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Google and Orange Working On Google Phone

Posted in Google,Mobile Phones,News,Orange by Darrin Olson on December 17th, 2006

Google and Orange To Make Google PhoneAccording to the Observer, Google and Orange are collaborating on making a Google Phone with built in Google applications for surfing the web, and getting email. This would be another big step forward for both of these two very powerful companies in the technology world, and could be a large benefit to consumers in mobile internet access and potentially costs as well.

Google has been working on different technologies to make information more accessible from mobile devices, such getting email on your handset, and having another medium to be able to provide search services along with advertising may be right inline with Google’s vision.

The Observer stated: “A source close to the talks told The Observer: ‘Google are software experts and are doing some amazing work compressing data so that the mobile user gets a much better experience. They

JVC EXAD In-Dash DVD/CD Receiver

Posted in Automotive,Digital Audio,Digital Video,JVC by Darrin Olson on December 17th, 2006

JVC EXAD KD-AVX2 DVD/CD ReceiverJVC has a pretty cool DVD/CD receiver called the KD-AVX2 in the EXAD line up that provides a 3.5″ wide screen right in the DIN sized component in your dash. With this design, no longer do you need to have those screens retract and end up blocking other controls, getting over-exposed to heat or cold from your vents and get bumped when they are sticking out.

This monitor is built right into the face of the receiver and allows you to set up your own wallpaper to display when its not being used. The KD-AVX2 from JVC is also ready to control your iPod with an additional adapter, and is SAT radio ready.

It also has output jacks so that you can setup surround sound quality in your card, and hook up external monitors for those in the back seat. The player allows …

USB Travel Dock For iPod Shuffle

Posted in Accessories,Apple,iPod by Darrin Olson on December 16th, 2006

iPod Suffle USB Travel DockiPod accessories abound these days, and once in a while you can find one that might actually be useful. I’m not saying that this is something you need, but with the iPod Shuffle being as small as it is, this simple little docking station keeps it from getting pushed around your desk.

This really small Shuffle dock has no cords, and just plugs directly into your USB port. It’s profile is narrow enough that it takes up no more room that a cord would, and is light enough even with the Shuffle in it that it is not going to put too much torque on your USB port.

The thing that you will want to watch out for with this is the position of your USB port. We are not sure how well the Shuffle stays in position in the dock, so if …

Wow, Are Wii Having Fun

Posted in News,Nintendo,Wii by Darrin Olson on December 16th, 2006

Nintendo to Replace Straps for Wii ControllersNintendo‘s new Wii game console continues to get lots of exposure, but not all due to the cool new features. Pictured is a small showcase of those on the injured list from WiiHaveAProblem, reportedly due to game play injuries using the Wii remote control. Some of these injuries could possibly be resolved with the new, stronger replacement wrist strap that you can request from Nintendo, but not all of them.

Nintendo has continued to have spectacular sales with the Wii game console which features a new style of controller that allows the player to mimic actions of the game, such as swinging a racket or a golf club, or casting a fishing rod. Some have gotten so into the game that they lose sight of objects around them, and sometimes lose their grip on the controller.

In response to …

Google Adds Domain Registration to Apps For Your Domain

Posted in Google,News,Services by Darrin Olson on December 16th, 2006

Google Adds Domain Registration to Apps For Your DomainGoogle has recently added another service to the Google Apps For Your Domain offering, by giving users the ability to search and register domain names.

They allow you to register just about any domain name with .com, .org, .net, .biz, and .info extensions only, but the same rules apply for registering domains as they did for adding existing domains, such as you cannot register any name with the word ‘Google’ in it.

Google partnered with two existing registration companies (GoDaddy and eNom) to be able to provide this service. This is a nice added convenience to the Google Apps suite since prior to this addition, administrators creating a site with Google were required to register their domains somewhere else. Registering domains with Google in which you are going to use with Google Apps saves a lot of time …

Cowon D2 Music and Video Player

Posted in Cowan,Digital Audio,Digital Video by Darrin Olson on December 15th, 2006

Cowan D2 Audio and Video PlayerSEOUL, Korea – Cowon is planning on releasing the Cowon D2 digital audio and video player on December 19th. This player has a 2.5″ touchscreen for navigation and handles multiple audio and video multimedia as well as broadcasted multimedia (DMB) without an external antenna. It even has a video out port to play the video on another display device.

The battery allows for 52 hours of audio playback and up to 10 hours video playback, and this player is very small. At only 78.0 x 55.4 x 16.6 mm and weighing only 91 grams it fits easily into your pocket to take you media with you wherever you go. You can also hold a pretty decent amount of multimedia files as it comes in 2GB and 4GB sizes, and you can add an SD card of up to another 4GB.

To get …

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta Available Friday

Posted in News,Software by Darrin Olson on December 14th, 2006

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta Release Today Adobe has announced that on Friday it will release a beta version of Adobe Photoshop CS3. Probably the most significant point in this release (and the driving point in our post) is the fact that it is a universal binary version allowing it to run on Mac’s with the new Intel chip, and and at the same time not forgetting about their Windows customers by supporting XP and Vista. Adobe says this is to allow a smoother transition to newer hardware platforms, namely the Mac.

“This is an exciting time for the Mac, and Adobe wanted to ease the move to new Intel-based systems with a preview release of Photoshop CS3,” said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions Business Unit at Adobe. “We didn’t want to leave Windows customers out of the party, so the beta is available …

iTunes Sales Falling – Not Really

Posted in Apple,Digital Audio,News,Services by Darrin Olson on December 13th, 2006

False reports of falling Apple iTunes SalesReports earlier this week from a number of media sources indicated a 65% drop in iTunes sales since the beginning of the year for Apple iTunes, which is apparently just not true and a misinterpretation of data.

A blog from Forrester Research is attempting the clear up the misconception that iTunes sales have been falling, citing that the credibility of the media may actually be worse off than iTunes. A part of the report indicated a drop in credit card sales, since Forrester does not have actual data of iTunes sales from Apples. This data was too small in amount to be able to accurately show overall sales trending.

A 3% drop in Apple’s stock that seemed to follow the same timeline as the media reports resulted in one upset technology company getting in contact with Forrester about the results. …

Fisher Price Kid-Tough FP3 Player

Posted in Fisher Price,Kids,MP3 by Darrin Olson on December 13th, 2006

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough FP3 PlayerLittle kids like to enjoy their music too, but most parents might be a little hesitant to let their 5 year old handle the expensive MP3 player they just bought. Probably due to this very reason, the Kid-Tough FP3 Player from Fisher Price has been a popular item this year for youngsters. It works very similarly to most MP3 players, but like the name says it’s built “kid-tough” so it can stand the multiple drops and banging around that is bound to happen. It’s also big enough that it won’t easily be lost like a smaller MP3 player might, and has a kid-friendly grip and interface.

Fisher Price even offers a website where you can browse, preview and download FP3 songs and stories specifically for kids directly to the FP3 player through your Windows PC (no Mac’s). Kid-Tough FP3 player can hold …

IRiver S7 – Easy Play and Joy

Posted in Digital Audio,iRiver by Darrin Olson on December 12th, 2006

IRiver S7 Digital Audio PlayerOne of the latest editions to to the IRiver DAP lineup for Korea is the IRiver S7. Some rumors have been floating that it might not be real, but you can find it now on the Korean IRiver site. The S7 comes in colors of brown or brown, and has 1GB of storage with 9 hours of playback time, and supports file types of MP3, ASF, OGG, and WMA.

The most interesting part of this player is the face with the controls. On the top of the face there is something that looks a lot like a goat with some sort of headdress, and a dog lifting it’s back leg on the bottom. On the left and right there are some dudes that look like they might be running away from each other.

Since the Korean site is written in the Korean …

Fujitsu Ups 2.5″ Drives By 50% to 300 GB

Posted in Hard Drives,News by Darrin Olson on December 12th, 2006

Fujitsu 300 GB 2.5Today Fujitsu announced the MHX2300BT; the worlds first 2.5 inch, serial ATA 300 GB hard drive. This drive capacity is about 50% more than previously offered and will provide greater space to store information for notebooks, video recorders, flat panel TV’s and similar items in the future.

Just to give you some perspective, if the hard drive based Sony Handycam had this drive, you could record over 70 hours of high quality video, an MP3 player could hold around 75,000 MP3 songs and this drive can hold up to 300,000 compressed 5 megapixel photos.

In the fall of last year Fujitsu offered these small drives amazingly with the 160 GB capacities, and then added another 40 GB to their product offering in May of this year. Another 100 GB will be a big jump and will continue to allow products such as video recorders …

SanDisk and Sony announce faster Memory Stick PRO

Posted in Flash Memory,News,Sony by Darrin Olson on December 11th, 2006

Memory Stick Pro-HG From SanDisk and SonyAn increasing number of devices such as digital cameras and camcorders are using higher resolutions, requiring the transfer of larger amounts of data over the same period of time to memory devices. Due to this increasing need, SanDisk and Sony partnered on improving the Memory Stick Pro product and created the Memory Stick PRO-HG.

The Memory Stick PRO-HG format increased it’s transfer speed by using an 8-bit parallel interface, replacing the 4-bit parallel interface in the Memory Stick PRO. This resulted in a transfer speed of up to 3 times faster to cater to real-time recording of high-resolution video and images.

The Memory Stick PRO and Memory Stick PRO-HG will be allowed to be used interchangeably, so that you can use the new, faster memory in older host devices that take the regular Memory Stick PRO, and new devices that are …

Smaller, Faster Non-Volatile Memory From IBM

Posted in Flash Memory,IBM,News by Darrin Olson on December 11th, 2006

Phase Change Memory that could replace Flash memory chipsToday scientists from IBM, Macronix and Qimonda unveiled a new type of memory with the intention of possibly being a replacement for flash memory which is used in many electronic gadgets today.

The new memory announced today is called “phase-changememory. The memory would have the same applications as flash memory, but with a a couple key advantages. First of all, the phase-change memory has shown to be faster than flash memory; up to 500 times faster. It would also only consume about half the power that flash memory does, even with the greater speed. Secondly, the phase-change memory is smaller. A cross section of the new memory prototype measures only 3 x 20 nanometers.

“These results dramatically demonstrate that phase-change memory has a very bright future,” said Dr. T. C. Chen, Vice President, Science & Technology, IBM Research. …

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera

Posted in Digital Cameras,Digital Imaging,Kids by Darrin Olson on December 10th, 2006

Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera My first digital camera as an adult was not as sophisticated as this Kid-Tough Digital Camera from Fisher-Price for ages 3 & up. I also think my first digital camera was even slightly bigger!

This is a real camera that takes real digital photos that can be transferred on to your PC, and has a 1.3″ color LCD to view the pictures immediately after you take them. When taking the pictures, the digital camera has a viewer for both eyes so the little kids don’t have to know how to wink to be able to focus in on there target. It also has big hand-holds on either side and big buttons to make it simple to use.

The designers have also taken into account that kids are going to drop this camera, a lot, so it is shockproof. It has a …

New 3CCD HD Camcorders from Panasonic

Posted in Camcorders,Digital Video,News,Panasonic by Darrin Olson on December 10th, 2006

Panasonic 3CCD High Definition AVCHD CamcordersPanasonic has recently unveiled two new high definition camcorders with some big screen features in tiny packages. The HDC-SD1 and HDC-DX1 are similar camcorders but both record high def in slightly different ways. The HDC-DX1 (pictured on the left) records onto DVD discs, and the HDC-SD1 records onto small (in size not capacity) SDHC memory cards.

The HDC-SD1 has some advantages with recording onto the memory cards by having no moving parts required in order to save the data. It has fewer parts to break, and is more resistant to shock. Also, it can potentially hold more data. A 4GB memory card can hold up to an hour of high definition video, where a dual layer DVD can hold up to about 40 minutes. And of course if you add a larger memory card, you can hold more recording time. Another …