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Combine Collective offers sweet wood keyboard tray for Mac

Posted in Apple by Shane McGlaun on September 17th, 2010

I am an unorganized person by nature and don’t care for keyboard trays and other things that some folks use to keep their desk organized and tidy. I prefer to just set my stuff directly on the desk and work with what I have. There are a lot of folks out there though that want a keyboard tray and can’t stand the clutter.

If you are one of these organized sorts and happen to use a Mac, Combine Collective has a cool new keyboard tray made from black walnut wood that may be the best-looking tray ever. The thing is hand-made in Canada with water-based glue and a food safe stain finish.

You can get three versions with one for $79 that will hold the keyboard, media remote, and Magic Trackpad. A shorter version for $74 holds the trackpad and keyboard only and a version for just the keyboard is $69. You can order the things right now.

Combine Collective

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