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OWC Data Doubler replaces MacBook optical drive

Posted in OWC by Shane McGlaun on June 25th, 2010

I have become used to working with a netbook and don’t miss my optical drive for the most part when I am on the road. If you are the same way and would rather see more storage in place of your optical drive and you use a MacBook OWC can hook you up.

OWC has unveiled the Data Doubler, which is an optical to SATA HDD converter bracket selling for $79.99. The bracket kit will work with any HDD or SSD up to 9.5mm tall.

OWC includes all the instructions and screws needed to convert to a new storage drive in the kit. Once installed you can format and partition the drive using the Apple Disk Utility Program. I am sure your warranty will go away along with your optical drive.


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