

The SlimBlade Presenter mouse is a wireless laser tracking mouse and comes in either Ice Blue or Deep Blue. It features a battery level indicator, 4-way scrolling, auto power savings and a backlight to let you know when you are ready with your presentation. The Presenter retails for $49.99