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Toshiba crams 2.5-inch HDD into 3.5-inch bracket for enterprises

Posted in Toshiba by Shane McGlaun on June 22nd, 2010

Toshiba has more HDDs in its line up than you can shake a stick at. Some of them are for consumers and some of them are aimed at businesses. Toshiba has announced a new HDD that is aimed at the enterprise with blazing fast speed and low power consumption.

The drive family is the MBF2xxLRC and are 2.5-icnh drives inside a 3.5-inch bracket. The point of the drives is to let enterprises upgrade to more power efficient storage drives without having to replace hardware not supporting 2.5-inch drives.

Each of the drives spin at 10,025 rpm and use the 6Gb/s SAS interface. The drives can be had in 600GB, 450GB, or 300GB capacity. The new line will ship in July to OEMs.


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