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ThinkGeek gets cease and desist letter for unicorn meat

Posted in Douchbaggery by Shane McGlaun on June 23rd, 2010

The level of douchbaggery that lawyers and companies go to protect their trademarks never ceases to amaze me. The latest crazy legal letter to cross my desk comes from ThinkGeek. ThinkGeek is big on messing with folks with faux products that are just realistic enough to get a geek reaching for their credit card.

Some of the products listed on the ThinkGeek website are obviously fake and just meant for fun. A perfect example was the Canned Unicorn Meat that the site had up for sale a while back. I hear it tasted like Spam.

Anyway, the description for the product used the phrase “Unicorn – the new white meat” and apparently, the National Pork Board was pissed. ThinkGeek received a letter from legal firm Faegre & Benson to stop using “Unicorn- the new white meat” because it tread too close to the pork slogan “the other white meat.” Coffee shot out of your nose yet this morning? ThinkGeek says that their usage is protected as parody. I wonder if the Pork Board sued Fat Bastard for his [summon Scottish accent] Baby, the other, other white meat [end Scottish accent] quip. I’m betting someone needed to justify their retainer fee this month.