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Crazy Creepy Telenoid R1 will scare grandpa into a new pair of Depends

Posted in Robots by Shane McGlaun on August 2nd, 2010

Why is it that the Japanese make so many robots and give them the creepiest designs they can find? What happened to robots that looked like robots? I’d be more comfortable talking to Robby the Robot than the creepy ass Telenoid R1.

This robot is so creepy it makes Gene Simmons look like a nice guy. The idea is that the blob-like android would be teleoperated and is the size of a small child and is used by kids to transmit their presence to grandparents and others that are far away.

The weird design of the robot was to enable it to be like a boy or girl of any age. It sort of reminds me of Casper the Friendly Ghost or something that should be slithering out of a TV in a Japanese horror flick.