New iMac’s HDD upgrade options are very restricted

Posted in Apple by Conner Flynn on May 15th, 2011

PC fans will tell you that the PC platform is much more open and upgradable than gadgets in the Mac world. That’s true, however Mac fans can upgrade at least some things on most Mac notebooks and computers like say the hard drive and RAM. Many people buy new Mac computers and then upgrade it with aftermarket parts to save money. Those aftermarket parts are usually cheaper than getting the upgrade from Apple.

Well, it turns out that the new iMac computers have more restrictions on their upgrades than the older version of the iMac. And they may force you to buy Official Apple parts.

It looks like Apple has ditched their standard cabling and gone from the normal 4-pin power cable to SATA drives and moved to a 7-pin cable. The reason is to regulate the temperature inside the machine using the larger cable in conjunction with custom Apple firmware on the HDD.

But removing the new iMac HDD from the machine will make the fans spin at full speed and the replacement of the HDD with anything not Apple original will result in the iMac failing the Apple Hardware Test. That’s a problem. This all means that you can’t upgrade the internal main 3.5-inch HDD inside the new iMac. At least for now. We suppose Apple wants people buying their own parts for upgrade.


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