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Gefen offers surround sound speakers that are big on price for those small on space

Posted in Gefen by Shane McGlaun on August 11th, 2010

OK, so we all know that home theater isn’t exactly a cheap thing to get into. That is assuming something other than the cheap and bad sounding gear from your local Walmart is on the menu. When you are trying to get surround sound into a small space things can be ever more tricky.

Gefen has unveiled a new set of surround sound speakers for people wanting to outfit a small space. The speakers are called the GefenTV Conference Room Speakers and the kit includes five identical satellites. The system lacks a subwoofer because Gefen says the system is for fidelity not bass.

The real kick in the crotch with this system isn’t the lack of a sub, it’s the price. Gefen wants $999 for the speaker system. For that much loot you get five speakers with 100mm low frequency drivers and 25mm voice coils along with a single 25mm high frequency driver.


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