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Seagate, WD nearing launch of 3TB internal hard drives

Posted in Seagate by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2010

We can never have enough storage, so it’s good that Seagate and Western Digital will soon be releasing their 3TB internal hard drives. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, but pictures of the drives have surfaced of the Seagate Barracuda XT and Western Digital Caviar Green.

The Seagate drive will feature a 7,200RPM speed, along with a 64MB memory buffer, a 6Gbps SATA interface and an access time of 8.5ms. The WD drive will spin at a slower 5,400RPM and offer a 3Gbps SATA interface, a similar 64MB of buffer and an access time of 8.9ms.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and Curve 9300 now available on AT&T

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2010

We assume that you have been saving up your dough, so now you can get ready to spend it since the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and BlackBerry Curve 9300 are now available.

Both devices are available for purchase directly from the AT&T store. The Pearl 9100 will cost you $149 on a two-year contract while the Curve 9300 will only cost you $99 on a two-year contract.

Automatic Trash Can with Multi-sense

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2010

Man it is so hard to open the lid of a trash can to throw away trash. That’s why we need an automatic trash can. Simplehuman has come up with an automatic trash can, called the sensor can, that has a multi-sense sensor. That means it can guess what you’re trying to do and determine whether to keep the lid open or not.

When the lid is closed, the sensor zone is above the trash can, so walking past won’t trigger it. Once the lid is open, the sensor zone is widened to see if you are still around and throwing things away. If you stay there for over three seconds, it will enter a stay-open mode for thirty seconds. It’s powered by six C batteries which will last a year, or you can run it off the socket.

NEC introduces 23-inch MultiSync EX231W LCD monitor with DisplayPort

Posted in NEC by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2010

NEC’s new MultiSync EX231W is looking pretty sleek. This 23-inch monitor weighs just 9.3 pounds, has an ultraslim bezel (14.6mm) and a native 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, and it also features 250 nits of brightness, 25,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and an ECO mode that consumes just 16 watts.

There’s also DVI and DisplayPort options and a USB pass-through on the top of the monitor that enables quick webcam or flash drive connections. You also get an ambient light sensor, carbon savings meter, touch-sensitive on-screen controls, four-way adjustable stand and an intelligent power manager.

iPhone-controlled Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair now available

Posted in Furniture by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2010

If your Lazy-Boy isn’t lazy enough for you, how about an iPhone-controlled massage chair? Well, the Acutouch HT-9500 is now available for just $4,999. They’ve knocked a full grand off the MSRP. It comes with the HT-Connect app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This means that you can wirelessly control the chair and get “instant access to a world of resources, massage programs and expertise designed to improve your wellness and life.” Sounds good to us.

BlackBerry PlayBook should have 64GB model, large battery

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

RIM’s Co-Chief Executive Officer Jim Balsillie has revealed a few more details about the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. According to CrackBerry, the device will have a 5,300mAh, non-removable battery, which will help it deliver more life than competing products. The similarly-sized Galaxy Tab packs only a 4,000mAh battery and a claimed seven-plus hour battery life when watching movies.

The PlayBook should last longer, obviously and maybe it will even match or surpass Apple’s 10-hour rating for its larger iPad. RIM’s smartphones are already very efficient and known for their long operation on a single charge. We hope some of this efficiency rubs off on the PlayBook as well.

Samsung KDDI SMT-i9100 Android Tablet

Posted in Tablet PC by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

If the Samsung Galaxy Tab is your tablet of choice, then you might want to check out the new Samsung KDDI SMT-i9100 Android tablet. The device is sexy looking and is powered by the Google Android 2.2 OS.

The SMT-i9100 features a 7-inch multitouch display with WSVGA resolution (1024×600), Wi-Fi, CDMA 1x, 3G, 4GB of internal memory, 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth, a microSDHC card and a 2MP digital camera.

SolidMicro PadPower iPad Battery Case

Posted in iPad accessories by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

Entering the overcrowded and protective world of iPad cases is a new case from SolidMicro. This one is an iPad battery case called the SolidMicro PadPower.

This iPad battery case features a 6000mAh battery that will extend your iPad’s battery life and of course it also protects your expensive iPad from scratches and bumps and the like. It would suck to have it broken and have to shell out all of that money again, so protect it.

Pandigital Novel Personal e-book Reader with Wi-Fi

Posted in ebooks by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

Pandigital has introduced their latest Personal eReader in the Pandigital Novel series. This eReader sports a 6-inch ePaper electrophoretic display with an 800 x 600 pixel resolution and an integrated Barnes & Noble eBook store, which gives you direct access to over one million eBooks, newspapers and magazines.

The device is powered by a Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable through an AC adapter or a USB port. The battery delivers up to 6,000 page turns. The Pandigital Novel Personal supports PDF and EPUB file formats, 2GB of internal storage space, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a web browser.

Turn your iPod touch into an iPhone 4

Posted in iPod Touch by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

We can’t all afford iPhones, but even so you probably already own the latest generation iPod touch. Well, you can now turn that Touch into an iPhone 4 thanks to a selection of applications.

You’ll need the fourth generation iPod touch, a VoIP app like Skype and Line2. Of course you’ll also need an always-on Wi-Fi connection. After all of that you can proceed. Just be aware that you will have a shorter battery life.

Altaz announces Internet Clock Radio

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

The Altaz Internet Clock Radio will tell you the time at a glance, and will also operate as a digital photo frame thanks to its 3.5-inch display. It will also allow you to awaken to your favorite online radio stream, while having your favorite photo on the display when the alarm sounds off.

An SD memory card slot enhances the 128MB internal memory. The Altaz Internet Clock Radio also has a touchscreen interface for ease-of-use. The device will cost you $79.30, which isn’t all that bad.

White iPhone 4 with antenna design update?

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

Remember that white colored iPhone 4 that showed up in NY? Well, it could have been an invisible shield casing since the image above shows a black line which could be the black antenna bar that has been cut into the metal, moved or included in the middle right above the micro SIM slot to help with the poor reception issues.

This photo could be the new location for the antenna break-out so that the “death grip” problems will go away.

NOOSY HDMI adapter for iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod touch

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

NOOSY China is an unauthorized third-party Apple accessory manufacturer who has come up with a HDMI adapter for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (4G). It will allow you to output the display of your device to your larger HD display.

However it isn’t clear if the adapter will support audio over HDMI or not. We also aren’t sure if it supports DRM protected content over HDMI, but the site shows images of Star Trek on the iPad and on a connected TV so there ya go.

HTC announces Green Gratia Android Phone for Europe

Posted in HTC by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

This may look like Colorware has gotten a hold of an HTC phone, but it’s actually the newly-announced HTC Gratia, which will go on sale in November across Europe.

The phone is available in green, white, and black and will be powered by Android 2.2. No mention of pricing yet, but some specs include: A 600MHz processor, 512MB ROM and 384MB RAM, 5-megapixel camera, 3.2-inch 320 x 480 pixel display, Front VGA camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, G-sensor, Digital compass, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor and a microSD card slot.

Vudu drops some rentals to $2 to fight Apple, Netflix

Posted in Set Top Boxes by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2010

Vudu just has started an aggressive campaign to corner the movie rental space through its pricing strategy – lowering the price to below average. What this means to you is just $2 for around 4,000 “top films” in the company’s Movies On Sale section, where you have 48 hours to finish watching once playback begins.

The deal is good until the end of 2010. Lower prices should apply both to those who still use a Vudu Box as well as the TVs and Blu-ray players that have streaming support, like those from LG, Samsung and Vizio.