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PadTab wall mounts iPad and other tablets

Posted in Accessories by Shane McGlaun on September 3rd, 2010

I have always wanted to have one of those fancy home automation systems that would control the lights in my home with the push of a button. I also want a touchscreen on the wall to control the system too. If you have the home automation system and want the touchscreen controller on the wall a new system to mount the iPad to the wall may be perfect for you, assuming you can control your system with the iPad.

The mount system is called PadTab. It is pictured with the iPad, but it would work with most tablets. The system is a couple plastic tabs with a square that goes on your iPad and is about as thick as a nickel. Another tab mounts to your wall or other vertical surface and is much smaller than the tablet side.

Both pieces mount using some sort of industrial strength adhesive. The WallTab can be painted to match your wall color. You can also use the system to mount to your fridge, mirrors, and most other flat surfaces. The PadTab starts shipping today for $29.99 with a pair of the WallTabs for two mounting locations.