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Runco outs crazy expensive projectors costing more than some homes

Posted in Home Theater,Projectors by Shane McGlaun on September 23rd, 2010

When it comes to home theaters you can have the average mans set up with a nice big screen TV and surround sound. Then you can have the high-end rich home theater gurus set up with sound like the theater and a projector that can blind astronauts on the ISS as it passes over your house.

Runco has unveiled a couple new projectors that are aimed squarely at the rich people wanting the best and having the loot to pay for it. The two new projectors are the Runco SC-50d and the SC-60d. They are the top of the line from Runco and are custom built. The projectors have dual lamps and support 3D content with active or passive systems.

The dual UHP lamps make the projectors very bright and the projectors are designed for the best possible color reproduction. Both projectors support 2.35:1 aspect ratio just like the movies. Other features include four HDMI inputs, three composite, and control with HDMI CEC and RS-232 as well as traditional IR. The big feature here is the price tag of these things. The SC-50d sells for $88,995 and the SC-60d sells for $98,995. Both will be available this fall.