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Standivarius Aero laptop stand sticks to the notebook

Posted in Computers by Shane McGlaun on July 23rd, 2010

All of the laptops stands I have seen over the years are basically the same. They lift the screen of your notebook up for more comfortable work and are separate from your notebook.

A company called Standivarius has announced a new laptop stand called the Aero that is not only much thinner than the average notebook stand, but also sticks to the bottom of the notebook so you always have it at hand. That means you can slip the notebook and the stand into your bag as one unit.

The Aero sticks to the bottom of the notebook with Velcro-style material. It is only 2.5mm thick when folded and has three positions for your notebook to rise to when in use. The stand weighs 135g adding minimal weight and bulk to your notebook. The Aero stand can be ordered for $54.