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Samsung to release Captivate GPS fix

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2010

By now it’s no secret that Samsung’s Captivate smartphone has had problems with GPS since the handset showed up, but now it looks like a fix has been announced and will be released within the next few weeks.

Apparently all Galaxy S class smartphones feature GPS which will give you problems, like being miles off your actual spot. Hopefully this fix will be able to track you the way you need to be tracked. You’ll have to wait for a fix for those other Galaxy S class devices.

Hasselblad H4D-31 camera goes all Ferrari on us

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2010

What happens when two rich and famous brands get together? Well, you get a whole new beast. In this case, the Hasselblad H4D-31 camera sports Ferrari’s famous prancing horse logo over the familiar shade of red.

It retails for just under €10,000, so only serious douchebags need apply. This limited run of Ferrari-branded H4D medium format cameras will stop at just 499 units.

Michael Dell shows off new 7-inch Android tablet

Posted in Dell by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2010

Michael Dell loves to tease. Word is that Dell’s big cheese has just pulled out yet another Android tablet from his very large and mysterious pocket. This time it’s a 7-incher. Mr. Dell didn’t let loose any dates and specs, but this could be the long-rumored Looking Glass.

Dell also announced that the smaller Streak is heading to Best Buy next month. We hope that this bigger tablet won’t disappoint us with an outdated OS this time.

Vizio VMB070 7-inch Portable TV Lands in Stores

Posted in Television by Shane McGlaun on September 22nd, 2010

Vizio has been the most popular brand of HDTVs in the US for the last few quarters thanks to the low price and decent performance the sets offer. Vizio has announced that the portable TV that it showed off back in January is now available directly from it and at Walmart.

The TV is called the VMB070 and has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480. The screen supports 720p resolution and has a dynamic contrast ratio of 500:1. The screen is rated for 250nits brightness and has a 25ms response time. The internal tuner is a NTSC/ATSC/QAM unit.

17-year old boy and Japanese developer linked to Twitter security flaw

Posted in twitter by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2010

A 17-year old boy from Australia claims to be responsible for that Twitter security flaw yesterday. He might have accidentally set the whole thing off. According to reports, he might have exposed the security flaw by tweeting a piece of code related to the onMouseOver JavaScript function that caused a pop-up to appear when a user moved his mouse over the message.

The code was quickly modified to perform all kinds of unsavory tasks, some malicious. He claims that he modified the idea from another user (a Japanese developer) who used the code to make his tweets colored. Twitter had been notified of the flaw before, and it was patched, but a recent update caused the flaw to rear it’s head again.

Sony Optiarc unveils slim external Blu-ray drive

Posted in Sony by Shane McGlaun on September 22nd, 2010

If that Buffalo external Blu-ray drive that I mentioned a while ago was too large for your tastes, the new Sony Optiarc slim Blu-ray drive might be perfect for your needs. The new optical drive is very thin and can write to BDR media at 6x.

The drive also plays Blu-ray films and can write to DVD and CD media as well. The drive can record a 25GB Blu-ray disc in about 25 minutes. It also supports the playback of 3D Blu-ray films. The external optical drive may be perfect for notebook or netbook users without an optical drive or for machines that don’t have Blu-ray.

Nintendo 3DS Hardware Specs revealed

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2010

Nintendo’s next handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, will be much more powerful, as it’s hardware specs are a vast improvement over the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DSi. IGN is reporting on these new specs, citing “persons familiar with the hardware who spoke to us under the condition of anonymity,”.

Here are the specs: CPU: 2 x 266MHz ARM11, GPU: PICA200 133MHz GPU by DMP, RAM: 64MB, Video RAM: 4MB, Storage: 1.5GB Flash-based.

Novatel launches smallest dual carrier HSPA+ USB device on the market

Posted in Modems by Shane McGlaun on September 22nd, 2010

Novatel is the maker of some of the most common USB modems and other devices that you will find at many carriers around the country. The latest offering from Novatel is being called the smallest dual carrier HSPA+ USB modem on the market. The small device supports two carrier networks and was unveiled this week in Spain.

The modem is called the Ovation MC545 and showed an OTA download speed of 40.5Mbps in demonstrations in Spain. The device is based on 3GPP Release 8 Standards and has a peak max download speed of 42Mbps and upload speed of 5.7Mbps.

Toshiba Qosmio X500 arriving September 26

Posted in Toshiba by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2010

Toshiba has updated its X500 gaming station with NVIDIA’s new high-end GTX 460M discrete graphics, which has 3D, Optimus, and DirectX 11.

They have priced it at $1,300. It features an 18.4-inch screen, Core i5 or i7 CPU choices, SSD storage options, up to 8GB of RAM, a backlit keyboard, and simulated 5.1 audio coming out of Harman Kardon speakers. It’s pricey, but those specs are worth it. This thing is a beast.

Buffalo debuts new USB 3.0 Blu-ray drive

Posted in Blu-ray,Buffalo by Shane McGlaun on September 22nd, 2010

You can count on most notebooks and computers not having a Blu-ray drive today, though the Blu-ray drive is getting to be more common. With USB 3.0 ports now showing up on more computers we are seeing more gadgets specifically for these ports surface as well. Buffalo has announced a new USB 3.0 Blu-ray drive that can write media and play it.

The drive is called the USB 3.0 Blu-ray drive, it can burn BDR discs at up to 12 x speed, and it is capable of writing to CDs and DVDs as well. The drive connects to the USB 3.0 port for best performance, but it is also capable of working with the USB 2.0 port as well.

Star Trek Enterprise pizza wheel

Posted in Sci-Fi by Conner Flynn on September 21st, 2010

Trekkies love a good pizza. Who doesn’t? So if you are going to slice up a pizza, you may as well do it with the Enterprise. Set a course for the pepperoni frontier. This thing will slice your fresh pizza pie faster than phasers can slice through a Klingon warship.

The blade is made from laser-etched stainless steel, and the body is made from a durable zinc-alloy chromium plate. Mostly, it just looks awesome and you know it will impress your friends.

Trek Support Backpack charges your gadgets

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on September 21st, 2010

If you love your gadgets, then chances are good that you travel with many of them. How do you keep them all juiced up? The Trek Support Backpack can help. It’s a checkpoint friendly backpack and comes with a USB hub that can power up to three USB devices at the same time.

Just plug the backpack into a wall outlet and power it up. The backpack can also hold a 15-inch laptop and has a built-in rechargeable battery for some extra juice. Pricing is $150, but it can be pre-ordered now for $130.

Football Cocktail Shaker

Posted in Sports by Conner Flynn on September 21st, 2010

Most cocktail shakers are shiny metal. Classy. When James bond orders a Martini “shaken, not stirred” it’s gotta look classy. Well, this is the exact opposite. This Football Cocktail Shaker isn’t for Bond. It’s more suited to rednecks and guys with cheese on their head, or guys with large foam hands and face paint.

It comes with a watertight inner spill proof chamber to play nice with your favorite mixers. Just screw both halves together and throw it around with your friends for a good shake. Unscrew it for your drink. Only $19.95.

Official Etch-a-Sketch iPad case

Posted in iPad accessories by Conner Flynn on September 21st, 2010

Etch-a-Sketch fans can now relive their childhood with the iPad thanks to this clever case. It’s pretty awesome. Who knows, it may even save your iPad from being stolen, if the thief is a little dumb.

This case will protect your iPad and it’s shaped like an Etch-a-Sketch. That’s enough reason to buy it right there. Sadly the knobs don’t do anything, but who cares. This thing is cool.

PS3′s 3.5 update now live with 3D movies

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on September 21st, 2010

The Sony Playstation 3 3.50 update is now live. The new update adds 3D support for Blu-ray movies, not just the earlier game support. If you want to take advantage of the update, you’ll need a 3D-capable TV however, as well as active shutter 3D glasses and an HDMI 1.4 cable. That’s one expensive update if you want 3-D movies.

There’s also Facebook integration, allowing developers to incorporate more social networking into games. Another key feature in the upgrades is a Grief Reporting Function that allows users to report harassment through the Friends link in the XMB interface.