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Dell takes second place back from Acer in PC shipments for Q2

Posted in Acer,Dell,HP by Shane McGlaun on September 7th, 2010

A few companies track PC shipments around the globe including iSuppli. In July, iSuppli offered up the numbers for Q1 2010 and Acer overtook Dell for the second place in the global PC shipment list.

The numbers for Q2 are out and Dell has recaptured that second spot. Dell shipped 10.5 million PCs for 12.8% of the market. Acer shipped 10.1 million PCs for 12.4% of the market. Acer had negative 6.2% growth for the quarter while Dell had negative 1.2% growth thanks to its desktop and server shipments.

For the 16th quarter in a row, the leader was HP with 19.6% of the market and 14.9 million units shipped. Lenovo was fourth with 8.3 million units shipped and 10.1% of the market. Lenovo grew the most with 18.6% growth compared to Q1. Toshiba had 5.4% of the market in fifth place with 4.4 million units shipped.


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