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Sony stops PSP Go production?

Posted in PSP Go! by Reuben Drake on April 19th, 2011

Looks as if the PSP Go has just… stopped. According to a Japanese blogger working for an official Sony retail partner, production of the PSP Go handheld has come to a full stop. Adding some weight to this rumor, the Sony Style Japan online store no longer lists the portable and it doesn’t come up in searches.

The product page only comes up via a direct link, but shows it as out of stock. Sony says that demand for “current generation PSPs” will continue to be met, so we are left with what we already knew, that there is no demand for the PSP Go.

Samsung’s LCD fridge gets a price

Posted in Samsung by Reuben Drake on April 18th, 2011

Samsung has now priced its four-door, Energy Star-rated LCD refrigerator and it is just as expensive as you might expect at $3,499 retail. It will arrive late next month. The RF4289 fridge offers 28 cubic feet of storage, including a customizable, counter-height “flex-zone” drawer with a moveable divider. This is for serious food eaters/storage enthusiasts.

It also features LED lighting and Samsung’s twin coolingplus system that separately circulates the air inside the freezer and refrigerator to eliminate odor and keep perishable produce fresher for a longer period of time. If that isn’t enough, there’s an 8-inch, Wi-Fi-enabled LCD touchscreen too, which includes several apps, including Epicurious, Weatherbug, Pandora, AP News, Google Calendar, Picasa Photos and Twitter.

Sony ships 50 million PS3s and 8 million Move controllers worldwide

Posted in PS3 by Reuben Drake on April 15th, 2011

Sony has reason to celebrate when it comes to sales of its gaming hardware. The PS3 has reached over 50 million units shipped worldwide and the PS Move controller has shipped over eight million units. That’s a lot of gear no matter how you look at it.

These are categorized as “shipped” because Sony reports sales to retailers, not end users like you and me. Anyhow, those are still huge numbers. The PS3 is on fire.

Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition headed to Russia

Posted in Samsung by Reuben Drake on April 14th, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be hitting stores around the world in a few weeks, but Samsung wants to bridge the gap between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S 2 with the Galaxy S 2011 Edition. This new phone will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread with an overclocked processor at 1.4 Ghz.

The battery is 1650 mAh but the screen is the same. It will likely have 2 Gigs of RAM and 8, 16 or 32 gigs of internal storage. Think of it as the Galaxy S 2 lite. It will be available in Russia in May for 22,000 Rubles ($ 780) to tide people over until the Galaxy S 2 arrives.

Coffee Cup Power Inverter

Posted in Automotive by Reuben Drake on April 13th, 2011

Sometimes having a regular AC power outlet in your car can be necessary. And if you want that, you better have a power inverter in your car. Thing is, even if you have one, there is no good place to put it. Well, this Coffee Cup Power Inverter solves that problem. Just put it in your cup holder. Perfect.

This 200 watt inverter will help you with your many gadgets. It features a pair of AC plugs and a USB port and will cost you just $30. If you need one, this is the inverter for you. Just make sure you have another spot for your coffee. That is a must.

Asus Xonar U3 external sound card

Posted in ASUS by Reuben Drake on April 12th, 2011

With all of the great things that a notebook can do, why can’t they pump out decent sound? Even gaming laptops have this problem. Well, there are solutions available. Like plugging in a USB sound card for instance. One that will give you more hi fidelity abilities and also EAX 5.0 gaming abilities.

We are talking about the Asus XONAR U3. It’s the size of a flash drive and only weighs 25 grams. The device offers the ability to drive 150ohm impedance headphones and ASUS’ unofficial EAX 5 software based acceleration which will make games sound better. The Asus XONAR U3 also supports Dolby Digital.

ASUS’ 12x BW-12D1S-U external Blu-ray writer is the world’s fastest

Posted in ASUS by Reuben Drake on April 11th, 2011

If you feel that your current Blu-ray writer is not living up to it’s potential, ASUS has something new for you. The BW-12D1S-U, is their latest 12X, USB 3.0 burner. The BW-12D1S-U will give you realtime 2D to 3D conversion, 1080p video output and support for the usual HD audio formats. So you should be very happy together.

Of course there is also the sexy translucent blue power button and a sleek black finish. It will also operate both horizontally or vertically. No info on price just yet, though. Hopefully we will learn more soon.

3DS gets outsold by PSP in Japan

Posted in PSP by Reuben Drake on April 8th, 2011

Nintendo’s 3DS was released in Japan on February 26th and it has been selling great hitting the top of the sales charts. How could it’s sales possibly be surpassed? By the PSP, that’s how. According to Media Create the PSP sold 58,075 units in the week of March 28th to April 3rd, while the 3DS sold 42,979.

So what’s going on? It’s due in large part to the PSP dating sim Amagami, which is an old PS2 game that’s just been re-released for the handheld. Turns out they really love that old game more than 3D.

T-Mobile G2X priced at $200, arriving April 15th

Posted in T-Mobile by Reuben Drake on April 7th, 2011

It’s now official. The T-Mobile G2X. LG’s dual-core, Android handset will be available on T-Mobile’s online store on April 15th for $200, coinciding with tax time. The handset will be the same price in stores when it arrives on April 20th.

There’s a $50 mail-in rebate to deal with, but aside from that you will finally be able to enjoy this smooth Android experience. We know that you’ve been waiting for it. There are worse things to spend your tax check on.

Toshiba 55ZL1 HDTV

Posted in Toshiba by Reuben Drake on April 6th, 2011

Toshiba has announced details and a release date for its new flagship 55ZL1 HDTV. It is the first model powered by the new CEVO-ENGINE, which replaces the company’s Cell-powered models. The CEVO-ENGINE is a stack of Cell multicore processors in a seven-core processing unit that provides the muscle for the various features like 2D to 3D conversion, 3D depth control, HDD video recording, Auto Calibration, and even a face recognition feature that will identify you and switch to your personal settings.

Channel lists can be personalized and Toshiba says a new Auto Calibration feature in the 55ZL1 uses a color-analyzer approach to optimize the settings and display movies with the same colors and gray scale intended by the movie’s director. The 55″ model will be available in Europe this May.

HTC Pyramid renamed HTC Sensation

Posted in HTC by Reuben Drake on April 6th, 2011

The HTC Pyramid will now be called the HTC Sensation when it comes to the UK. The newly christened HTC Sensation will launch in the UK on Tuesday at HTC’s media event and be available in the UK in the next few months.

Right now we don’t have any info regarding when it will be in stores or which operator it will be available on. The HTC Sensation has been keeping a low profile and didn’t even show up at global mobile phone tradeshows MWC and CTIA in February and March. Word is that it will pack in a 4.3-inch screen, a dual-core processor and run the latest version of Gingerbread.

Dish Network to buy Blockbuster for $228 million

Posted in News by Reuben Drake on April 6th, 2011

Dish Network has opened up it’s massive wallet today and announced that it will be acquiring Blockbuster for $228 million. The satellite provider participated in a bankruptcy court auction for Blockbuster, with a winning bid of $320 million. After some adjustments for cash and inventory, the companies both agreed on the final price.

So Blockbuster will continue in some form, we just aren’t sure what Dish’s plans are for it at this time. Who knows, maybe they will try to take on Netflix, though that might be futile.

Liquid-cooled Wii mod is crazy

Posted in Wii by Reuben Drake on April 6th, 2011

Out of all of the powerful systems they could have used for this mod, they chose the underpowered Wii. I guess there’s no accounting for taste. Still, it is an awesome mod. It is built from steel and cooled by two liquid-filled containers that look like they should be bubbling and feeding life into a mutant organism.

It is the work of Bit-tech forum member Angel OD and it’s called the “UNLimited Edition” project. He started this baby back in December, 2009 and just recently finished it. So as you can see, it took a Wii bit of time.

Sony Bloggie Duo HD camcorder shipping this week for $170

Posted in Camcorders by Reuben Drake on April 5th, 2011

Sony has kept uncharacteristically quiet about its Bloggie Duo HD, but now we have word that the camcorder will ship tomorrow. The news comes from a status update on Sony’s very own website.

To refresh your memory, for $169.99 you get a pocket-sized camcorder that will deliver two hours of HD video, 5 megapixel stills, a 2.7-inch LCD and an HDMI output. It comes in violet, pink and green colors. Decisions decisions. I guess I would go with the violet.

Panasonic’s rewriteable 100GB BD-RE XL discs launching this month

Posted in Panasonic by Reuben Drake on April 4th, 2011

Panasonic is finally ready to offer up its new triple layer BD-RE XL discs to the masses on April 15th in Japan. The LM-BE100J is the first rewriteable BDXL available and as such will cost you 10,000 yen ($118).

And don’t worry, the latest burners from Pioneer and Buffalo already support these new discs. If you have other hardware, it’s a good idea check your specs and make sure they are supported before ordering. Otherwise the mistake could be costly.