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Mysterious email sent from 1969 haunts iPhone 4 users in 2010

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on July 19th, 2010

Here’s some more iPhone 4 drama. A mysterious software issue has been haunting some users. It’s otherworldly and all spooky like. There’s a bunch of discussion on the Apple forums about blank email messages appearing on the iPhone that can’t be deleted. The date that appears on those messages is December 31, 1969.

Almost as soon as iOS4 became available, some users began seeing these emails appear in their MobileMe or Gmail accounts with no sender, no subject, and no content. The date on the messages was shown as 12/31/69, but some users saw 1970. No big deal really, except that these unwelcome hippies who are emailing well before their time can’t be deleted permanently.

Spooky. Maybe they are from a 14 year old Steve Jobs who can’t figure out how to send emails in 1969, but really wants to send a message to his future self telling him to stop being a douche and toke up.


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