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LG and Sony license Hillcrest Labs Freespace tech

Posted in Sony by Shane McGlaun on August 26th, 2010

With each new line of TVs that debut, we get more and more features. It’s common today for TVs to have full HD resolution, 3D, and internet connectivity all built-in. The internet connectivity opens up a whole new world of content for the viewer right from their TV.

A company called Hillcrest Labs has announced that it has licensed its Freespace technology to both Sony and LG for use in remote controls for web-connected TVs. The technology allows the remotes to be used like a mouse for HTPCs that needs no desk.

LG will be using the tech in remotes for high-end internet connected TVs in Asia to start with. The Freespace tech has high pointer accuracy, orientation compensation, adaptive tremor removal, and needs no line of sight.

Hillcrest Labs

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